Cheese Rolling: Bringing You Broken Bones And Laughter For Over 200 Years

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake went down on Monday and while I don't understand why people do it....I sure can laugh at their injuries! Enjoy the highlights....

As the rain poured down it became impossible for racers to stay on their feet and contestants became caked in mud as they flipped, somersaulted and tumbled their way down the hill.

Christopher Anderson, 19, who won the first race, was carried away from the hill on a spinal board after hurting his back as he finished head over heels.

His friend, Shane Beard, from Brockworth, who also took part in the race, said: "The conditions were horrific, you just have to get your head down and hope for the best." (Via BBC News)
Umm the "conditions" were "horrific"? I think running down a 200 meter slope with 1:1 gradients is pretty horrific in its own right, but to each his own. Good times.

(Video via Fanhouse)

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Anybody who has seen the Spinal Tap DVD, has seen this as one of the many DVD extras. Funny Stuff!

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