Around The Horn To Have A Guest Host This Week

Monday, June 30, 2008

I normally wouldn't draw attention to the nightly annoyance that is Around The Horn but they actually have an interesting guest host this week with Reali on vacation.

Rob Stone will host Around the Horn this week (June 30-July 4), substituting for the vacationing Tony Reali. Stone, who has handled a variety of play-by-play and studio roles as part of ESPN's soccer, college football and bowling coverage, is making his first appearance on ATH. Reali has missed just three shows since assuming the role of host three-and-a-half years ago in February 2004. Stone will also fill-in for Reali the week of July 28-August 1.
Stoner! Hopefully we'll get to see him do something crazy like have Foudy and Mitts sit in on a show, or my personal favorite....

(Quote via ESPN PR, Photo via SBB)

Joe Morgan Somehow Convincing Boston Fans He Played For The Red Sox

I don't know if you blame the submitter or the ESPN editors for this, but that's ESPN is showing that our friend Dr. Joe Morgan played for the Red Sox and that's one of the reasons they should win Titletown.

Submitted by bballerforlife34

Boston has to be named TitleTown because championships don't lie.....

....The Boston Red Sox have won seven World Series titles and 12 AL pennants. Whether it's the Babe, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans, Luis Tiant, Joe Morgan, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Nomar, Manny, Shilling or David Ortiz, the Sox have always had some of the best players in the game and their world series titles show that.
I first thought he was referring to Red Sox Manager Joe Morgan, but the fact that he only coached the team for four years (signed by the Boston Braves but never played) and that the submitter referred to the list as the "best players"....makes me think it's our Joe Morgan.

I know he's involved somehow. Actually come to think of it, I bet you bballerforlife34 is in fact Joe Morgan! I don't know how he's doing it, but by 2015 we'll think Joe won 24 World Series, 13 MVPs, and 42 Gold Glove Awards.

Beantown is TitleTown (ESPN)

(Thanks to Greg for the tip)

Jay Bilas Single-Handedly Ending Binge Drinking Surrounding The NBA Draft

I for one thought Jay Bilas spent the entire NBA Draft trying to make up new terms for players and it turns out I was right. Jay, being completely aware of the drinking game surrounding his hyperbole, decided it was best to use various synonyms of the word "long" and in turn save the collective liver of the World!

Did you notice that I did not use the terms "long" or "upside" a single time during ESPN's NBA draft coverage? I am aware of the drinking games that are based upon the use of such terms, and I did my level best to reduce binge drinking across the country. We all have to do what we can. Instead of "long," I used the terms "length," "stretch," "elongated," "extend" and the ever-popular "considerable linear extent in space." With one player, I stated that his arms "extend beyond normal or moderate limits." The descriptive term "long" has been a term of art in basketball for years, but it was kind of fun to see if I could go the entire draft without using it. I'll probably go back to my usual terminology now.
Well that's good. At least we got one year off from the "long" talk, but I don't know what bothers me more. Repeated use of one descriptive word or trying to make up terms to replace it. It's good that Bilas has a sense of humor about it though.

'Long' thoughts on the NBA draft (ESPN Insider)

Barkley Talks Phils And Race Relations In The City Of Brotherly Love

From Fanhouse via The 700 Level comes this clip of Charles Barkley on Philadelphia's NBC-10 last night talking about how tough the Philadelphia fans and media are on African Americans. It's an interesting watch and he also has some good advice for the Phils Front Office.

He's got some points right and some kind of wrong. Philly is tough on all athletes really. When I lived there for a year back in 2003 the city was at the height of its "Pat Burrell Hate". I don't think I've ever seen an athlete get skewered more in the media on a daily basis. Obviously that's just one example, but in a city that booed Santa Claus you can't say they target black athletes to hate on.

Charles Barkley Doesn't Think Any 2008 Free Agents Make Sixers a Contender (The 700 Level)
Charles Barkley: Philly Is 'Always Tougher on Black Guys' (Fanhouse)

Create The Caption #234

(Usually) Everyday I'll throw out a photo from the AP or one of the bigger sites and you provide the caption. Hilarity ensues. I'm also adding a handful of links at the bottom of the page that you should check out each day.

Last Thursday's Winners....

"I can't believe OJ Mayo didn't want our extra ticket to The Lion you think Beasley wants to catch Little Mermaid tomorrow?"- Matt

"Dude - you know this is Stephon Marbury's ride? I am totally not sitting on this seat."- Steve

"The Lopez Twins can't contain their excitement as they prepare to pull all sorts of "The Parent Trap" shenanigans on their future unsuspecting teams, such as Robin showing up for Brook's practices and Brook for Robin's! Hilarity ensues!"- Telecomedian

"'...and after five more minutes of pretending the floor is lava, we'll try to make a cushion fort!'"- Santa Claustrophobia

Are you funny enough to create a caption for this photo of Jason Whitlock Joe Alexander passed out at Bucks HQ?

Daily Links:

Get Your Announcer Vote On (SS Reporters)
The Other Adam Jones Wants To Be Called Pacman Now (Bugs and Cranks)
Pavel Datsyuk Loves Some James Brown (Going Five Hole)
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Bradshaw Not Planning On Retiring In 2011 Anymore

All the way back in January, I passed on word that Terry Bradshaw was all set to retire in 2011 when his contract was up with FOX. Well today Bradshaw is saying that isn't the case and that he plans on working as long as he can. Via New York Daily News....

Bradshaw said he would retire when his Fox "NFL Sunday" contract expires. "I see the energy and the enthusiasm these young guys (who get into broadcasting) have and I think it's time to hang it up," Bradshaw said.

Now, with some down time, and a chance to reflect while distancing himself from the regular-season grind, Bradshaw has changed his mind.

"I'm going to do it (the Fox pregame) as long as I can. I don't want to retire," Bradshaw told me. "I just see too many people retire and say, ‘I'm going to take off, travel, spend time with my family' and they are just miserable. They end up dying. People who work and stay active, and like what they are doing, live longer. I look forward to doing the show."
I used to be very anti-Bradshaw for the longest time but I've come around on him much like I have with Bill Walton. I still think Terry overplays the "dumb southerner" thing, and at times it's a huge distraction, but the guy just love Football and you can't hate him for that. Hopefully we get him and Howie to call another Bowl Game this season as well. Something he did extremely well for FOX in the 2006-2007 Season.

Retirement no longer in plans for Fox's Terry Bradshaw (New York Daily News)
Bradshaw Set To Retire (Don't Worry It's Not Until 2011) (Awful Announcing)

Christian News Site Automatically Changes Pseudo-World Record Holder's Last Name From Gay To "Homosexual"

As evidenced by some of the stories in the Sports World of late there are some overly sensitive folks out there. One of those groups of people happen to be the Christian news network One News Now who apparently have a filter that changes the word "Gay" to "Homosexual". Obviously it does it for people who have the name Gay, like new 100-meter World Record holder Tyson Gay, and thus gives us the best headline ever....

