Your Week One Pammy Winners And New Standings

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here are your week one winners and new standings. Chris Spielman led for most of the week, but a late surge by Pam, helped her jump out to the early lead.

Your Week One Pammy Nominees

10. "The tight end gets used around here (Florida State) about as much as the guy selling snocones at the North Pole."- Brad Nessler

9. "When you see a hatless official showing us their beautiful foreheads, they are telling us that a player stepped out of bounds"- Petros Papadakis

8. "The Tigers, like George and Weezy and Jefferson, moving on up!"- Mark Jones

7. "Jake Locker is part of Davie Jones Locker. thats a once in a lifetime play on words, folks." - Mark Jones

6. "Can blueturf cause insomnia, because Oregon is sure sleepwalking." - Bob Davie

5. "If you're long, your never wrong."- Chris Spielman

4. "I love seeing receivers using their hands to make the catch."- Kirk Herbstreit

3. "Everything they've done defensively (Penn State) can be attributed to their defense."- Matt Devlin

2. "On a little jailbait....jailbreak screen."- Rod Gilmore

1. "I want a stallion package"- Pam Ward

Standings After Week One: 1. Pam Ward (10), 2. Rod Gilmore (9), 3. Matt Devlin (8), 4. Kirk Herbstreit (7), 4. Mark Jones (7), 6. Chris Spielman (6), 7. Bob Davie (5), 8. Petros Papadakis (2), 9. Brad Nessler (1)

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You guys will vote any Pam Ward comment #1, eh? Sad. Especially when she never said that. I had the game recorded and the only close comment was "they stick with the stallion package" when they used it twice in a row. Y'all got played.

Unknown said...
Sep 12, 2009, 1:53:00 PM  

I think I need a refresher on what is supposed to count as a Pammy Comment? Is it stupid comments and lame attempts at humor only?

Because Herbstriet's line isn't stupid--there have been a lot of receivers trying to catch with their bodies this weekend, which is always annoying.

And I actually find the Papadakis comment pretty funny.

But the Locker "play on words," well... good lord.

TJ said...
Sep 13, 2009, 10:05:00 PM  

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