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Bert Blyleven Is Going To Eat Worms For Charity....Seriously

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bert Blyleven has been known for some wacky antics, but this one might take the cake. The Minnesota Twins announcer will be gulping down some creepy crawlies on-air before this Saturday's game against the Mariners. Via Two Big Boobs....

Bert Blyleven will attempt to take charitable donations to a new extreme this weekend. A pitcher known for his sometimes wacky antics, and of course his unwavering belief he’s a Hall of Fame pitcher, will be raising money for a good cause by eating himself some tasty worms.

Blyleven v. Nightcrawlers, as the event is being dubbed, will take place this Saturday (the official fishing opener in MN), prior to the Twins’ game that night against the Seattle Mariners. The proceeds of which will go to a charity Blyleven has long been associated with, The Parkinson’s Association of Minnesota.

I can’t say I’d be as excited as Bert to eat something that was crawling, and just came from the ground, but I admire his commitment to a good cause.
Well at least it's for a good cause. However, I wouldn't put it past Blyleven to do this in the privacy of his own home. If you're in the Minnesota area, you can check out the action at 5:30pm central time. Oh and if somebody could grab the video, I'll be forever in your debt.

Bert Blyleven sure to get into the Hall of Fame after this… (Two Big Boobs)

Charles Tries The Chris Webber Bread Challenge

Monday, April 20, 2009

I myself have failed this challenge, so I knew ahead of time it was unlikely that Charles would complete it. Eating a piece of bread in thirty seconds is virtually impossible, but leave it to Chuck to try it out....

Too funny.

Charles Barkley FAILS the Chris Webber Bread Challenge, video (NESW Sports)

You Sir, Are No Bill Waker

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One of the more famous clips I posted on the site back in the day, was a video of then Kansas State Forward Bill Walker eating popcorn on the bench during an N.I.T. game. Well Syracuse player, Paul Harris has taken that to a new level. Eating popcorn while playing. Via Rush The Court....

Certainly entertaining, but I still prefer Walker's snacking because of his sheer level of disdain for the game at hand. Good stuff though.

Paul Harris Will Eat Your Food (Rush The Court)

The Yanks John Sterling Gets Called Out By Page Six

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I don't know how hygiene issues affect the lot of you here, so hopefully this one isn't too gross for the morning. I did put up a broken testicle last week though, so this shouldn't be nearly as bad. Apparently Yanks Broadcaster John Sterling was spotted in press dining room at Yankee Stadium doing a little taste testing....

YANKEES radio announcer John Sterling is being called out for foul behavior in the stadium's press dining room. "Sterling has made a habit of walking over to the dessert table and dipping his finger into the ice cream barrel," one stadium worker told us, adding that the play-by-play vet has also used the same tablespoon to repeatedly take samples. During the Boston series, "He wandered over to the cake and pie section, broke off a piece of a cake slice, ate it and wiped his grimy hands on the linen tablecloth, leaving the remainder of the slice for someone else to eat - which indeed happened," our spy continued. A rep for WCBS Radio declined to comment, and a team spokesman said the Yankees "know nothing about it."
I can't imagine what the CBS Rep thought when he got that call (if he actually did). He probably thought it was just a prank call and moved on. Anyway, that's downright nasty if true and having visited a few press boxes in my day...not all that surprising.

Finger Dipping Play By Play (Page Six)

Today In Olympic News: Is McDonalds Selling Out To China?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I've been trying not to pay attention to the Olympics, but with nothing else going on outside of A-Rod doing Madonna, it's been tough. Today's interesting story out of China involves the Games' main sponsor McDonald's apparently selling out to sell burgers in the host nation. From SBB....

Ronald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and the other characters at McDonald’s have chosen the slogan “Wo jiu xihuan Zhongguo ying,” for their Chinese marketing campaign. When translated the phrase means “I love it when China wins.” Think “I’m Lovin’ It” with a sino addendum.

Brian Sullivan of the Fox Business Channel breaks sums up how all Americans should feel.

“Supporting the host nation is one thing … and you’re spending a lot of money on the Games and it’s appreciated. But show your appreciation to the American athletes and don’t openly pander to China’s Olympic fervor. Remember: you are an American company. You were built here”
Yeah that's a bit over the top don't you think? It's a tough spot for McDonalds to be in, but in the end they're a Global company now and they have to think that way. It will be interesting to see if they either apologize or perhaps come up with a different campaign.

