Programming Fail: BBC Interrupts Soccer Highlights For "Blue Crush"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obviously, this isn't the same is interrupting a Super Bowl TD for Porn, but it's certainly somewhat funny. Last week, the BBC was airing their first edition of "The Football League Show", when all of a sudden the show was switched from Soccer highlights to the movie "Blue Crush". Even more funny, was the fact that the scene they switched to involved actress Kate Bosworth going into a bathroom to pee (:40 mark). Via SS Reporters....

Too funny. I love the fact that they switch back less than a minute later. Also, the Country of England already thinks we are inferior to them intellectually and culturally. Do they really need to be seeing "Blue Crush"? You're not helping us out over here, BBC!

BBC Interrupts Your Soccer Highlights to Show Blue Crush! (SS Reporters)


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