The craziest part of the whole thing is that when you click on the story it links to the AP version with the correct version of the runner's name. Too funny and it might be time to update your homosexual editing software, One News Now.

World’s fastest man: Tyson Homosexual (Out Sports)
Christian News Site Calls Sprinter Tyson Gay 'Tyson Homosexual' (Fanhouse)

This Is Probably Not The Way You Want To Block A David Beckham Kick

Obviously most of the world was watching the Euro 2008 Final yesterday, but the MLS had a contest earlier in the day as well, and there was some exciting nut shot action right from the start!

I had no idea that pouring water down your pants helped you feel better after taking a shot in the balls. Good to know. Also, I pray that I'm never in the position of taking a shot like that on a cross from David Beckham. Good lord.

This Is Probably Not The Way You Want To Block A David Bekham Kick

Show Your Creepy Love For Erin Andrews With This Fabulous New T-Shirt

I'm probably just as sick of Erin Andrews news as you are, but when someone takes the time to make something this creepy I have to give it some play. A website named Stoopster is trying to capitalize on EA's fame with this new t-shirt....

Obviously the next logical step is to get this shirt on an ESPN broadcast, but seriously people....let's take a break from EA shall we?

The "Mr. Erin Andrews" T-shirt (Stoopster)
We Haven't Mentioned Erin Andrews All Week (Hot Clicks)

FOX Looking Into Adding Multiple HOF Analysts To ASG Broadcast

There's been a lot of this going around on networks lately. You take a Hall of Famer/Former Champion, throw him into the coverage and turn the segment into a brief interview. ESPN's Friday Night Fights has done it, Baseball Tonight has done it and now FOX is looking to do it for the All Star Game. With just one small difference, they're going to bring multiple HOF guest analysts....

In its most-lavish hype and coverage for baseball's All-Star Game, Fox's coverage might bring in six or seven Hall of Famers to each call an inning with announcers Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. Said Fox spokesman Dan Bell Sunday: "That's something we're considering."

For the final All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, Fox also plans to ask each player, manager and coach to wear a microphone — they can decline — and plans a midtown Manhattan parade passing by NBC and CBS. Taped coverage will air on Fox's lead-in to the game. Fox also plans to use new Diamond Cams offering high-def and wider views. But those tiny cameras, placed in the field itself, so far haven't been able to pan or tilt. That would be fun. "We think that's a cool idea," says Bell. "That might not be too far away."
This would probably be extremely annoying if not for the fact that the more random people talk the less we have to hear from Buck and McCarver. I salute you FOX in you mission to completely drown those to out!

Fox mulls big MLB All-Star game plan (USA Today)

So That Was Uh, Interesting?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm not quite sure when Soccer pregame ceremonies turned into the Cirque Du Soleil but in case you missed it here is the rather odd one before the Euro 2008 Final today...

Ummmm, yeah....that was special. It also went on for about another 20 minutes too, so you're welcome for trimming it down. That really was like a bad acid trip, but also kind of entertaining. Add to that Enrique Iglesias and I'm ready for some Soccer!

Kerry Wood Says Hi To The Viewing Audience

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The White Sox and Cubs were tied in the 7th inning today when FOX decided to go to a quick shot of Kerry Wood. Well Wood had a message for the viewing audience....

I don't think there has ever been a more perfectly timed shot of an MLB player in the history of television. Good work FOX and a great job by you Thom Brennaman playing it off.

Kerry Wood Salutes You (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Bonnie Bernstein Is In A Bit Of Hot Water Over Comments On Mike And Mike

You've most undoubtedly read about Bonnie's comments comparing AAU players in America to Suicide Bombers in Palestine, but I hadn't seen the video anywhere so here it is. Bonnie is talking about incoming Arizona Freshman possibly skipping College and playing overseas when she goes into the analogy....

The worst part about the whole thing is not only the idiotic comparison, but the fact that she says, "I'm not making the comparison." Well yeah you are and you just did. Also, if you have to preface something by saying, "we live in a hyper-sensitive society", you should probably just not say what you're thinking.

Bonnie has since apologized and Fanhouse has the transcript...
"Hi, this is Bonnie Bernstein, and I'd just like to take a minute to apologize for making a connection this morning on Mike and Mike between Palestinians and the adults who influence the thinking of many young NBA prospects. I was a student athlete who was lucky enough to have part of my college expenses paid for by a scholarship, and so I've always embraced the importance of higher education.

That said, it upsets me greatly -- as I think you can tell, if you heard the interview -- when I hear about adults telling impressionable kids, 'Don't worry about school, your future is in the NBA.' These stories just lend credence to the notion one is often a product of his environment, and while I emphasized that twice during our discussion, in hindsight I realize it was simply a mistake to bring Palestine into the discussion at all, and for that, I apologize again.

Lesson learned: Religion and politics have no place on public airwaves at a sports network. That's definitely a credo I will live by from this point forward. Thanks and have a great day."
We can't even go a week now with stupid comments like this happening. How crazy is that? Just stop religion, no race, and no gender talk. It will never come out good.

ESPN's Bonnie Bernstein Says Palestinian Kids Want to Be Suicide Bombers, Apologizes (Fanhouse)

Get Ready For A Ton Of "Mummy" Promos During The Olympics

You know the promotions I'm referring to if you watched the NBA Finals. ABC had tie-ins with Hancock for the "superheros" of the game and more annoyingly, Wall-E showing up at the game. Well NBC is going to do the same thing but with the movie "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"....

The campaign kicks off Tuesday with an extended 150-second spot that will run during the NBC series America's Got Talent.

The spot, which also will be cut into variations ranging from 10 seconds to two minutes for NBCU's cable networks and in-theater pods, utilizes special effects that fuse Olympic footage with Mummy scenes.

One such moment includes a backflip by one of the film's stars, Michelle Yeoh, who morphs into a gymnast on a balance beam. In another, a fight between stars Brendan Fraser and Jet Li is transported to fisticuffs in a boxing ring.

In the film, the mummy of an ancient Chinese emperor returns from the dead, along with the region's legendary terra cotta warriors. Much of Mummy was shot in China, which will host the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in August.
It's a good thing I don't watch NBC during the Summer. While the technical aspect of some of them are pretty cool, I have to tell those involved that these are the most annoying things ever created. Once or twice it's fine but the frequency they were used during the NBA Playoffs was just over-the-top. Let's hope NBC doesn't go overboard with them.

NBCU Preps 'Mummy,' Olympics Cross-Promo (Brandweek)

Your MLB Announcing Schedule For The Weekend: The Return Of The King!

Friday, June 27, 2008

He's baaaaaack! We all knew it was too good to be true folks. Joe Buck is back with his good pal Tim McCarver and they're calling a Yankees game. Kill me now. Also, I know it's tough to work out schedules with other networks ahead of time, but could we get a little variety? Good's New York and Chicago all the time these days.


Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox- Thom Brennaman & Mark Grace (Fox, 3:55pm, 58%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tulsa

New York Yankees at New York Mets- Joe Buck & Tim McCarver (FOX, 3:55pm, 42%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Dallas, Fort Myers, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Jacksonville, Miami, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Tampa, Washington, West Palm Beach


New York Yankees at New York Mets- Chip Caray & Ron Darling (TBS, 1pm)
Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs- Jon Miller & Joe Morgan (ESPN, 8pm)

Francesa Admits To A Rift Between He And Russo

I, like many of you, really thought that there was too much money on the table for a breakup to actually go down, but there's even more news today that Mike and the Mad Dog could be done for good. Mike Francesa went through a lengthy tale of what's going on today and here's a transcript from the original breaker of the story, Neil Best....

Dog got it in his lap on Monday. I made sure I was near a TV at 1 o’clock when he came on. I thought he handled it well. Everything he said as far as the relationship was true. You know, we’ve been together 19 years. That’s a long time. And in a very visible position for 19 years, so we’ve kind of carried on this relationship in a very public way, so that when there’s been fights they’ve been made public and when there’s been battles they’ve been made public.

Now there haven’t been many in recent years. The last bad one before this was probably about eight years ago. I think it was in 2000 we had a bad one. And I’d say in the last 19 years we’ve probably had four or five bad ones. This one was pretty bad.

He gave you the timetable. I would say we did have a meeting in May where we decided we had maybe carried it onto the air and we were not being very professional so we apologized. He apologized, I apologized, because I thought I had handled myself terribly. I apologized for that. I thought I carried it onto the air and was very unprofessional, which is something I don’t want to ever try to be.

When you do this this long, you are going to have problems. I think we’ve patched it up on the air. Have we patched it up off the air? Not really, to any real extent. I’ll give you an example: We haven’t spoken this week. So that should give you an indication. With everything that’s going on, we haven’t spoken this week. So I think that’s a pretty good indication of where we are right now.
There's even more over at Watchdog, but geesh....that's kind of depressing isn't it? It's a shame that one fight in the past eight years would cause a breakup, but if you can't do it, don't try and fake it. Hopefully something will change but it's not looking good.

Mike Francesa admits future with Chris Russo is murky (Newsday: Watchdog)

Ron Zook And The Illini To Be Featured On BTN

Man they just keep coming up with more and more reality TV ideas don't they? This time it's in the college ranks as Ron Zook's team is going to be followed around by cameras. The Big Ten network is doing a second season of "The Journey" and Illinois is its choice....

Zook is prepared to go in front of the cameras with his coaches and players for a Big Ten Network series called "The Journey."

BTN officials plan to announce Thursday the Illini will be featured in Season 2. Minnesota and its first-year basketball coach, Tubby Smith, were the series' guinea pigs.

"I talked with Tubby and he was impressed with their professionalism," Zook said. "He had the same fears in the beginning as I do."

Chief among those fears?

"This will be like having someone in your bedroom," Zook said.

The first installment of "Illinois Football: The Journey" will air Sept. 2 and last an hour. The series is slated for 10 to 13 episodes, most 30 minutes long.
Well isn't that fun? I think it's official that I need and want the Big Ten Network on my cable plan. I'll even pay to see Zook's bedroom!

Big Ten Network goes behind scenes with Illinois (Chicago Sports)

Brook Lopez: "This Is So BORING!"

I added this to the morning video post on Deadspin, but there needs to be a spot for this on the site. Ladies and gents, I give you Brook Lopez "Wired"....

Amazing. Someone needs to get the Lopez Twins a reality show post haste. I'm looking at you E! Entertainment!

ESPN Actually Lets Bill Simmons Get Away With Some Draft Broadcast Digs

Every "Draft Diary" that Simmons has done for ESPN has always skated around the broadcast team. It's no secret that Simmons is heavily edited when it comes to criticising the "Leader", which makes this year's diary such a shock. He actually spent a good amount of the article taking shots at Stu Scott and Co....

4. Bilas calls Rose a "special, special talent," followed by Van Gundy calling Michael Beasley a "special talent" and Mark Jackson calling O.J. Majo a "special basketball player," then Bilas agreeing that Beasley was a "special talent." That's why Rose went ahead of Beasley and Mayo -- he's more than a special basketball player and a special talent, he's a special, special talent. Anyway, that was a special sequence.

4:40: Our first glimpse of Stephen A. Smith, who has been given interview duties for the night. Frankly, I'm beside myself with excitement.

4:46: Doris Burke becomes the first announcer to provide color for a second-round NBA playoff game and a WNBA game AND draw Mom Interview Duty during the NBA draft within a two-month span. You'll be telling your grandkids about that trifecta. You will.

5:12: This seems like a good time to mention that A.) Gordon is dressed like one of the waiters at Johnny Rockets, and B.) Stephen A. mistakenly thought he was a point guard before Gordon corrected him. Let's just move on.

5:26: Stu explains Augustin is only 5-foot-11, but he has the wingspan of someone who's 6-3½. Well that changes everything!

5:47: I don't mean to nitpick, but every time Van Gundy talks in the second person, ESPN should be throwing up a "Copyright: Hubie Brown, 1972" graphic.

5:56: Well, folks, we just made history -- Dick Vitale broke his own personal record and talked uninterrupted for 164 seconds straight. Also, my cable box just caught fire.

6:19: We might get through the night without a single argument among Van Gundy, Jackson and Bilas. These guys make "Tirico and Van Pelt" seem combative and hostile by comparison.

6:25: Charlotte takes French center Alexis Ajinca, quickly followed by Fran Fraschilla getting yanked away from the men's room to give his thoughts. You're not gonna believe this, but Fran likes Ajinca's 7-foot-8 wingspan. That leads to the new best e-mail of the night, from Jon in Maine: "Since when did Nathan Lane become an expert on international basketball?"
Well that was fun wasn't it? I fully expect all of those digs to be taken down by 1:30pm so enjoy them while you can!

Introducing the comedic stylings of the Lopez twins! (Page 2)

ESPN Is Ruining Drafts As We Know Them

Before I get into the coverage I just wanted to note how draining last night's NBA Draft was. I can't remember being completely exhausted after a live-blog of one of the best nights of the Sports Year. Maybe it was the lack of notable players in the second round, or the fact that there were no random Europeans jumping out of the stands, but by the end I was spent. Also, before the grading goes down I wanted to note that I don't have anything against anyone on the Draft telecast last night (yes, even Stu Scott somewhat). I think all parties involved are good on their own and know their stuff, which is why this is so odd to say....

EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE....involved in the program last night was just downright terrible.

