A-Rod Apologizes To Selena Roberts

Monday, February 16, 2009

The weirdest thing that came out of the Alex Rodriguez admission interview on ESPN, certainly wasn't anything about steroids. No, it was the claim by Rodriguez, that SI reporter Selena Roberts, broke into his building and was "stalking" him. Well apparently that was a lie because according to Newsday, A-Rod has called Roberts and has apologized for said claim....

This comes to us from the good folks at CNN, who sent over a transcript of today's "Reliable Sources" show in which host Howard Kurtz blurted out -- I mean reported exclusively -- that Alex Rodriguez called Selena Roberts and apologized for bashing her in his ESPN confession/interview on Monday.

Here's the part of the transcript about that:

KURTZ: Well, you know, Selena Roberts, who's a former "New York Times" reporter, I am told -- and I can report this exclusively -- that after that interview Alex Rodriguez called her to apologize.

Nothing more was said of it on the show.
Awww, that's sweet. You claim someone unlawfully entered you domain, stalked you, and you give a quick apology. That's nice. Glad that's all cleared up.

BREAKING NEWS: Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, said to have apologized to Selena Roberts (Newsday)

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