McDonald’s Ad: “I’m Lovin’ It When China Wins” (Sports By Brooks)

Fun With Hot Dogs And Announcer Rich Shea

Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm sure a ton of you caught the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championships at some point over the weekend and I wanted to share some of the announcing highlights with you this afternoon. While Jimmy Dykes was treating the competitors like they were about to fight a war, Paul Page and Major League Eating's Rich Shea seemed to have a blast. Shea treated the event with a great humor but also great insight and I decided to pull some of his finer moments....

The Lohan line and the Golic mention, while completely setup ahead of time, almost had me on the floor. Good times and how about that "Dog Off"? I can't imagine having to eat five more hotdogs after shoving over 50 down my gullet.

Get Out Your Day Planners, Here's The MNF Luncheon Schedule

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earlier today I told you about the MNF Luncheons that will be coming to your town. Well I've got the whole list of fine dining establishments our ESPN Friends will be at. Be nice to the talking heads if you go because you know they're dreading this.

Also, if you can get any video or a Mike Golic autographed menu I will pay top dollar.

2007 Monday Night Football Chalk Talk Luncheon Series:

Sept. 10 San Francisco (Cardinals vs. 49ers)- A.P. Stumps Restaurant
Sept. 17 Philadelphia (Redskins vs. Eagles)- Old Original Bookbinder’s
Sept. 24 New Orleans (Titans vs. Saints)- Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House
Oct. 1 Cincinnati (Patriots vs. Bengals)- Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse
Oct. 8 Buffalo (Cowboys vs. Bills)- E.B. Green’s Steak House
Oct. 15 Atlanta (Giants vs. Falcons)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Oct. 22 Jacksonville (Colts vs. Jaguars)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Oct. 29 Denver (Packers vs. Broncos)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Nov. 12 Seattle (49ers vs. Seahawks)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Nov. 26 Pittsburgh (Dolphins vs. Steelers)- The Capital Grille
Dec. 3 Baltimore (Patriots vs. Ravens)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Dec. 17 Minnesota (Bears vs. Vikings)- Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Sadly, Buffalo Billiards is not on the list, so the DC contingent will not be able to attend. And San Diego....sorry but Mike Greenberg did not approve of the festivities to be held at In and Out Burger. No Luncheon For You!

Who Wants To Eat Lunch With The MNF Crew??? (Awful Announcing)

UPDATE: Hey if this doesn't work out at least they have those videos to fall back on. Oops.

Who's Ready To Go On A "Stalking Trip" Vacation To Atlanta?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Great Great Find by Deadspin this afternoon that I had to comment on. Erin Andrews gave an interview to the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the places her and her friends like to hang out at. First question I have is....Why in the world would you ever publicize that? And B.....When does the next Greyhound leave for A-Town?

The Highlights....

- "My girlfriends and I can polish off a bowl each, and wash it down with their amazing margaritas." (The word polish just completely distracted me there. What was the rest of that?)

- "Everything from the queso and chips, lobster taco, and quesadillas are awesome. Plus the portions are small, so you don't feel guilty for trying everything." (Mmmmm...Lobster Taco)

- "BCBG's staff is not only entertaining, but they will put together 15 outfits for you in no time. I've closed the store down a few times." (WOMEN BE SHOPPIN! Shoppin, shoppin, shoppin!!!)

Also, what the heck is up with that photo that they posted to go with the story (above)? Very odd choice if you ask me, but I like the watermelon top with the sweats. Niiice. Someone needs to do one of these for me with DC......WaPo, I'm listening.

Gimme Five: Erin Andrews' hippest hangouts (ACJ)
Erin Andrews, Atlanta Tapas Lover (Deadspin)

Kobayashi Is Going To Eat??? KOBAYASHI IS GOING TO EAT!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Man I love competitive eating (you would think some of the nation's finest sports writers would embrace the sport right?). It has heros and has good and evil....and it has Chestnut v. Kobayashi!

According to an email forwarded from Major League Eating's George and Rich Shea to Sports Biz.....the colassal matchup of American v. Japan will go down July 4th....




Translated it says: "I look forward to competing at Nathan's on July 4 in Coney Island, battling against the best eaters from around the world and I promise that this is an event you don't want to miss."
Uh oh! He sounds serious. And he'll have to be since Chestnut recently set the World Record at 59.5 dogs the beginning of this month.

Game on! Who's got 60 in em'???

Kobayashi To Attend Nathan's Hot Dog Contest!">CNBC: Sports Biz

(P.S.- Be sure to check out DR's take on the event, and watch his YouTube clip of Kobayashi competing against a bear. Announcer on the bear, "He doesn't even know it's a competition!"....He's an f'ing Bear!!!!

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