French Soccer Player Shows His Interesting Choice Of Undergarments

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This clip via Unprofessional Foul is from the Toulon Tournament which started yesterday. France was playing Chile when a cleat to the shorts of Vincent Muratori revealed some interesting underwear....

Ummm okay? Was that a black thong??? I'm no expert on Women's underwear....wait what am I saying, of course I am. Those are some panties right there (not that there's anything wrong with that). I wonder if he wears those for good luck? I love the booth's reaction to that as well. Hilarious.

Toulon: Day 1 (Unprofessional Foul)

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Men can wear thongs too. when Jason Giambi of the Yankees is on a hitless streak, he wears a gold-lame tiger striped thong for good luck. He has even lent out said thong to Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon who have also gotten hits with the same pair of unmentionables. Maybe there is something to the thong....

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