Dickie V Pulls A Saban?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great tip this morning from Chris Vernon at 730 ESPN in Memphis.

When are people going to realize that EVERYTHING they say or do is going to end up on these here intrawebs? Dickie, Dickie, Dickie....my boy Dick. I think by the end of today you may have dug yourself a pretty big hole......Audio Clip 1 and Audio Clip 2

ESPN sportscaster Dick Vitale was a big hit on the News Sentinel’s Sports Page on Monday morning. But he didn’t realize it until it was too late.

Vitale, who called on his cell phone into the radio show, apparently didn’t know he was on the air with Mike Griffith and John Adams of the News Sentinel when he repeated a "confidential" conversation with Florida coach Billy Donovan.

Griffith tried to get Vitale’s attention but the popular basketball analyst continued his conversation with someone at the Broken Egg restaurant in Siesta Key, Fla. , while he was on the air with Griffith and Adams. Vitale said Donovan told him in confidence that NBA scouts were making a big mistake if they rated Florida’s Joakim Noah ahead of teammate Al Horford.

Not really a big deal until you hear the audio. He does it in this serious Dickie V voice and it is just too damn funny. The first clip starts right up with Vitale not knowing he's on air. He then tries to back-peddle in the second clip by calling the radio show back and saying, "His comments were all in jest." Suuuuure Richard....suuuuure.

Dickie V lays into the Radio hosts pretty hard and calls them "unprofessional", but it looks like the unprofessional label needs to be on the other shoe.

Donovan's response......."I can't comment on something I never said."

Vitale Repeats "Confidential Chat" On-Air (KnoxNews.com)

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This made my day. It was a little sneaky for them not to bring up what he said and then ask him questions about it to see if he would lie or dodge the question (he dodged it), but still very funny

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