I don't really know what it was, but as a group they combined to makeup the worst coverage team I think I've ever seen. I even waited through the morning to start writing this because I wanted to think it about it again and be fair. Wait, let's think a little more......nope still awful.

The host of a program doesn't necessarily need to be flawless in and out of transitions and segments, but he has to be close to it. That's what made Mike Tirico and Dan Patrick so good on NBA Draft coverage. It's almost like a good referee or umpire. They don't do anything crazy and you don't even mention them. It started off bad for Stu Scott and it just got worse. I started keeping track of his mistakes after a few picks and here's the list I and the commenters came up with.

1. Said Eric Gordon was Big Ten Player of the Year for Illinois (I know there was a battle for him, but come on).
2. Said the only time the Knicks have picked higher in the draft was when they picked Sky Walker at #5 (some guy named Ewing was picked somewhere in the Top 5 I think....oh yeah first).
3. Said the Knicks last made the Playoffs seven years ago (it's only been four).
4. Called the Pac-10 a Basketball school.
5. Lost it during a Portland-Hornets trade.
6. Ragged on the Doc Rivers Gatorade soaked shirt which was auctioned off for charity.
7. CONSTANTLY talked about the record number of Freshman taken and didn't once mention the NBA's age limit.

Etc, Etc, Etc. I know it's live television, and it's far from easy, but that many errors just distracts you from what the other analysts on set are saying. Not that they were ACTUALLY saying anything interesting (which is a perfect transition into the other three on stage).

First up, Jeff Van Gundy knows nothing about College players. He even openly admitted it. I have zero problems with that, but they only went to his strengths (NBA teams and strategy) three or four times in the night. He just looked lost up there and no one was setting him up at all. Jay Bilas on the other hand is one of ESPN's brightest minds in regards to the College game. He knows every player on the board and has stats memorized. That's why I hope one day someone passes along this bit of information to him.....making up terms makes you just sound goofy and a lot less smart than you really are.

"Pick Popability"? "Dunking with his elbows"? "He's bouncy"? "He's a pre-packaged guy"? "He's got an elongated reach"? "He can't find the keys to the toolbox"? "Second jumpability"? WHAT DOES ANY OF THAT MEAN?!?!?! Good lord. I know it's a long broadcast, but Bilas has to be (and is) smarter than that. It is so g'damn distracting. Lastly, Mark Jackson....I actually don't have anything bad to say about him because I didn't really even notice he was there. He adds zippy to the broadcast outside of his Draft Day experience being from NY and being drafted by NY. If you note the NFL Draft they only go to the MNF team about three or four times.....THEY DON'T PUT THEM ON THE MAIN STAGE!

I think we all knew it was going to be bad when we saw who was involved, and maybe ESPN was just trying something different, but I didn't think it was going to be THAT BAD! Add to the foursome depressed Stephen A. who didn't even want to be there, an overacting Doris Burke and the euro-stalker Fran Fraschilla and you have ESPN's worst broadcast in years. I'm sorry, but that was worse than "Who's Now". ESPN even let Bill Simmons mock them in his "Diary" they were so bad (more on that later).

I wish I was kidding when I say this, but they made "Monday Night Countdown" look like "60 Minutes". Just dreadful. Sorry for the length but I'm just done with ESPN's coverage of Drafts. They ruined day one of the NFL Draft and now the entire NBA Draft. I don't know what needs to be done to change it though. Maybe it's about time we got to vote on who gets to cover what events? I don't even know anymore....I'm all out of ideas at this point. If you have any good ones leave them in the never know when ESPN is reading.

The SASHSG Returns!

The Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentleman had a lot to deal with this Draft, but somehow they still pulled it off. I'm proud to give the 2008 edition....

I can't believe Kevin Love dropped the Cheez Doodlez line! He just became my favorite player even though he's probably been traded again and I have no idea what team he's on. As far as's kind of sad actually. As bad as the coverage last night was, I almost missed him on the main stage. Almost.

Bravo sirs!

Notes on the Strangest SAS Video Yet (Rockin' Steady)

This Is Why You Send Commentators To The Games

I mentioned yesterday about BBC potentially suing the UEFA for losses suffered during the lightning strike, but I had no idea they still had sound! Take notes ESPN....

Vegas for the That video right there is precisely why you foot the bill to send your announcers overseas (and the FIBA Championships in Las Vegas ). I know something of this nature is not likely to occur again, but anything can happen. You'll come across looking much better in the end and we won't have to listen to Rece Davis and Julie Foudy talk about German and Turkish relations during the finish to a great game.

The BBC: Slightly More Prepared Than ESPN (Fanhouse)

Breaking News: Pam Ward Still Has No Idea What She's Doing

It was about a month ago when I got this email from a reader named Patty.

What exactly do you have against Pam Ward?
Do you know her? Have some personal vendetta?
I am just curious.
Now back then I didn't really know what to say. Do I tell her that nothing's really personal, I just think she's bad at what she does and that I don't hate women? Or do I just say that Pam is terrible at her job more often than not and screws up even the basic of Sports concepts? It was a tough call so I did neither. That's why I'm proud to finally answer Patty's question with the following video. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need a setup....

I hope that answers your question Patty and thanks for writing in!!!

2008 NBA Draft Live-Blog

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well here we are folks. It's one of the most enjoyable nights of the year and it's become a fun tradition here at AA. There will be photos, videos, analysis and fun all evening long, so comment early and comment often. We'll get underway around 7pm but in the meantime feel free to click through last year's draft.

Last Year's NBA Draft Live-Blog

Great it's only 6:30pm and Dickie V is already yelling about the age limit and CDR being underrated. It's going to be a long night.

And we're live from NYC and MSG! Stu Scott is on the mic and the camera is showing fat people running into the building. Eric Gordon is wearing a white suit and has the early nod as the Jalen Rose Award Winner for the night.

"It's also a diaper Draft."- Jay Bilas


"Teenagers in their early 20s"- Stuart Scott starting off early (Via Judderman)

Hahahahahaha. Ric Bucher is the Chris Mortensen of the NBA. I swear the guy just makes up trades throughout the day in his head. "Lebron, Wally, and Z for Ben Gordon? Sounds good!"

"He can get up and down the court like running at full speed."- Jay Bilas on Rose we go. ESPN is already trying to ruin picks before they happen. Please, please stop this!!! We all know they're taking Rose, but we like the mysticism! In case you care there's a stellar WNBA matchup on ESPN2. Colleen Dominguez weird me out for some reason. Not sure why.

"I saw a guy in the bathroom just before the show....."- Stuart Scott

It doesn't really matter what the end of that sentence is.

Popeye Jones + Hair = David Amber (Via Anon)

The Chicago Bulls are on the clock!!!!! Okay David Stern....stop rambling. It always amazes me when a team that has the first pick takes the full five minutes.

