ESPN/ABC Releases 2009-2010 NBA Schedule

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Here is your collection of games for the upcoming NBA Season airing on ESPN and ABC. There are a ton of great matchups, and the teams you expect to see, you'll be getting a ton of. The Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, L.A. Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs, all are getting 10 games on ESPN. While on ABC there will be six appearances by the Celtics and Lakers, and five by the Cavs and Magic.

(FYI- TNT's schedule will be going up after this.)

2009-10 NBA Schedule on ABC

Fri., Dec. 25th

Boston at Orlando (2:30pm)
Cleveland at L.A. Lakers (5pm)

Sun., Jan. 31st

Denver at San Antonio (1pm)
L.A. Lakers at Boston (3:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 7th

Orlando at Boston (2:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 21st

Cleveland at Orlando (1pm)
Boston at Denver (3:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 28th

Phoenix at San Antonio (1pm)
Denver at L.A. Lakers (3:30pm)

Sun., March 7th

L.A. Lakers at Orlando (2:30pm)

Sun., March 14th

Boston at Cleveland (3:30pm)

Sun., April 4th

Cleveland at Boston (1pm)
San Antonio at L.A. Lakers (3:30pm)

Sun., April 11th

Orlando at Cleveland (1pm)
Portland at L.A. Lakers (3:30pm)

2009-10 NBA Schedule on ESPN (* denotes preseason game)

Fri., Oct. 23rd

Atlanta at Orlando (8pm*)
Denver vs. L.A. Lakers (10:30pm*)

Wed., Oct. 28th

New Orleans at San Antonio (8pm)
Utah at Denver (10:30pm)

Fri., Oct. 30th

Chicago at Boston (8pm)
Dallas at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 4th

Miami at Washington (7pm)
Dallas at New Orleans (9:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 6th

Cleveland at New York (8pm)
San Antonio at Portland (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 11th

Cleveland at Orlando (8pm)
New Orleans at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 13th

Atlanta at Boston (8pm)
L.A. Lakers at Denver (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 18th

Cleveland at Washington (7pm)
San Antonio at Dallas (9:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 20th

Orlando at Boston (8pm)
Denver at L.A. Clippers (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 25th

Miami at Orlando (7:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 27th

Washington at Miami (7pm)
Phoenix at Minnesota (9:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 4th

Chicago at Cleveland (8pm)
Miami at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 9th

Detroit at Philadelphia (7pm)

Fri., Dec. 11th

Portland at Cleveland (8pm)
Orlando at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 16th

Dallas at Oklahoma City (8pm)
San Antonio at Golden State (10:30pm)

Fri., Dec. 18th

L.A. Clippers at New York (8pm)
Washington at Golden State (10:30pm)

Fri., Dec. 25th

Miami at New York (Noon)
L.A. Clippers at Phoenix (8pm)
Denver at Portland (10:30pm)

Wed., Jan. 6th

L.A. Lakers vs. L.A. Clippers (10:30pm)

Fri., Jan. 8th

Boston at Atlanta (8pm)
Cleveland at Denver (10:30pm)

Sun., Jan. 10th

Cleveland at Portland (9pm)

Fri., Jan. 15th

Toronto at New York (8pm)
Orlando at Portland (10:30pm)

Sun., Jan. 17th

Utah at Denver (9pm)

Wed., Jan. 20th

Utah at San Antonio (9pm)

Fri., Jan. 22nd

L.A. Lakers at New York (8pm)
Chicago at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Wed., Feb. 3rd

Miami at Boston (8pm)
Portland at Utah (10:30pm)

Fri., Feb. 5th

Chicago at Atlanta (8pm)
Denver at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Wed., Feb. 17th

Phoenix at Dallas (9pm)

Fri., Feb. 19th

Dallas at Orlando (8pm)
Boston at Portland (10:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 21st

Atlanta at Golden State (8pm)
Utah at Portland (10:30pm)

Wed., Feb. 24th

L.A. Lakers at Dallas (9pm)

Fri., Feb. 26th

Dallas at Atlanta (8pm)
L.A. Clippers at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 28th

Miami at Orlando (7pm)
New Orleans at Dallas (9:30pm)

Fri., March 5th

Detroit at Cleveland (7pm)
New Orleans at San Antonio (9:30pm)

Sun., March 7th

Washington at Boston (8pm)
Portland at Denver (10:30pm)

Mon., March 15th

Detroit at Boston (8pm)
L.A. Lakers at Golden State (10:30pm)

Wed., March 17th

San Antonio at Orlando (8pm)
New Orleans at Golden State (10:30pm)

Sun., March 21th

Detroit at Cleveland (8pm)
Portland at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Wed., March 24th

Denver at Boston (7pm)
L.A. Lakers at San Antonio (9:30pm)

Sun., March 28th

San Antonio at Boston (8pm)

Wed., March 31st

Golden State at Utah (10pm)

Fri., April 2nd

Atlanta at Cleveland (8pm)
Utah at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Wed., April 7th

Washington at Orlando (8pm)
San Antonio at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Wed., April 14th

Indiana at Washington (8pm)
Phoenix at Utah (10:30pm)


I like this schedule for the most part, but we in Mountain time think it's too late to have games at 8:30 local time (i.e., Denver, Utah, half of the season, Phoenix). Anyway, I guess East Coast viewers feel worse. It sucks to be them.

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