Cowboys To Add Cooking Show To Their Summer TV Endeavors

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The team that you are undoubtedly just completely sick of by now (unless you're a fan) is planning on adding to their busy Summer TV schedule. The Dallas Cowboys will not only be on HBO's Hard Knocks, but they'll be on a cooking show as well. Seriously.

Call it "Dancing with the Stars" meets "Iron Chef."

But in reality, the working title for a new television show scheduled to be filmed in Dallas is "Cooking with the All Pros." Here's the recipe: Grab some Dallas Cowboys. Toss in some contestants. Place them before television cameras and let them cook.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has tentatively agreed to approach teammates and former Cowboys standouts to appear on the new reality TV show, which will pair fans with players, and pit them against each other in cooking competitions, according to those involved in planning the show.

"I've done maybe 150 hours of network TV in my lifetime, but it's the first time we've head-on tackled a reality show with stars and contestants with cooking elements," said Barry Mendelson, president and founder of the Mendelson Entertainment Group LLC, which plans to produce the show in Dallas. "It's a blending of a lot of things. That's what TV is today. All these barriers have been broken. There are no boundaries anymore. I find that to be real life."
No boundaries huh? You can say that again. I honestly could get into "Cooking with the All Pros" if it varies teams. You could have Laurence Maroney teaching us how to make Kool Aid properly, or a whole Campbell's Soup segment with Donovan McNabb and his mom. I think the Patriots and their Humble Pie episode would be huge. The possibilities are endless!

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This sounds nothing like Iron Chef at all. Where's The Chairman??? Where's Bobby Flay?

Why not say, "it's like Seinfeld plus Emeril plus G-string Divas plus Dora The Explorer".

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