1. Derrick Rose
PG, 6'4", 195lbs

O.J. Mayo is really "Waldo," Eddie's friend from "Family Matters." (Via Anon)

Haha...good pull. I love the glasses he's sporting too.

"He can dunk with his elbows when they throw him a lob."- Jay Bilas

Someone get him in the dunk contest right now!

"This is a guy with a bounce in his swagger."- Mark Jackson

I'm not going to be able to keep up tonight. Oooooh and a Screamin' A interview right off the bat. I'm not going to lie....I kind of like him in this roll. Oh and Doris Burke is on the mom interviews. Awesome duo.

Before the 1st pick "Jays Best Available" Um...everyone? (Via Lammy742)

2. Michael Beasley
F, 6'9", 235lbs
Kansas State

"He's got arms that extend past normal human limits."- Jay Bilas

"What will be the pick? Only one man knows for sure, David Stern."- Stuart Scott

Umm, what about the people who MADE the pick? (Via Jay)

Good point. These draft hats are actually pretty badass. David Amber also weirds me out in the way that Dominguez does. Don't know what it is.

How many times did Bilas say "score" in that hightlight of Beasley? (Via Anon)

Had to be at least 10....I stopped counting.

"He's bouncy."- Jay Bilas

Is he gunna star in the Clueless remake? (Via BK)

3. OJ Mayo
G, 6'5", 215lbs

S.A.S. just isn't asking the hard questions tonight. I'm bored with him already.

"What went into you alls decision?"- Stuart Scott

"I thought he was a pre-packaged guy."- Jay Bilas (Via Lammy)

What does that even mean? He just confuses the hell out of me. And the rumored trade that ESPN was talking about is off. The Sonics are picking.....

4. Russell Westbrook
G, 6'3", 180lbs

Annnnnnd there's our first stretch of the night! Seattle needs a PG, but I think they could have traded down and still have gotten Westbrook.

"What are you Russell Westbrook?"- Stephen A. Smith

Great question. Hey, Kevin Durant is here! Stu Scott mentions the Knicks and the place goes crazy. What's up with that weird lite bright lattice that's above the arena?

5. Kevin Love
C, 6'10", 250lbs

Does anyone else think the full court shot from Kevin Love is like the Kyle Boller throw from his knees?

I'm surprised Kevin Love went so high. Usually the NBA hates on big white guys. (Personally, I think he's got mad skills.) (Via Jay)

I concur. There's a difference between a hard nosed big guy like Love and one that looks weak and plays weak like Andrew Bogut. Annnnnnnd I'm already sick of the Doris Burke family interviews.

6. Danilo Gallinari
F, 6'9", 209lbs


God I love it. Fran Fraschilla says that his nickname is "The Rooster" but we all know it's "The Big Cock". Oh and he already has a shoe. That's nice.

"You hear the Knicks fans and they are sleeping on you."- Stephen A. Smith
"I would like the team to win and I play hard. New York City is the best city in the World. I like to win and play hard and stay with my teammates and play with my skills."- Danilo Gallinari

"Don't get caught up in the people booing, they don't know you."- Mark Jackson

Good advice actually.

It's OK, kid. They're not saying, "Boo," they're saying, "Booollissimo." (Via Anon)


7. Eric Gordon
G, 6'4", 222lbs

"He's got an elongated reach."- Jay Bilas

Come on Jay...what are you trying to pull on us? Stuart Scott keeps talking about this freshman record....can someone please tell him it's because of the age limit? It's not some crazy feat or something.

JVG for the second time admitted he didn't know much about a player. You gotta love ESPN's choice of analysts for the draft. You know, the people who are supposed to analyze things. (Via Jay)

"He's a unique package because of his size."- Donnie Walsh (Via Anon)

8. Joe Alexander
F, 6'8", 225lbs
West Virginia

"He's got great spring in his legs."- Jay Bilas

Stephen A. Smith just seriously turned in to Elmer Fudd there. Wow. He is out of his element.

9. DJ Augustin
PG, 5'11", 172lbs

Hahahahaha. I knew someone would stretch for him. How the Bobcats can pass on Lopez is beyond me and they obviously have no faith in Felton.

Michael Jordan's biggest decision is which golf course he's going to play tomorrow and not the Bobs draft pick. (Via Anon)

Brook Lopez is the Aaron Rodgers of this draft and I couldn't be happier. Slip to the Wizards! I've also typed Brook Lopez's info into the last two picks so I'm pretty sure I'll never forget his stats.

10. Brook Lopez
C, 7'0", 240lbs

Damn....I was hoping for much more of a slip. Now we just need his brother to drop into the second round.

"His arms stretch out to 7'5""- Jay Bilas

Seriously Jay?

We need a Steve Young of the NBA Draft so we can hear someone go nuts over a stupid pick. I could see JVG but he knows nothing about college players. (Via BK)

"It's great to have the guy out of my hair."- Robin Lopez

Please slip....pleeeeeease slip. Why is he even there?

"The Nets got an absolute steal, they should put a mask on." - Jay Bilas (Via SS Reporters)

I swear I don't hear these as they're said. I must tune him out.

11. Jerryd Bayless
G, 6'3", 195lbs

F'ing steal! I'm so glad the Pacers didn't end up with Augustin here. I don't know why I'm openly rooting for them, but I love when teams get players like Bayless without trying. We also learn that Jerryd shot a hole-in-one at the age of 10. Good info. Also Jer is wearing a pimp ass white suit with white shoes.

I would hate to be Jamaal Tinsley right about now.

12. Jason Thompson
PF, 6'11", 250lbs
Rider I don't really have anything else to add.

"Jason is not here."- David Stern

No shit.

Who is Jason Thompson? And why is he going in the lottery? If only there were a group of analysts who could tell us more than he's "solid... really... solid"... Thanks Jay! (Via Anon)

That about sums that pick up. Let's pretend that never happened. Also, quick trivia the last Kings first round draft pick who contributed to the team.

13. Brandon Rush
G, 6'7", 205lbs

Awesome pick. They are just loaded with talent. Unbelievable team. (Apparently I'm channeling my inner Jay Bilas)

It really makes you appreciate Kiper a lot more, doesn't it? (Via Anon)

A-f**king-men. This group is giving us nothing. Jeff Van Gundy doesn't know anything about the college game and Mark Jackson seems lost. Bad idea ESPN.

Did SAS just ask Brandon Rush how he feels about playing with Brandon Rush? (Via Anon)

Yes....yes he did.

14. Anthony Randolph
F, 6'10", 197lbs

"Arms that go forever."- Jay Bilas

"Randolph is only 197 pounds and makes Brandan Wright look like Mr. America."- Jay Bilas

Dickie V is talking about Kevin Love now and says you can always pick up guards later in the Draft. Ummm.....have you looked at the rest of the prospects list? And he throws in an Italian restaurant joke. Kill me.


