Do Not Talk About Steve Nash's Nose

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There was a nice showing of solidarity last night as The Suns' Fans came donning their best band-aids in support of Steve Nash and his cut nose. There's a small problem though....Nash doesn't want you to talk about it.

At the end of the first half Craig Sager had Steve Nash for a quick interview. He asked the standard "pace of the game" and "who's stepping up" questions, and then went into the nose question. "Do you need to change the it giving you any problems", Sager asked.

"No, but if you keep asking me about it it's going to be a problem"- Nash

Ouch. While I wasn't recording at the half I caught the postgame interview, and it looks like Craig Sager joked his way back into Nash's good graces....

(P.S.- For a quick laugh go to Yahoo Answers were someone asks if the blood from Game 1 was real.)

UPDATE: LBS also caught the halftime interview. Check out his post for details on all of the things used for Nash's treatment.....20 sets of gloves??? Wow.

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