Rich Eisen Is Returning To The ESPN Airwaves (For A Day)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A month ago, it was announced that Chris Berman would be introducing Bills' Owner, Ralph Wilson, into the Hall of Fame. Well today, the NFL is releasing the news that Rich Eisen will be hosting the festivities, thus putting him on ESPN's broadcast of the inductions. Via USA Today....

Former SportsCenter anchor Rich Eisen, dropped by ESPN in 2003, will next month be back on the channel. But Eisen, now an NFL Network anchor, will just be making a single appearance — albeit one that will last several hours. He'll replace Chris Berman as the host of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's induction ceremony on Aug. 9, which will air both on ESPN and NFLN. Longtime ceremony host Berman will have a new role as a presenter for inductee Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills.

Eisen, who says he has "no idea" who'll host next year, says it was "an absolute thrill" to get the assignment. And he's thinking what he could bring to a show that could last five hours: "Maybe I could be the first Hall MC to do wardrobe changes. But I don't think it would fit the day."
I had an irrational hatred of Eisen for years, but I have to admit, his time on the NFL Network has actually been good for him (and my impression of him). He's actually the perfect person to host the event, and should provide some levity in between grown men crying at the podium. Besides, would you rather have Berman do it, or Rich? Exactly.

Back on ESPN (USA Today)

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Well, AA, anytime that you are compared with Berman, you look much much better.

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Will Alycia Lane be making a special guest appearance?

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