Money The Issue in Irvin's Departure From The Leader

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maybe Irvin wasn't blowing smoke when he said he left to pursue his "acting" career??? Dallas News reporter Barry Horn leads me to believe it was because Irvin really did want to explore other avenues of work.

Irvin, buoyed by his new Pro Football Hall of Fame status, overestimated his value to ESPN.

When the parties couldn't decide on a dollar amount, Irvin asked about supplementing his income outside the ESPN empire. He says he was told he could but only if ESPN, which doesn't like to have its employees appear elsewhere, approved of the project.

End of negotiations.

That actually makes a ton of sense. Call Irvin what you will, but I don't portray him as a liar. I might actually be turning around on him a bit if he stood up to the Leader (Come on, I said MIGHT! be).

ESPN protected Irvin for quite sometime, and with him gone it looks like (FREE) Harold Reynolds! is the loser in all of this.....
Well, and Michael Irvin who might get the Craig Kilborn/David Caruso treatment when looking for work. But I'm fine with that.

Money Matters Made Irvin Leave ESPN (Dallas News)

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