Difusing Bombs in the DMZ

Friday, May 19, 2006

***Spoiler Alert*** For those of you who TIVO'd the OC last night (I know it's a ton of you) do not read the next sentence.......Mischa Barton Died!!! Not exactly a Donna Martin Graduates moment but it was still entertaining. Also That 70's Show ended as well. Don't know how I got caught up in watching that finale, but if you didn't see it.....good, because it was horrible.

Not to get off on a Bill Simmons'esque tangent about TV here, but seriously....what the hell is wrong with it? I really feel like I'm being brainwashed into believing that The Sopranos, Entourage, Will & Grace, According to Jim, and up until recently Everybody Loves Raymond are good shows. Seriously, That 70's Show was on for 8 years! 8 Years!! King of Queens has been on for 8 years as well, ELR was on for 10?!? Okay, who do you know that watched Raymond? I know a total of zero. The only shows worth watching are the ones that are utterly ridiculous....like The OC. The title of this article comes from a comment in the show. Apparently the Valedictorian on the show is moving to Korea to "Difuse Bombs in the DMZ". That's just an absolutely ridiculous statement, but I laughed unlike I would if I was watching KOQ or ELR.

Be back later with our Announcer of the night....one William Theodore Walton.

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retroactive <3ing of The OC.

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