Look Out College Football.....Guess Who May Be Coming Your Way

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh man this is good. You get one door closed on you and another opens up. So Joe is still contracted by ESPN, which makes it unlikely he'll go anywhere else. ESPN is not going to just release him into the free agent pool (which includes Jimmy the Greek and the Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy). No ESPN will plan to move him to College Football....

Theismann's agent, Sandy Montag, said he was convinced there would be interest in Theismann from other networks. But, Montag said, Theismann is under contract to ESPN and would have to be released from it to go elsewhere.

A spokesman for NFL Network said all the announcers there are locked up, indicating there was no room to add Theismann. That could be a problem at other networks as well.

Theismann conceded the college football offer from ESPN is intriguing.

"I love college football," he said, "but not as much as I love the NFL."
And while I hate to do this (because I have no idea where he stole it from)....Neil Best adds...
Theismann, 57, still is under contract for four years, and ESPN will offer him another role. A network source said one possibility is Saturday night college games on ABC.
So who you ask would he be with on Saturday night Football???

Brent.....Freaking......Musburger. Hallelujah!!! Please ESPN/ABC.....I beg you!!!

Theismann Miffed by Removal from MNF (LA Times)
Theismann Blindsided (Newsday)

P.S.- Neil Best finally decided to give credit to ProFootballTalk.com in that story. Good job Neil.....you're learning.


Wait, wait, wait. Does that mean he'll be getting paid for the next for years whether he's announcing or not?

Anonymous said...
Mar 27, 2007, 12:48:00 PM  

Hold on, what if this means they put Paul Maguire and Joe Theismann back together, with Musburger taking the Mike Patrick role... you just can't kill off that Sunday Night Football broadcast team.

I totally wouldn't want to be Musburger, and have to sit there for ten minutes listening to those two bicker about whether or not some rando USC receiver got one foot inbounds.

"You're looking live at the seventh circle of hell...."

Grimey said...
Mar 27, 2007, 1:06:00 PM  

This would truly be a gift from the Awful Announcing Gods.

Scrappled said...
Mar 27, 2007, 2:07:00 PM  

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