Michelle Bonner Is Confused By The Bible

Friday, May 04, 2007

I was watching SportsCenter last night, and Michelle Bonner had an interesting analogy to go along with the preview for the Warriors-Mavs game last night. She decided to compare them to the story of David vs. Goliath. You know the one where David slings a rock at the monster and slays the massive beast? Well Bonner had an interesting view on who was who....

For some reason she pegged the Mavs as David and the Warriors as Goliath. I thought I misheard, so I TIVO'd back...yep....reading right off of the cue card/prompter....

(paraphrasing)Game 6 tonight as the Mavs...David try to knock of the Goliath Warriors.
It was a perfect Ron Burgandy moment. Some intern probably messed it up and she just read it straight from the screen.

Michelle, if you read the site here's a little video to help you remember (2:00 mark)

(Props to AA reader Jerry for noticing this as well.)

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Right now, Joey Dorsey's all kinds of pissed. He invented the Goliath-as-David bit.

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