Who Needs Stephen A. At The Draft To Have A Good Time?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hearing the news that Stephen A. Smith was let go by ESPN must have hit the "SAS Society of Heckling Gentlemen" extremely hard, but that didn't stop them from having fun at the 2009 Draft. Get your Cheez Doodlez ready, and enjoy the latest installment from the "SASSoHG"! Via Rockin' Steady....

The Alanis song just put that one over the top. Too funny. It's also good to see that I wasn't the only person who found that Draft extremely boring. And always remember...."When life gives you Stephen A., make StephenAde."

Stephen A. Smith Heckled at the 2009 NBA Draft: The Final Chapter (Rockin Steady)


One day, ESPN will realize that Mark Jackson and SVG know nothing about the kids being drafted.

GMoney said...
Jun 29, 2009, 12:09:00 PM  

I knew there was something missing from the draft.

49er16 said...
Jun 29, 2009, 2:15:00 PM  

Mark Jackson: "That kid has great energy."

JVG: "That guy has a great motor."

Fran Fraschilla is the only ESPN NBA draft analyst that knows anything about the prospects.

Brad James said...
Jun 30, 2009, 1:45:00 PM  
Anonymous said...
Sep 26, 2009, 6:50:00 AM  

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