Don't Be Trying To Beat The NBA To The Punch Tonight, You Tweeting Teams

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The NBA Draft is tonight as you know (and yes there will be a third annual live-blog), and teams are thinking of various ways to let the public know of their picks as they come in. Well according to Sports Business Daily, one the ways that won't be allowed however, is tweeting.

The NBA has notified its teams to not disclose on Twitter picks made in tonight’s Draft before they are announced on stage. The league has traditionally prohibited teams from using any sort of local or club media outlet, particularly digital forums such as an official Web site, from tipping off their selections in advance. A notice recently sent to clubs reminding them of that provision was expanded to include the wildly popular microblogging service. Several picks in the NFL Draft in April were leaked out by clubs to their Twitter followers.

The NBA, meanwhile, plans an extensive rollout of social networking-based content for the Draft, focusing primarily on behind-the-scenes content such as candid photos, offbeat interviews with draft selections and other similar material. Extensive sharing of content is also planned between the league’s feeds on Facebook and Twitter and those of the individual teams. “The guiding idea is to use social media and be complementary to what’s happening on ESPN, on, and so forth,” said NBA Dir of Marketing Dan Opallo. “We’re not using Twitter, for example, to simply tweet pick by pick. That’s not what this is about for us. We want to supplement that traditional coverage and get into some additional places where fans haven’t been.”
Considering that every player, and NBA exec is already on Twitter, it seems like a bad move for the NBA to use the social networking platform. Also, it doesn't really seem like a big deal to me, as long as teams what until the selection is announced on ESPN, but whatever works for the NBA.

NBA Warns Teams Not To Announce Draft Picks On Twitter (Sports Business Daily - $)

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NFL teams often Twittered their picks simultaneously to the announcement. Stern needs to lighten up and worry about bigger problems, like the WNBA.

Brad James said...
Jun 25, 2009, 1:32:00 PM  

It's funny, nobody mentions MySpace anymore as a social networking site in situations like this. My prediction is it's going to eventually dry up. I deactivated my account months ago and stopped using it essentially a year earlier.

walnuts said...
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