ESPN Officially Done In China

Friday, March 02, 2007

You may remember (or not) a month ago when I let you know that ESPN was in danger of being taken off the air in China. Well's official....

China Int’l Television Corp. (CITVC), the state company that handles distribution of foreign broadcasters, “has blocked broadcasts of the two channels in at least one province, though they continue to air in key markets such as Beijing.” The Hollywood Reporter earlier cited a CITVC official as saying that the move “followed ESPN Star Sports’ failure to attend a licensing meeting with Chinese regulators last year concerning extension of its landing rights”
In that first post on the story someone anonymously posted this:
One reason why no one at Disney/ESPN in the U.S. knows what is going on in China: ESPN China is operated by STAR TV, which is owned and operated by NewsCorp (Rupert Murdoch), not Disney/ESPN.

In other words, ESPN China is a corporate cousin of FOX Sports, not ESPN.
Legal speak, Legal speak, Legal speak. Basically what that says is that I wished I lived in China right now and NOT watching Donovan McNabb talk about some random third grader on Cold Pizza.

"One day Bobby Cox could become the President of the World"- DM (Not Bobby Cox the Manager)

I'm not making that up either. President of the WOOOOOOOORLD!

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I hear ESPN is being taken off the air in China because it might somehow motivate Chinese citizens to have a free thought.

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