Armen Keteyian's Sitdown With Bill Belichick

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here's yet another clip from the "In Case You Missed It" file, and it's a great interview that CBS' Armen Keteyian conducted with Bill Belichick on Friday night. I know we've all heard enough about Spygate but if you can stomach just a bit more this is worth a viewing.

It's definitely a great interview, and I think it's the first time that Belichick admits to any wrongdoing, but I still think he knows how to divert questions with the best of them. A meeting with Congress would change that, but I'm all for just moving on. Please move on.

The Entire Bill Belichick/CBS News Interview (NFL Gridiron Gab)


Just in case you were worried Gregg Easterbrook was embarrassed that Matt Walsh only filled in details of past cheating, rather than doing what Easterbrook said he would do and exposing big new important cheating, see the following:

Anonymous said...
May 19, 2008, 2:42:00 PM  

This was his first on camera interview but actually the first time was in an interview with the Boston Globe in which him and Scott Pioli talked about the incident with Mike Reiss on Feb 17th.

Steve M said...
May 19, 2008, 2:53:00 PM  

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