EJ, Kenny And Chuck To Appear On Leno

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just got word from TNT that the Inside The NBA trio is going to be appearing on The Tonight Show next week. It'll mark the first time the trio will appear on any late-night or morning talk show together and it will go down next Tuesday, June 17th.

I can't believe they've never been on any talk shows together before. They really should just do the whole talk show circuit. Imagine how much fun they'd have? Also NBC, and more specifically the Tonight Show, is doing a great job with their NBA Finals coverage. The Jimmy Kimmel spots before the games have nothing on Chris Bosh's Late-Night debut and now Jay got to TNT before ABC did.

Good work NBC. We'll be watching.


The NBA should never have left NBC. You couldn't beat those Sunday NBA on NBC doubleheaders. And that theme music still gets me ready for some basketball.


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