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Monday, January 15, 2007

Kansas' Freshman phenom guard Sherron Collins scored a career-high 23 points to help the Jayhawks close out a very tight game against arch-rivals the Missouri Tigers.

Missouri is playing the "forty minutes of hell" style that we haven't heard much about since the Arkansas teams of the 90's. Let me tell you, it is a scary thing - they get a hand on everything, run and shoot quickly, and generally run a team ragged. This should be a welcome change from Quinn Snyderball.

But back to Collins. After the game, Sherron gave a post-game interview that showed remarkable poise for an eighteen-year-old, with one small problem: he was winded and high on adrenaline, and mostly forgot to use consonents.

Fortunately, a lifetime of parsing Avery Johnson speeches allowed me to translate the following: "Erelly swami mutumbo sedda scree n'ah toot a shah winfrey oprah".

Translation: Sherron would like to thank his teammates for setting the screens, which enabled him to take the open shot, which more often than not resulted in three points.

Good luck in English 101, rook.

The good news is, while Sasha "Chaka" Kaun played well, he did not star in the game, so we were not forced to sit through a post-game speech by the Siberian transplant, whose interviews have often located all of the consonants Sherron dropd and then thrown in a few more than are strictly necessary.

But seriously, what a great game by both teams. I'll be looking forward to the rematch in Columbia, MO later this season.

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