Pens Force Game Six In 3OTs, Sykora Calls His Shot

Monday, June 02, 2008

I can't believe I watched basically two full Hockey games tonight, but it was such an amazing Game Five that it was completely worth it. The OT was ridiculously intense, and the added bonus of having no commercials made the 110 minutes just fly by.

While the refs tried to decide the game in the first two OTs with some crappy calls, it was a high-sticking call in the third that provided the game winner from Petr Sykora. A goal that he told Pierre McGuire he was going to score between plays earlier in the 2nd overtime.....

Pretty badass to go up to a Hockey sideline reporter (let's be honest...that's what he is) and say you're going to score and then pull it off. The Red Wings were dominating those overtimes up until that penalty, so I don't see the Penguins winning this thing, but with a game at home and then a Game Seven....anything could happen.

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Sergei Gonchar is like Willis Reid coming back to set up that play

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 1:29:00 AM  

He actually called it in the second OT, then picked up a penalty. Let's not go all gaa-gaa about him calling his shot. It's like Babe Ruth pointing to left field in the second and hitting a homer in the eighth.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 1:32:00 AM  

^ I always wonder how pompous internet douchebags would respond to other things in sports history had the internet been around in the 80's and heading back?

"Oh, who cares, they still have to beat Sweden and really who cares about a bunch of amateurs anyway?"

Awesome moment capping off an awesome game.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 2:20:00 AM  

A hell of a game, especially from Marc-Andre Fleury, who was sensational in net for the Pens.

AA, I wanted to ask what you think of putting one analyst at ice-level during hockey games like NBC and TSN (in canada) have started doing this year? On NBC it's kind of bastardized with the three man booth (which is as useless in hockey as it is in football) but in Canada (with a two man booth) the PBP man is alone in the press box and the main analyst is between the benches for the entire game.

I think it works beautifully because the analyst gets to listen in on the coaches, get a feel for the mood of the players and convey the excitement of the game more effectively. I agree on NBC McGuire is little more than a sideline reporter, but on TSN he's the sole analyst on the lead broadcast team and he's working the games from the same position at ice level. Splitting up your announcers is unique, but I think it's incredibly creative and effective in hockey.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 3:59:00 AM  

AA, if you'd let the tape run about 30seconds more you'd hear a doozy from Fleury. And Olcyzk calls attention to him right before.

How many posts has Hossa hit in this series? wow. Hope they start going in from now on.

Chester said...
Jun 3, 2008, 4:19:00 AM  

To the second poster: it's not like that at all. Babe Ruth pointed to left field and the hit it over there. Sykora just told the reported that he was gunna be the one to score. considering theres only 1 goal deciding a sudden death overtime game, he just meant he was gunna be the one to score. It's pretty amazing and im guessing your in denial because your a butt hurt Detroit fan who got a little too excited in the third.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 6:15:00 AM  

with that penalty he almost became hockey's Matt Hasselbeck.

Steve M said...
Jun 3, 2008, 8:40:00 AM  

Uh no, I'm a hockey fan but not a Wings fan. It was a hell of a game, but I'm not going to get caught up in going crazy about the fact that he said he was going to score. Both teams had an s-load of chances (Detroit especially) before that happened.

I think the Pens end up winning the series now because it was such an emotionally and physically draining game for Detroit. Pitt is the younger team (even though potentially more banged up) and the wave of emotion they are on might be enough to carry them over.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 8:48:00 AM  

Love the analysis from between the benches. It definitely enhances the coverage of an already exciting game(plus there's a good chance of said commenter getting bloodied by a stray puck/stick/octopi.)

One gripe: less "hey Enzos". Aren't these guys talking to the audience, as opposed to each other?

Monty said...
Jun 3, 2008, 9:49:00 AM  

the sideline reporter from nbc blows away almost anything i've heard from football sideline reporters.

really good stuff, really good insight.

GREAT game.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 10:11:00 AM  

First of all, I live in Detroit but hate the Red Wings with a passion. But if anyone seriously thinks the Pens are going to win the next two games and win the cup, you obviously know nothing about hockey. Get real. It's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 10:23:00 AM  

I'm not really a hockey fan but I did watch all of last night's game. That game there is the reason why the NHL needs more coverage...just sensational.

GMoney said...
Jun 3, 2008, 10:25:00 AM  

Great game... I fell asleep after the 2nd OT during intermission.

I agree that hockey should get more coverage.

I think that when the NHL went behind the backs of FOX and reached a deal with ESPN/ABC and didn't allow FOX to match the offer for the over-the-air rights started the downward spiral. Then the strike occurred and now hockey in the USA is growing back little by little in popularity.

However, NBC is just doing a flex game of the week and not regional coverage since this season, which is more cost effective and ESPN doesn't devote that much time to the sport considering they don't broadcast the sport.

Also, I think I read somewhere where Game 3 of the SCF beat Game 5 of the NBA ECF in the ratings last week. That's rich.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 10:38:00 AM  

I thought the sideline reporter thing with McGuire was cheesy at first, but the guy goes out of his way to get info. He doesn't just sit there for four hours like most sideliners and wait to give the puff piece they've planned ahead of time (hi Holly Rowe).

As long as he's getting inside info and is in tune with the players it's a great idea.

Jun 3, 2008, 10:38:00 AM  

Pierre is more of a second analyst than a sideline guy. He is TSN's lead analyst and NBC freely lets him speak and add his insight.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 12:01:00 PM  

Pierre has good insight but he talks way too much. It is very Tony Siragusa on the sidelines on FOX. Mike Emrick is the best announcer the league has to offer. If you want Pierre or Milburry beside him while throwing Olszyk to the side, fine. But don't be cramping Doc's style!

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 12:07:00 PM  

Gotta love Doc's enthusiasm for the game.

Right now hockey is definitley on the upswing, the game has a bunch of really talented young players and last night we just witnessed in my opinion, the greatest game since the lock-out.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 10:44:00 PM  

Emrick is money...the line "He had the cup on his stick" when Holmstrom blew the all alone chance in front of the net in OT #1 was great.

Anonymous said...
Jun 3, 2008, 11:51:00 PM  

I have seen this written a few places. Look for the Penguins to get rid of their head coach coach. I doubt the Penguins want to lose Malkin, Staal and Orpik, of the three Orpik is probably gone because he is a free agent on July 1st.
There is a brewing problem between Penguins coach Michel Therrien and some of his players -- a number of them despise playing for him. No one will choose the Stanley Cup final as a forum to call out their coach but there are far too many whispers out there that too many players can't stand working for -- or with-- Therrien. If that isn't an issue to be dealt with immediately, it is certainly something that will grow with time. If that isn't an issue to be dealt with immediately, it is certainly something that will grow with time.He should not be happy at all. His team got their butts handed to them by us. They also took cheapshot penalties that lead to the score being so high. He should tell his team not to be so stupid. See Gary, other teams play dirty as well. Even your golden boy Crosby's team.

Anonymous said...
Aug 4, 2008, 8:02:00 PM  

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