15. Robin Lopez
C, 7'0", 245lbs

"He's more defensive orientated and he has bigger hair."- Jay Bilas

Wow....that was sort of a shock. It's a good pick though because he can run.

Ford is reporting that Portland is sending Rush and Jarrett Jack to Indiana for Bayless. (Via Anon)

I hate Robin Lopez already.

Robin Lopez. Must Improve: Goofy hairstyle (Via Lammy)

16. Marreese Speights
C, 6'10", 250lbs

"This guy can shoot. He shot 62% from the field...that's ninth in the NBA."- Stuart Scott

Are you f**king kidding me?!?!?! How does that even compare?

17. (Via Toronto) Roy Hibbert
C, 7'2", 278lbs

"He's a big man, 7'2", 278 pounds. What the best thing about him Jay Bilas?"- Stuart Scott
"His size and his skill level."- Jay Bilas

Okay as long as the Wizards don't pick Kosta Koufas....I'm good. Oooh and we get a montage of cry baby Brook Lopez being bored at the draft. Fuck you millionaire.

"Robin is someone who can defend at the defensive end."- Terry Porter

18. JaVale McGee
C, 7'0", 240lbs

Enh....I'm not against this pick but I would have rather have had Hickson or Arthur. I pleaded for the Wizards to take a similar player in Paul Millsap.

Ike Diogu and Jerryd Bayless head to Portland for Jarret Jack and Brandon Rush go to Indiana.....Wow. That seems pretty pointless for all involved.

JaVale McGee's mom played in the WNBA? Seriously? And sadly, I can't come up with a good joke for this. I admit, I choked. (Via Anon)

What was Roy Hibbert's nickname again? (Via SS Reporters)

Thanks for asking! Brendan Haywood 2.0....thank god they didn't draft him.

"J.J. Hickson is just a horse down low."- Jay Bilas (Via BK)

19. JJ Hickson
F, 6'9", 235lbs
NC State

Man watching those highlights I wish he was going to the Wizards. I love this pick for the Cavs. They need an athletic guy like Hickson.

With the 19th pick in the NBA Draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers just lost LeBron James. (Via BK)

Hahahahaha. So true. Hey, JVG is there! I had no idea until he just spoke. He seriously goes a good 35 minutes without saying a word.

20. Alexis Ajinca
C, 7'0", 220lbs

"He makes Basketball. He makes Basketball look like he's playing nerf basketball."- Fran Fraschilla

Thank God he's there. Oh and the Bobcats suck ass. That's all I have to say.

Another player going to Indiana from Portland.....JOSH MCROBERTS!!!!!!!! Hey a Duke Player!!! Good times.

"It's a whole hat switching thing. Proposed trades, teams, and guys changing hats."- Stuart Scott

God I hate you. Hey Arthur is still there! Who predicted that the other day?

21. Ryan Anderson
C,6'10", 235lbs

WOW!!!! That is by far the worst pick of the draft. I don't even have to watch the rest. Ridiculous. Who's running the Nets???

90-90 Liberty and Fever- 2OT....Wait...where Am I???

Okay I'm back! I'm feeling Courtney Lee here.....

22. Courtney Lee
G, 6'5", 205lbs
Western Kentucky

BAM! Perfect pick for the Magic. I reached with Dontae Green in the first mock draft, but Lee is the ideal guy for them.

"He used to drive and beat me up at the same time, so he was my ride but he would also beat me up so. All I know is that he hasn't let go of that buffet down there in Orlando."- Jeff Van Gundy on Stan Van Gundy

AA, grade ESPN's coverage so far...I'm giving it a solid D. (Via SS Reporters) on.

Yes Stu, we know the Pac-10 isn't a basketball school that's because it's a conference. (Via BK)

23. Kosta Koufos
C, 7'0", 265lbs
Ohio State

Can the Jazz re-draft Greg Ostertag? Because they should after that pick.

Utah selects Kosta Koufos (as I giggle again)... and really, this is the perfect match of player, team, and city... the only way this would be better is if Kosta was a Morman. (Via Anon)

Is it just me or is this Draft going insanely slow?

Kosta Koufos. Must Improve: Ear Shape (Via Lammy)


24. Serge Ibaka
C, 6'10", 228lbs

Yaaaawwwwwwwwn. God I cannot stand Fran Fraschilla. Can we just get rid of the International position?

Must Improve: Experience

"How do you improve your experience?"- Jeff Van Gundy

Mr. and Mrs Ibaka
Must Improve: Birth control (Via Anon)

17 kids?!?!?! Good lord.

"You've always got your finger in one of your old teams don't you?"- Stuart Scott

Whoa....that's nasty

25. Nicolas Batum
F, 6'8", 210lbs

"I compare him to Rudy Gay in terms of what he could end up being."- Fran Fraschilla

Ummm....a nothing? And the orange Ric Bucher gives us the info on an Arthur kidney issue. That sucks.

Are we not gettign the SAS interviews with the foreign players? Why must the WWL deprive us of this hilarity? (Via Anon)

Seriously....where the hell did SAS go?

I'm not convinced that the Spurs will draft Arthur... given the new report on his Kidney... well, Sean Elliot's not doing anything, right? Too soon? (Via Anon)


26. George Hill
G, 6'2", 181lbs

Ummmmmmmm.....I would never question the Spurs Draft strategy, but....yeah. WHO?!

"The Hornets are on the clock but they're making the trade, the pick, basically from Portland pending a trade."- Stuart Scott

What in the world is he talking about?

"On the clock now...the...Charlotte Bob....uh the New Orleans Hornets."- Stuart Scott

27. Darrell Arthur
F, 6'9", 230lbs

HEY!!!! Good for Arthur and he's headed to Portland. This team is just freakin' staked now. Amazing.

"Doris is with ya mama."- Stephen A. Smith
"Thank you Stephen A. Sondra, as soon as your son was picked the tears started to flow, those tears are reflective of what?"- Doris Burke
"I'm sorry say that again?"- Mama Arthur

When did Doris Burke turn into James Lipton? Fran Fraschilla talks about Marc Gasol and I fall asleep.

28. Donte' Green
F, 6'9", 220lbs

This seems like a waste of a pick to me but we're in best available territory. Rudy Gay now has a clone.

"He's got a lot of tools, he just can't find the keys to the toolbox right now."- Jay Bilas

"We breek in ESPN's Ric Bucher."- Stuart Scott

Stu is having the worst broadcast of his life and I'm loving every minute.

29. DJ White
PF, 6'9", 251lbs

Whoooo! I got one right on my Mock Draft!!! He's a perfect fit for the Pistons. The Bill Walker talk was nonsense.

"The last time the Pistons took a player from Indiana in the first round was a guy named Isiah Thomas back in '81."- Stuart Scott
"Booooooooooo!"- MSG Crowd
"Come on don't boo Isiah."- Stuart Scott

"You have to have the disease of greed."- Mark Jackson

I actually kind of like that phrase. Damn you Mark Jackson.

