Bowl Season Announcing Recap and Grades- NFLNet/FOX

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So FOX and the NFL Network tried to throw their respective hats into the BCS ring this Bowl Season, and I'm here to show you the damage. The reviews were mixed depending on the Bowl, so let's see the teams.

Texas Bowl Spero Dedes, Mike Mayock, Sterling Sharpe, & Marshall Faulk
Fiesta Bowl Thom Brennaman, Barry Alvarez, Charles Davis, and Chris Myers
Orange Bowl Matt Vasgersian, Pat Haden, Terry Donahue, and Laura Okmin
Sugar Bowl Kenny Albert, Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw, and Jeanne Zelasko
Championship Thom Brennaman, Barry Alvarez, Charles Davis, and Chris Meyers

Best Announcing Team- Albert/Long/Bradshaw

It has been a long, long, long time since I've been able to stand announcers during a blowout. I normally can't stand Kenny Albert, but he did a good job of sticking with the game, and keeping up with Howie and Terry. I'll overlook the fact that he kept calling Chevis (pronounced Shh-EV-is) Jackson.........Cheeeeeeevis.

Worst Announcing T
eam- Thom Brennaman, Barry Alvarez, Charles Davis, and Chris Meyers

Every single one of these cats botched something at one point. I was extremely surprised that they were tabbed for the Championship game. TB just seemed mad in both games and couldn't get the correct yard-line on any play. Alvarez and Davis just yelled stupid stuff over each other. And Chris....well Chris ruined a marriage proposal. I guess about the only thing they did right was give me a nickname for CD......Mangina. (It's a shame that Wikipedia had to change the CD entry)


"Oh yes indeedy....Jack Bauer would be most pleased by this Florida effort."- TB
"Didn't they make Waiting to Exhale in Arizona?"- CD, in response to TB talking about the up and down pace of the game.
"It feels so good. And he doesn't mind flash dancing out of there."- CD
"Are the Gators just going to win everything this year? Football, Basketball.....Dancing with the Stars?"- CD

(Don't even ask me what this logo is for. And DO NOT ever google's not fun at all.)

Best Supporting Actor (Best Color Guy)- Terry Bradshaw

Highlight- Terry's diatribe about Dwayne Bowe's girlfriend from the Sugar Bowl.....

"He had dropped a lot of passes, so they took him in and checked his eyes and said, ‘You need surgery.' He got the surgery," The first thing he did when he opened up his eyes and he could see, I asked him, I said, 'Did you have a girlfriend going in?' He said yes. I said 'When you opened up,' I said 'What happened after you could see?' "Well, when he opened his eyes up and he finally could see, he said he broke up with her. "That’s not a good story to tell on national television, but that’s what he did."

Best Supporting Actress (Best Sideline Reporter)- None of them....they all sucked.

I hate sideline reporters.....well Except Erin Andrews. Screw it, she wins again. I don't care if she worked these games or not.

Best Bowl Game- Come I even have to tell you?

God....I could watch that all day.

AA's Final Grade:

Well as far as announcing goes it was pretty much a 50-50 split between good and bad. One team really team really bad. The NFL Network wasn't that bad, but I thought Sterling Sharpe would have been better (he stammered a hell of a lot).

The real problem with FOX was on the production side. In multiple games...including the championship....they had audio problems. Mics cut out, talking coming in and out of commercials, and the worst.....Trying to make a joke while unaware that they had just started the National Anthem (Ahem! Mangina.)

NFL Network: C+
FOX Announcers: B+ (KA,TB, HL) & C-Minus (TB, CD, BA)
FOX Production Trailer: D-Minus


That Bowe story Bradshaw told made up for all the BS he shoots off during Fox's NFL pregame. Put him in the booth on a regular basis, please.

OT, totally, but needs to be mentioned: I'm declaring a moratorium on Digger Phelps using the phrase "drop it like it's hot" during College Gamenight.

Signal to Noise said...
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Greatest line Digger's ever muttered...

T.J. said...
Jan 10, 2007, 1:45:00 PM  

"'Didn't they make Waiting to Exhale in Arizona?'- CD, in response to TB talking about the up and down pace of the game."

Actually he was talking about the Florida sideline after their FG kicker was successful.

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