Joe Theismann Still Taking Shots At Kornheiser

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I felt a bit sorry for him at first, but Joe Theismann has spent the last three years whining about MNF and Tony Kornheiser, to the point it's almost sad. Well Theismann isn't done, and on the heels of Korny leaving Monday Night Football, he headed to the airwaves to pile on. Adam Schein, host of the Sirius Blitz, asked Joe about Kornheiser, and here was his response....

Adam Schein: “In your opinion, how will history judge, how should history judge Tony Kornheiser’s time in the Monday Night booth?”

Theismann: “I think as a fish out of water. I don’t think Tony was ever really comfortable in a role. I know the time that I spent with him, he really didn’t want to do football. One of the things we discussed early on, he didn’t want to go to meetings and it was an interesting scenario because, you know, Tony is a cynic. Tony wants to criticize. That’s what he does with PTI and that’s what he’s done as a writer. When he got into television the reason he didn’t want to sit down with coaches and players was really simple, because he felt like if you got to know them then it would be very difficult to be able to criticize them the way he has. And I think he really found out that there are a lot of really great people that are involved in professional football and a lot of the things that you hear, a lot of the things that you think about individuals aren’t necessarily the case. But Tony was cast in a role to bring a different type of perspective to the telecast and I think people will look at the three years there and say, ‘He was a writer. He was a guy that gave it a shot and it’s [unintelligible].’ It’s not for me to judge how someone will view Tony. I know how I did and I, like I said, to me I always felt like he was somewhat of a fish out of water. It wasn’t a comfortable place for him and that is very difficult to mask when you’re on a set. When you do three hours of a telecast people are going to get to know an awful lot about you and in Tony’s case I think he did a heck of a job trying to get ready and prepare but I still don’t think he ever found a comfort zone doing television.”
I love how he says that it's not for him to judge Tony, after he just spent a minute doing just that. Look, what he says about Kornheiser is right, but he's spent the past three years saying the exact same thing. Sometimes it's just better to just say nothing at all.

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He is not really helping himself get another job in TV by saying these things, if that is what he is trying to do.

Nathan Brice said...
May 20, 2009, 12:58:00 PM  

It is disappointing to see Theismann continually potshot Kornheiser. When I think of brilliant football analysts, Theismann's name isn't necessarily the first that comes to mind.

Brad James said...
May 20, 2009, 1:17:00 PM  

Everything he said was true but it probably wasn't necessary to pile on. It's not Tony's fault that ESPN wanted him in the booth eventhough he was grossly unqualified.

GMoney said...
May 20, 2009, 1:24:00 PM  

Joe Theisman is a troll. Ever since he got fired form MNF he has done nothing but rip Tony about his MNF work. Joe SHUT THE HELL UP! You and the other people that hated Tony on MNF got your wish, he's gone. Enough already Joe.

Unknown said...
May 20, 2009, 1:24:00 PM  
Anonymous said...
Sep 26, 2009, 7:53:00 AM  

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