I'd love Chalmers as a backup to Rondo, and even play in the same backcourt with him when they go small. (Via Anon)

Interesting. Your thoughts intrigue me....I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. What the hell happened to the clock too? The Celts have been up for about 15 minutes now.

Okay, Stuart Scott just denigrated the sale of the gatorade-soaked shirt... the proceeds from which went to charity. What a dick. (Via Heef)

Stuart Scott just told someone that donated $50,000 to charity to get a life. You Stuart Scott need a life and a bitch slapping. (Via Anon)

30. JR Giddens
G, 6'4", 208lbs
New Mexico

Very interesting choice. He wasn't on anyone's board in the first round but he'll fit in nicely. Great....Dick Vitale is back. He's looking haggard at this late hour. He's still bitching about the age limit....I love you Dick, but shut the hell up. He also blows Mark Jackson for a good 5 minutes....I'm done with him.

According to Ford, Detroit and Seattle swapped picks. Detroit picked D.J. White for the Pistons, and Seattle will pick twice in the 2nd round for Detroit. So...keep your eye on CDR being picked by the Sonics. (Via Anon)

I'm so confused. This is why I love the NBA Draft!

Round 2:

Way to start off the second round MSG! Someone yells "Where's Steven A?!" as the coverage kicks off. Good times. The hecklers are getting rowdy.

31. Minnesota- Nikola Pekovic

Ummmmm.....who? Here comes Fran...

"He's he good?"- Stuart Scott
"He's mid-lottery talent. He's a mean nasty joker."- Fran Fraschilla

What the hell are they talking about? I'm getting pissed now. It's official....DJ White is heading to Seattle.

32. Detroit- Walter Sharpe (F, UAB)

Ummm right. Okay.....where are we again? Larry Brown is getting booed by MSG and they're just looking for things to be pissed off at.

"What satisfies you most about what you've done so far."- Larry Brown
"I'm satisfied I got a job."- Larry Brown

He just doesn't even care anymore. Hahhahahaha and the crowd starts chanting, "JEFF VAN GUNDY...CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP!"

33. Memphis- Joey Dorsey (F, Memphis)

"He's an absolute man."- Jay Bilas

Wait... so Joey Dorsey was at the draft too? Now I'm confused. (Via Anon)

Dude....just drink. I have no idea what' going on either. The main stage team is stupid, there are random players in the stands........IT'S THE NBA DRAFT! I love it.

34. Minnesota- Super Nintendo Chalmers (G, Kansas)

Again, who the hell is Nikola Pekovic?! DeAndre Jordan is a steal at this point. CDR is a tweener so that's not surprising.

35. Los Angeles Clippers- DeAndre Jordan (C, Texas A&M)

Good pick.

I really, really want a team to draft a foreign player, and just some random guy in the MSG audience/stands/bleachers/whatever to come down and get his picture taken. (Via Anon)

Oh it's coming! The highlight of every Draft.

37. Milwaukee Bucks- Luc Ricard Mbah A Moute (F, UCLA)

I love how ESPN still hasn't told us who went at #36 during the commercial break. We're waiting....

36. Portland- Omer Asik (Turkey)

Thanks ESPN. And I have no idea who that is....pointless.

"Asik in Turkish means lover."- Stuart Scott

38. Charlotte- Kyle Weater (G, Washington State)

The Blazers just drafted a Turk, and someone very audibly cracked open a can of soda (I hope!) on the set. (Via Jay)

Heard it too! I bet it was Stephen A. Smith....wait he's not on the main stage?

39. Chicago- Sonny Weems (F, Arkansas)

Not a bad pick there. He's a good player, but can't shoot.

Sonny Weems? I'm calling shenanigans. That's the made up name, right? (Via Anon)

I wish it was my name. The Nets are up....

40. Chris Douglas-Roberts (G, Memphis)

Amazing pick. After the smoke has cleared the Nets are doing big big things. Add Lebron in 2010 and you have the #1 Seed in the East. Is Calipari drinking Vodka and Crans? That's awesome.

"If we had drafted like that when I was at the Nets, I'd still be coaching the Nets."- John Calipari

F it... I love that CDR pick to the Nets too.. he might not be a starter, but backing up VINSANITY, and, you know, being the guy who plays defense when Vince just gives up. He'll be perfect. (Via Anon)

Agreed, although I felt the same way about Lawrence Moten back in the day.

Jeff Van Gundy
Must Improve: Knowledge of well...other things besides how to bag Alyssa Milano.
(Via SS Reporters)

That's a winner.

41. Indiana- Nathan Jawai (F, Australia)
42. Sacramento- Sean Singletary (G, Virginia)

Damn I was hoping Singletary would somehow make it to the Wizards and he could replace Roger Mason Jr. Oh well.

@AA... wow, a Lawrence Moten name drop... impressed! (Via Anon)

I've been trying to tell you this has been my life for over 20 years.

43. Patrick Ewing Jr. (F, Georgetown)

Interesting. He could pan out but it's not likely to happen. The guy can jump but he has no shot, offense, or rebounding. Hey Larry Bird via satellite with the most boring commentary ever!

Larry Legend may have had too many Vodkas and not enough Red Bulls. (Via Three Bean Salad)

So, basically, we're waiting for Bill Walker to get taken now, right? He would have been a lottery pick next year if he'd gone back, right? (Via Anon)

Ummmm maybe last year. Don't know about next year. He just seems lazy to me.

If Larry Bird and D-Wade had a conversation...... (Via SS Reporters)

Kill me.

44. Utah- Ante Tomic (C, Croatia)
45. San Antonio- Goran Dragic (G, Slovenia)

ESPN should know that Bird couldn't comment on proposed trades, yet their guys focused on that anyway. Still not sure if that was as inane as Stu's 2-question interview with Doc Rivers...and one of those questions was about his Gatorade-soaked shirt being auctioned. (Via Anon)

I can't describe how terrible this broadcast has been.....just plain boring. Great video of Tomic making wide open layups too. He's a winner. It's funny that Chad Ford decided to break up with the Euros this year, but they're getting scooped up all over.

46. Detroit- Trent Plaisted (F, BYU)

I'm surprised that ESPN has footage of these people. I saw him play in one game last year and.....well Jay Bilas just mentions it. Good job Jay. He did well against UNC last season.

47. Washington- Bill Walker (F, Kansas State)

I FUCKING LOVE IT! Piss towels and popcorn for everyone!!!! That just made my night. I don't think I've ever been happier for a second round Wizards pick outside of Gheorghe Muresan and/or God Shammgod.

48. Phoenix- Malik Hariston (F, Oregon)
49. Golden State- Richard Hendrix (F, Alabama)

This just proves Simmons' point about how important chemistry is on the set of a live/studio show and outside of JVG and Jackson these guys don't have it. This broadcast just proves that these shows totally depend on the host and Stu, you didn't have it tonight. (Via BK)

That theory certainly holds true most of the time but not always. I don't think Mike Tirico adds anything to a broadcast but he doesn't screw up like Stu. Scott is just lost tonight.

