Tim, Joe, You, And Me: Open Thread/Live-Blog Tonight

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I want to share something with all of you. When I miss entire days I feel very guilty.....especially without giving a reason why. Let's just say I spent an entire day with pies (i'm not kidding). Well to make up for it we're going to have a Game 5 party tonight.

It's Fox....It's Joe Buck....It's Tim McCarver.....it's pure gold......

Be there.....8pm. In the meantime here's some of goodness that I missed out on today....

Richard Simmons
USF and the N-Word
Kimmel and MNF?

And perhaps the #1 reason to watch tonight.....Via Homerun Derby.....Joe Buck bets on games. His friends text him during the games and he wins money based on the words that he says. Are you f'ing shitting me Joe Buck? It's on tonight....it's on. Jub-Jub bitches.....Jub....Jub.


good old tim made a beaut of a remark re: the strikezone. I can't remember perfectly, but he said something to the effect of: "he is going to have to pitch around the stikezone here; he really can't pitch a ball!" then there was a pause, & he corrected himself as to where a ball & strike lie.

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