Not Again, Jemele!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It wasn't that long ago, that Jemele Hill was suspended for comparing the Boston Celtics to "Hitler" and "Nuclear War", and now she's back in the news for controversial remarks. During "First Take" yesterday, Hill encouraged Packers' fans to give Brett Favre the "Duracell Treatment", and ESPN has issued a statement regarding her comments. First the video via Bob's Blitz....

ESPN's Statement:

Obviously, this is another failed attempt at humor, but you have to wonder what was going through Hill's mind at the time. You can encourage fans to boo and bring signs, but never ask them to bring objects to throw at players.

Video - ESPNs Hill to Packer Fans: Throw Duracells at Favre (Bob's Blitz)


Sometimes, I think her IQ is as high as Favre's uniform number. You have to wonder how much cringing is done in Bristol when she's on the air.

bceagle91 said...
Aug 20, 2009, 3:51:00 PM  

I don't understand how Jemele Hill ends up on First Take in the first place. What does she bring to the table? She is atrocious. I know First Take insists on having a black person on their debating segment with Skip Bayless but can't they find someone who is knowledgeable about sports, has a good personality, and doesn't annoy the viewers. Ever since Woody Paige left that program the show has suffered. One of the few guys who was actually competent in their black position is Jeff Chadiha. They should make sure he gets us much air time as possible instead of Jemele Hill, 2 Live Stews, and Rob Parker. And also I can guarantee that Jemele Hill wouldn't have advocated the battery treatment if the player in Favre's shoes was black. Hill has shown her biases in her previous columns and tv appearances.

NJDevils015 said...
Aug 20, 2009, 3:55:00 PM  

She used to look like whoopie goldberg and now she doesn't...I wonder if ESPN told her to change her image for TV?

Lammy742 said...
Aug 20, 2009, 4:00:00 PM  

What's the big deal? Did I miss when Brett Favre was deemed not worthy of having 9-Volts thrown at him?

GMoney said...
Aug 20, 2009, 4:05:00 PM  

She says stupid things because the audience that watches that rank bile of crap that is First Take is either looking for funny moments or is stupid.

Off-topic but Showtime boxing announcer Nick Charles has bladder cancer.

TJX said...
Aug 20, 2009, 4:17:00 PM  

I can't beleive that ESPN still employes Jemele Hill after that racist coments about the Celtics now this. I think its clear that Jemele Hill is a disgusting person. No person in their right mind regardless if you like or dislike Brett Favre should be going on National TV and pleading a fan base to throw batteries at someone because they pplay for a rival of theirs. Its unvall for. Jemele Hil should've been fired a long time ago, but after this, she should be canned right away.

Unknown said...
Aug 20, 2009, 4:33:00 PM  


Unknown said...
Aug 20, 2009, 4:36:00 PM  

Note to TV anchors, alleged analysts and others who are involved in the reporting of sports – stop trying to be funny. It makes you look more stupid than you are (see Ms. Hill) and does little to further the sports discourse.
If you were a comedian/comedienne, you'd be on stage somewhere.

Steve Smith said...
Aug 20, 2009, 5:33:00 PM  

ESPN's got a lot of analysts whose credentials for high-profile gigs are a mystery, and whose continued presence on the network can only be due to their possession of naked photos of high-level Disney executives. Jemele Hill tops the list.

Anonymous said...
Aug 20, 2009, 5:57:00 PM  

What I don't get is that all we read about is how networks and other news outlets are cutting people every day. Surely there are hundreds if not thousands of journalists -- sports or otherwise -- who are on their worst days much better than Jemele Hill on her best. While she and other newer personalities bring a young and relevant perspective to the conversation, she's further proof that ESPN has a few amateur hours among its 24-7 offerings.

Big Primpin' said...
Aug 20, 2009, 7:12:00 PM  

Anyone that actually watches first take is an idiot to begin with. That's why Hill and Bayless are on there. To accomadate for their idiot audience.

God I hate that show.

rondoman said...
Aug 20, 2009, 8:11:00 PM  

If she wasn't a black woman she would have been fired right after the show.

Fitty67 said...
Aug 20, 2009, 8:29:00 PM  

It costs less to keep her than the racial suit she'd file would cost.

Anonymous said...
Aug 20, 2009, 11:57:00 PM  

ESPN hates white people. The employment of Stephen A Smith, Scoop Jackson, and Jemele Hill, among others, proves that. Those people are as racist as Klansmen, but if its against white people, that's fine. I WISH we could have a white guy with blatant racism against black people on ESPN, just too prove the idiocy of these ideologues.

Devon Edwards said...
Aug 21, 2009, 12:55:00 AM  

Everybody here makes very good points, particularly Scott, Mark, and Devon Edwards. Its refreshing to see that other people feel the same way about Jemele Hill and her biases.

NJDevils015 said...
Aug 21, 2009, 1:41:00 AM  

I completely agree, there is no way you encourage throwing batteries at a man who brought nothing but joy and wins to your organization. Boos and signs are one thing, but intentionally trying to hurt Favre with baterries is ridiculous. Bad judgement by Hill on this one. said...
Aug 21, 2009, 9:55:00 AM  

I encourage people to throw batteries, car or truck or maybe marine batteries, at Ms. Hill.

Like that moron Kelly Tilman with the Golf Channel, these little girls think that they have to talk extra tough, because they are studly jocks and need to prove they are manly women.

Get them off tv.

E Buzz said...
Aug 21, 2009, 10:42:00 AM  

I heard the statement and wondered when someone would notice. She never seems to think before she speak.

mandb97 said...
Aug 21, 2009, 4:56:00 PM  

@Devon Edwards:

Does Rush Limbaugh count?

It seems like we got a lot of finger pointing at Jemele being racist...I for one believe when you point one finger at someone else, four point back at you.

Unknown said...
Aug 22, 2009, 12:12:00 PM  

Do they still employ Rob Parker? Yeah, I have no time for that network.

Anonymous said...
Aug 23, 2009, 10:22:00 AM  

@ Yannick

Rush Limbaugh? Why would you bring up Rush Limbaugh? People may not like his political opinions, but he is clearly not a biased racist.

And your finger pointing paragraph made zero sense also. Next time come with a better take.

NJDevils015 said...
Aug 23, 2009, 7:48:00 PM  

I can't believe she's still employed at ESPN. She's an obvious racist. If a white sports personality recommended the same treatment to a black sports star, he would have never been heard from again. And the letter from ESPN stating they "spoke" to her. She should be fired.

Unknown said...
Oct 5, 2009, 11:38:00 AM  

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