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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who are we supposed to be challenged by again? New York??? Whatevs. Not even close. One special little Red Sox Bar within the territory we DCers call Georgetown was over-run.....NAY!.....conquered by the DC Blogging Community.

There was beer.....there was ACC basketball.....there were people walking out on their tabs. Wait....what did you say??? Yep, someone walked out on their are the early odds:

DC Sports Bog (50 to 1)- I'm not sure what the WaPo pays these days, but he's a longshot. You never know though....he's got a baby on the way, and babies need their formula.

Mister Irrelevant (50 to 1)- Cold Pizza pays him nothing, but AOL sure does. Don't see the Blogfather going this far, but you never know.

Ryan from Fanhouse (40 to 1)- Again AOL pays people, but Ryan graciously bought me a Sierra Nevada with straight cash homey, so he may not have had a tab to begin with.

Miss Chatter from Just a Nats Fan (30 to 1)- Didn't stay the entire night, and I only met her on her way out, so she's an underdog as well.

JammingEcono from Banks of the Anacostia (30 to 1)- Another Nats blogger......they are still bitter about not getting anything for Soriano.....they very well might be taking it out on the city.

Kyle Gustafson from Information Leafblower and DCist (25 to 1)- The DCist supports local businesses better than anyone, so I don't think they would rob the little guys. But maybe....just maybe they got food poisoning from The Rhino Bar at one point or another, and this is payback.

Marc Gallant from Needs More Meat, MDT from Daily Sports Haiku and Gustafsson from On Frozen Blog. (15 to 1)- All very awesome dudes. I know OFB got to go to the Opening of the Caps Practice Facility in Ballston, so Ted Leonsis could be paying them too. Also, people who right poetry are usually into Karma and stuff.......but good odds if you think it's one of them.

The Comcast TV Dudes (10 to 1)- This whole TV thing could be a setup. They might be tired of Bloggers making fun of Chick Hernandez, so they've setup a crime spree with the ultimate goal of placing the blame on the Blogging Community.

Jarkko from The Wizznutzz (5 to 1)- Those Wizznutzz are crazy characters. They could need funding for their next t-shirt....."It Ain't Ova Til Tha Brenda Haywood Sings". (God damn I'm clever....someone buy a Homing Pigeon and get that to them stat!)

Christmas Ape from KSK (5 to 1)- What does KSK call themselves.....A Mafia....and what do Mafias do??? I'm just sayin'....

AA (3 to 1)- I just created a logo out of two anarchy symbols.....I'm dangerous. (Also, I am looking away in the photo. Judas anyone???)

Unsilent Majority from KSK (3 to 1)- Anyone who gets into a trash-talking war with Ricky Davis clearly isn't stable. (No Jew jokes either....that's not the direction I'm taking this)

289 of With Leather Photoshopping Fame (OFF- No Line).- Seriously, the dude is responsible for things like this (below).......and he's a free lance photographer. Wait a tic......maybe......nahhhhhh.

So who you got??? Only a few people know who it really is, so no cheating. And if you know....don't spoil it. I'll leave the post up top for awhile.

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I would never mock Chick Hernandez! He once commented on my work at Redskins Fanhouse.

Feb 22, 2007, 5:46:00 PM  

I only walk out on tabs at classy joints, like Good Guys.

Christmas Ape said...
Feb 23, 2007, 12:04:00 AM  

My money's on Miss Chatter (no offense). Just because I like the 30-1 odds.

twins15 said...
Feb 23, 2007, 12:55:00 AM  

It was Mottram. You can't trust those pretty motherfuckers.

The HCIC said...
Feb 23, 2007, 1:14:00 AM  

At OFB, we have too much respect for Puck Sodas (a.k.a. Beer) to walk out on a tab.

Should I be offended at my odds? I'll guess not since most haven't met us.

I enjoyed the evening.


Anonymous said...
Feb 23, 2007, 8:34:00 AM  

You think I actually buy any of my own drinks? ;-)

I have a credit card receipt to prove I closed out my tab (sorry twins15!) and I saw JammingEcono get his magnetic strip swiped as well.

Fun night!

Cathy said...
Feb 23, 2007, 10:03:00 AM  

I told the bartender at the start of the night that I wouldn't be starting one as it was a bad idea. I then proceeded to turn all the contents of my wallet into beer anyway.

not to cast aspersions on the Baconlovers but there's only one guy in there who actually brought a disguise to the bar

MDT said...
Feb 23, 2007, 11:03:00 AM  

I was there late and well when I left it was only Mottram, Comcast Sportsnet peeps and 289. But 289 claimed to have developed a crush on said bartender earlier in the evening. He was also there at 6 and left at like 11:30. It was probably Mark Sterne.

MDG said...
Feb 23, 2007, 12:05:00 PM  

Mel Gibson hates DC Sports Bloggers.

Scrappled said...
Feb 23, 2007, 2:38:00 PM  

i got my money on The Wizznutzz.

The Big Picture said...
Feb 26, 2007, 3:05:00 AM  

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