Your Week Ten Pammy Nominees (And Week Nine Winners)

Friday, November 13, 2009

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Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Ten

1. "To help block the sun from your eyes, close one eye and turn your head, your nose will help block the sun."- Glen Mason

2. "If you're home and the crowd goes crazy you know something good's happening. And if they go oohhhhhhhh, you know, they give you one of those sad ones. You know something, not good for your team has happened."- Bob Griese

3. "These turnovers are like a bug....H1N1 here!" - Ron Thulin

"You weren't even around in '66, you just a twinkle in your dad's eye back then."- Wayne Larrivee
"Yeah...I think I was swimming around somewhere."- Chris Martin

5. "TD pass against outstanding Notre Dame" - Tom Hammond after and option team (Navy) throws a 56 yd TD pass against the Irish

6. "There was no play on the play!"- Gary Danielson

“See that block right there? That was a pancake. Get the syrup and bring the grits because he’s on the ground.” – Ray Bentley

“We hope everything is ok for Jahvid...we have had the pleasure of doing him.”- Ron Franklin

9. "Some of you are wondering what is a Bearcat. I want you to think Big Foot." - Brent Musburger


Last Week's Winners:

New Standings: 1. Pam Ward (62), 2. Gary Danielson (37), 3. Mark Jones (32), 4. Chris Spielman (28), Bob Griese (28), 6. Verne Lundquist (25), 7. Bob Davie (21), 8. Craig James (19), 9. Ed Cunningham (17), 10. Ray Bentley (16), Brent Musburger (16), Kirk Herbstreit (16)

Others Receiving Votes: Todd Harris (13), Dave Pasch (12), Doc Walker (11), Bob Wischusen (10), Matt Millen (10), David Lapham (10)Rod Gilmore (9), Lee Corso (9), Sonny Randle (9), Michael Reghi (9), Matt Devlin (8), Eric Collins (8), Mike Patrick (8), Chris Fowler (7), Lou Holtz (7), Dave Lamont (6), Todd McShay (5), Brad Nessler (4), Todd Blackledge (4), Erin Andrews (4), Dave Neal (3), David Norrie (3), Clay Matvick (3), Petros Papadakis (2), Pat Haden (2), Rece Davis (1), Terry Gannon (1)

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