Deion Thinks Ryan Clark's Hit Put McGahee In The "Ice Cream Truck"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was getting ready to praise Deion Sanders' interviews during Media Day, but that was until this exchange with Steelers' Safety Ryan Clark. After Ryan Clark called Deion out for saying on-air that his hit that seriously injured Ravens' RB Willis McGahee was illegal, Sanders had to explain what he actually said was that it was "a legal hit" and his Southern drawl is what confused Clark and his wife.

However it was how he described the hit that caught my attention. Take a listen in at the :35 mark....

"That was a great hit. You put McGahee in the ice cream truck!"- Deion Sanders

Now I know that Deion gets ultra-excited about great defensive plays, but to use the phrase "put him in the ice cream truck", when the player was down on the field for almost ten minutes, is just a tad over the top. Plus the fact that I have no idea what it means.

Other than that exchange, Deion was by far the best interviewer out there today, and put both Steve Mariucci and Marshall Faulk to shame.


You mean he put Mooch and Faulk in the Ice Cream truck?

I really have no idea what that means. His body got cold? Ice cream truck means ambulance?
I'd really like to know what it means, because it seems like he's celebrating hurting another player.

But seriously, my response as Clark would have been, "Deion, what the hell do you know about hitting?"

Anonymous said...
Jan 27, 2009, 2:55:00 PM  

An ice cream truck looks like an ambulance. It's a way of saying you hurt somebody without sounding like a total dickwad, like it's a joke.

I think it's an old-school term, think I've heard from older people, not young guys.

Sean OLeary said...
Jan 27, 2009, 3:44:00 PM  

Maybe he called it the ice cream truck because McGahee was knocked out cold

(Get it? Cold? Ice cream truck? I can hear the groans from here.)

Justin F. said...
Jan 27, 2009, 3:49:00 PM  

Stop putting words in his mouth, guys. Deion knows that that made no sense and he knows that we know, too.

GMoney said...
Jan 27, 2009, 4:12:00 PM  

Is it possible Deion was making a reference to the first season of "Dexter"?

No, that's probably not possible. Sorry.

cfaller96 said...
Jan 27, 2009, 6:15:00 PM  

I certainly hope Deion wasn't bitching about Heinz field playing music when Willie was knocked out...

E Buzz said...
Jan 28, 2009, 9:30:00 AM  

Ryan Clark was a great interviewee though. Then again, so was everybody. The Cards and Steelers are both class, although the yellow golf shirt Big Ben wore on Monday was a bit over the top.

Brad James said...
Jan 28, 2009, 1:40:00 PM  

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