Video: John McEnroe Gets Into It During A WTT Match

Monday, July 20, 2009

I linked to the story earlier, but now there's video of the incident thanks to WL. During a World Team Tennis match, McEnroe got upset with a shot by Washington’s Leander Paes. The shot hit his teammate, Robert Kendrick, and the group got together for a small tet-a-tet. Well four points later, Paes sent a serve right at Kendrick, and that sent everyone off. Well as "off" as you can get during a meaningless Tennis match....

The extra dude that showed up in the blue shirt is actually New York's Coach, Chuck Adams, and he has since been suspended. It doesn't take much in Tennis apparently. Also, if someone sent a 100mph serve at me when I wasn't returning it, I think I would do a lot more than just chat with the guy. That's just me though.

You Can't Be Serious, Man (With Leather)

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I think this video better shows what happened.

From the CSN:

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Wow, they even have cheerleaders. How lame is this sport?

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