Your MLB Announcing Schedule For The Weekend Of 4/18

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another weekend of Baseball action is coming, and to prepare for it, you absolutely HAVE to head to the MLB on FOX's Twitter Page! Where else would you learn that Joe Buck's daughters will be in the new George Clooney movie?!?!

Saturday, April 18th:

Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees- Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Ken Rosenthal (FOX, 3:30pm, 65%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Detroit, Fort Myers, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington, West Palm Beach

St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs- Thom Brennaman, Mark Grace (FOX, 3:55pm, 24%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Phoenix, San Diego, St. Louis, Tulsa

Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers- Dick Stockton, Eric Karros (FOX, 3:55pm, 10%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Denver, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB-N, 8pm)- TBD

Sunday, April 19th:

Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees (TBS, 1pm) - Chip Caray, Ron Darling
St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs (ESPN, 8pM)- Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, Steve Phillips


Saturday night MLB Network is showing San Diego vs. Philadelphia.

Salva73 said...
Apr 17, 2009, 2:48:00 PM  

It would be quite a task for the Dodgers to paly a day game at home, then fly to AZ for night game. Come on AA, wake up! MLB Net game Saturday Night is San Diego Vs Phillies.

Unknown said...
Apr 17, 2009, 3:12:00 PM  

Joe Buck + Twitter = Fail

GMoney said...
Apr 17, 2009, 4:14:00 PM  

Typical of Fox: NL West cities Phoenix, San Diego and San Fran not airing the Dodgers game. NL Central cities Cincinnati and Pittsburgh (nor for that matter Columbus OH and Dayton) not airing the Cubs game.

BTW the Fox games this week start at 3:40 ET.

Anonymous said...
Apr 17, 2009, 5:19:00 PM  

Ummmm, Chuck, the state of Ohio is majority Indians fans so why don't you just take this post off and come back when you know what you're talking about.

GMoney said...
Apr 17, 2009, 5:38:00 PM  

Can someone explain how Knoxville and Memphis TN can get the Cardinals/Cubs game, yet Nashville is stuck with the Yankees? Nashville is right between the other two.

TNbball said...
Apr 18, 2009, 1:24:00 PM  

@TNbball: The Cardinals have their top farm club in Memphis.

GMoney@538: I stand corrected on Columbus -- the Indians now have their top farm club there. Dayton and southern Ohio are strictly Reds territory.

In any event Ohio saw a history-making Yankee meltdown -- front AND back page this morning in NYC.

Anonymous said...
Apr 19, 2009, 10:09:00 AM  
Anonymous said...
Sep 26, 2009, 8:52:00 AM  

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