50. Sonics- DeVon Hardin (C, California)

Adam Silver tells about a trade that already happened and Hardin is a good pick. I'm dragging now people. And wow, ESPN even throws in an ad for its video conferencing software. Good times.

51. Mavericks- Shane Foster (G, Vandy)

USHAH! USHAH! Why did I know that was his nickname even before Stu mentioned it? That's right the NBA Draft song! I forget the name of the Ad Firm that sent that song to me, but bravo for getting it on ESPN.

"I do listen to Usher, it's on my Ipod right now."- Jay Bilas

52. Miami- Darnell Jackson (F, Kansas)
53. Utah- Tadija Dragicevic (F, Serbia)

Utah is just stocking up on foreigners now.

54. Rockets- Maarty Leunen (F, Oregon)

Is it just me or is the worst second round ever?

Somebody just... just needs to put Stu down... maybe just for the night, maybe for longer, but he needs to go. (Via Anon)

And Super Nintendo Chalmers goes to the Heat.

55. Portland- Mike Taylor (G, Iowa State) can draft people from the D-League?!?!?! People are just making up shit now. This is crazy.

"He's a hungry player, has a terrific motor, and really goes after it."- Jay Bilas

Shut up have no idea. Mark Jackson just said something about the NBDL but my brain shut off.

56. Seattle- Sasha Kaun (C, Kansas)

"SASHA Kaun, SASHA Kaun, SASHA Kaun SASHA Kaun, Let me love you SASHA Kaun."- Stuart Scott

Didn't see that coming AT ALL!

"Over seas, where he's from"- Jay Bilas

... shut up Bilas... Just shut the fuck up. (Via Anon)

I'm just done at this point. Someone carry me through the final four picks please.

57. San Antonio- James Gist (F, Maryland)

Hey yo! I didn't even think he was going to be drafted!!! Good times.

Dagger AA! Dagger! Bill Walker is gone...(Via Anon)

The Wizards trade Bill Walker to the Celtics for cash?!?!?! Dammit. This Draft officially sucks. I was stoked about that pick. So pointless.

58. Los Angeles- Joe Crawford (G, Kentucky)
59. Detroit- Deron Washington (F, Virginia Tech)

Well if you want someone to teabag players....he's your guy. Too bad he can't shoot worth shit. Mike Taylor goes to the Clippers............ahhhhhh who cares?! Adam Silver thanks some people who he calls his "friends" at MSG and.....

60. Boston- Semih Erden (C, Turkey)


My god that was borderline unbearable. Thanks everyone for seeing me through that nonsense and please ESPN.....NEVER PUT THOSE FOUR TOGETHER AGAIN!!! I knew it was a bad idea to begin with, but the final product was even worse than I had imagined. Mark Jackson has absolutely nothing to say, Jeff Van Gundy also has nothing to say but adds knowing nothing about College players (and openly admits it), Jay Bilas just makes up words the whole time but who can blame him with that supporting cast, and Stuart Scott.......Worst. Host. Ever.

Ugh. Thanks for all of the comments, jokes, and love tonight. More videos, analysis, and grades tomorrow. Cheers!

Well this is interesting. Via ESPN....
The Minnesota Timberwolves aren't holding on to O.J. Mayo for long.

Two league sources told that the Wolves have reached an agreement in principle with the Memphis Grizzlies that will send the draft rights to Mayo, Marko Jaric, Antoine Walker and Greg Buckner to the Grizzlies in return for the draft rights to Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins.

NBA Draft Day Excitement: Open Thread

There's nothing else really going on in the Sports Media department so I'm just going take this spot to add any draft day items and post another mock draft. I have nothing to do but watch Soccer and count down to live-blog and the Bulls going on the clock.

Our First Item:

Yi to the Nets for Richard Jefferson!!!!

The Milwaukee Bucks have agreed in principle to trade Yi Jianlian to the New Jersey Nets for Richard Jefferson, two league sources told

The Bucks also are sending Bobby Simmons to the Nets. He has $20.5 million left on a contract that expires in the summer of 2010, when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could become free agents.
Well that's interesting isn't it? Add that to Jermaine O'Neal moving to the Raptors and we've got two pretty big moves. That doesn't mean that Toronto and Milwaukee aren't being idiotic for making these trades though. We're one step closer to LB23 coming to the East Coast.

Nets dealing Jefferson to Bucks for Yi (

Our Second Item:

Michael Beasley is considering pulling a prank on David Stern....

Our Third Item:

Unsubstantiated Rumors From ESPN.....

1. David Lee to Portland
2. Leandro Barbosa to Portland for Martell Webster, the No. 13 overall pick
3. Clippers and Sonics have agreed to swap picks as long as the Wolves take O.J. Mayo at No. 3
4. The Bobcatas looking to trade Adam Morrison

AA's Final Mock Draft:

1. Bulls- Derrick Rose, PG (Memphis)
2. Heat- Michael Beasley, F (Kansas State)
3. Wolves- OJ Mayo, PG/SG (USC)
4. Sonics- Brook Lopez, C (Stanford)
5. Grizzlies- Kevin Love, PF/C (UCLA)
6. Knicks- Eric Gordon, SG (Indiana)
7. Clippers- Russell Westbrook, PG/SG (UCLA)
8. Bucks- Joe Alexander, SF/PF (West Virginia)
9. Bobcats- Danilo Gallinari, SF (Italy)
10. Nets- Jerryd Bayless, PG/SG (Arizona)
11. Pacers- D.J. Augustin, PG (Texas)
12. Kings- Kosta Koufas, C (Ohio State)
13. Blazers- Anthony Randolph, SF/PF (LSU)
14. Warriors- DeAndre Jordan, C (Texas A&M)
15. Suns- Brandon Rush, SG (Kansas)
16. 76ers- Robin Lopez, C (Stanford)
17. Pacers- Mario Chalmers, PG (Kansas)
18. Wizards- Darrel Arthur, PF (Kansas)
19. Cavaliers- JJ Hickson, PF (NC State)
20. Charlotte- Roy Hibbert, C (Georgetown)
21. Nets- Donte Greene, SF/PF (Syracuse)
22. Magic- Courtney Lee, SG (Western Kentucky)
23. Jazz- JaVale McGee, PF (Nevada)
24. Sonics- Mareesse Speights, C (Florida)
25. Rockets- Ante Tomic, C (Croatia)
26. Spurs- Nicolas Batum, SF (France
27. Trail Blazers- Alexis Ajinca, PF/C (France)
28. Grizzlies- Jason Thompson, PF (Rider)
29. Pistons- DJ White, PF (Indiana)
30. Celtics- Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG (Memphis)