ESPN Buys Yet Another Blog

Monday, May 14, 2007

It started with True Hoop and JaySki (Nascar) now the leader has moved on to Sherdog. What is Sherdog you ask (It's a good question...I had no idea either)? It's a blog completely devoted to MMA and UFC.

ESPN has entered a cross-promotional and content integration agreement with, the largest Mixed Martial Arts site on the Internet. Sherdog, a part of, a leading male lifestyle destination for young men, draws millions of visitors a month and features a global assembly of contributors covering the sport from MMA hot spots around the world. The site, launched in 1997, provides up-to-the-minute news, information and analysis about every fight and athlete involved in Mixed Martial Arts. The collaboration between and will debut in advance of the highly anticipated Chuck Liddell Ultimate Fighting rematch on May 26.
If Sherdog is to be believed that they "dominate the world of MMA" then this is probably a pretty good move. With all of this "buying" of blogs these days I can't wait until someone actually says no to ESPN (Not that it will happen).

ESPN, Sherdog Announce Agreement (Sherdog via SBD

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Sherdog is not a blog - it is an independent MMA news outlet with a staff of over 30 people.

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