Reggie Willits Has A Sweet Pad

Saturday, June 30, 2007

(posted by OMDQ)

I have never seen Reggie Willits play - he's supposed to be pretty good, though - so there should be no basis for me to proclaim him one of my favorite baseball players.

This picture, however, from the New York Times, is all the reasoning one should ever need:

In case you're wondering: yes, that is the current home of Willits, his wife Amber and son Jaxon. And yes, that is a batting cage in the living room. Awesome.

Life in a Cage: Baby Sleeps, Mom Cooks, Dad Bats (New York Times)

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Did Scott Proctor Take Jim Morrison's Invitation Literally?

(posted by OMDQ)

You do not know how badly I want this story to be true.

From The FanHouse:

Scott Proctor threw all of his equipment out of the dugout and onto the field. He then proceeded to light it on fire for a little post-game bonfire! Somewhere, there has got to be video of this. Please, I'm begging.

No source mentioned in the post. No word of the incident anywhere else on the Interet (none that I can find, anyway). Normally, I hate when people rush to judgement and report on stuff before making sure it's true. These are not normal circumstances, however; not to condone such actions, but if this actually happened, then Scott Proctor showcased the greatest individual expression of displeasure in the history of professional sports this afternoon. And that's saying something.

If it's not true? My bad, Scott Proctor.

UPDATE: Oh, it's true. Thanks to Jay for helping out in the comments.

What Do You Think This (G)umpire's Problem Is?

Worst. Title. Ever.

Sorry short notice....but I wanted to share this from reader Evan....

It has to be something with the camera angle, but with how some others feel about Barrett.....I wouldn't be surprised

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It's Time, Michelle

(posted by OMDQ)

Time to pull a Ricky Williams, take whatever is left of your golf winnings, and head off on a sabbatical. It doesn't matter where you go, how long you're gone or what you do while you're there, as long as you strictly adhere to these three rules:

1) Relax
2) Do NOT pick up a golf club
3) Do NOT tell your parents, agents, coaches, sponsor representatives, or anyone else who has had a say in your career to this point where you are

Go. Be young. Have fun. Drink Pepsi. Sleep till noon. Stay in your pajamas all day. Hang out with friends. Meet people. Find a boyfriend. Act like a high school student. Realize that there are more important things in life than golf. Get yourself "right" mentally.

Then, when the time is right, you may return - an older, wiser version of your 17-year-old self - ready at last to dominate golf, just like we always knew you would.

Or you can stay on your current path and risk becoming a completely irrelevant joke by the time you're 21. Your call.

(HT goes to AA and Sons of Sam Malone for the news of Wie's withdrawal from the U.S. Open)

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The Press Buffet: Me and My Big Mouth

In last week's installment of The Press Buffet, I looked at the newspaper coverage of the College World Series. For those of you who think collegiate baseball is a fringe sport, just wait for today's column.

We all know that summertime is a bit of a grind for sports fans. We grow accustomed to overlapping seasons every other time of the year, and we usually have several televised major sports to choose from. But there's always that late summer trudge through the middle of baseball season (which is a nice season, but the middle is, well, the middle) as we wait for the first pro and college football games to grace us with their presence. I acknowledged that this was a slow period in last week's column, and made the joke that I would probably be reduced to covering the MLS this week.

My colleague, Awful Announcing's weekend editor OMDQ, read that statement and double-dog dared me to do it. I'm not inclined to turn down a double-dog dare anyway, but since Brian is about to become a papa at any moment, I am doubly inclined to grant him his frivolous request, though he should have used his last one on something more entertaining. So after the jump, we'll check out that league with an identity problem - Major League Soccer.

One thing I liked about the notion of covering MLS was the chance to visit some cities that haven't come up in my coverage of other sports. I've hit the newspapers in New York, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles pretty often, of course. But quite a few of our nation's finest cities have yet to star in a pull quote of their own. So let's get goin'.

We start out with FC Dallas, who are covered by the Dallas Morning News. Michael Hitchcock is the GM of the North Texas entry in the MLS, and he has found that David Beckham's marketing allure extends beyond the L.A. Galaxy.

The Beckham factor doesn't hurt ticket sales," Hitchcock said. "He is truly a rock star in every sense of the word. Everywhere we go, the first question people ask is, 'How can I get my Beckham tickets?'"

I had hoped to write about our only homegrown player with Rock Star potential, but Freddy Adu is not currently with Real Salt Lake. He's been attached to the national under-20 team, so we have to read about someone else. Hey, here we go! Speedy Robbie Findley was recently traded from L.A. to Salt Lake and immediately scored two goals:

Talk about successful debuts. Findley, who had scored two goals in nine games - three starts - for the Galaxy, beat the D.C. United keeper twice on Saturday to help spark RSL to its first win of 2007. He did it on a bum right ankle, too, having rolled it a week earlier.

Apparently Findley comes by his talent honestly. He is somehow related to both Mike Bibby of the NBA and Shaun McDonald of the NFL.

Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching, who is fresh off of a Gold Cup triumph with the national team, writes a blog in the Houston Chronicle:

In regard to the national team things have been good. The team has won its first two games and is off to a good start. This has been something that has helped me get out of my drought. I think the change of environment was good for me and has helped me get out of the rut I was in.

I'm not sure how to take that. Is he calling MLS play "a rut"?

Hey, you wacky counter-culture white Rastas, with your Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream! Colorado Rapids defenseman Kyle Beckerman has dreadlocks, and the Denver Post is going to get to the bottom of this foolishness:

"You do wash them, you just don't comb them," Beckerman said. "I've always been a Dread. Before I had dreadlocks, I was a Dread. And if I cut them, I'll still be a Dread. I get called a hippie every away game. I'm like, you don't know what kind of music I listen to."

For the record, it would be reggae, hip-hop and Tom Petty.

Yep, he really blew that stereotype apart.

And since Denver has two daily newspapers, the Rapids get two articles in the Buffet.

Want to end a losing streak? Play a good team on the road! [Rocky Mountain News]

"We've had a tough string of games and didn't get any results, and what better place to go in and turn it around than on national TV against one of the best teams in the league this year and probably also the best team in the history of this league," Rapids defender Mike Petke said.

The league recently expanded into a country that has a much closer relationship with futbol than we do - Canada. We've read above about the MLS problem of losing top players to CONCACAF events during the heart of the season, but Toronto FC has it even worse. They lose players to both national teams. [Toronto Globe & Mail]

Just as Toronto FC welcomed back defender-midfielder Chris Pozniak, defender Adam Braz and goalkeeper Greg Sutton from duty with Canada's national team in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it will say farewell for at least a couple of games to defender Marvell Wynne.

Wynne, 21, was named Friday to the 22-player U.S. team that is taking part in the Copa America tournament in Venezuela.

And, I was extremely surprised to find that I had no memory of ever quoting the Boston Globe (ID: awfulwrite Password: freeharold). They've tracked down a couple who love the New England Revolution and don't really give a damn if they ever see a foreign-born superstar like Becks.

Instead of luring international stars to MLS late in their careers, as the Galaxy are doing with Beckham and the Chicago Fire with Mexican forward Cuauhtemoc Blanco, the Gideons would rather watch their countrymen.

"Compared to Europe, the level of play is not as good," Brad Gideon said. "But it's cool to see Americans playing a sport that has been historically European. The stars on the Revs -- Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston, Matt Reis -- they're Americans."

I must admit that I have posted from the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch before, thanks to the Buckeyes' appearance in the NCAA basketball championship game, which was my first Press Buffet event. But the Columbus Crew are a pretty impressive survival story, playing in a much smaller market than any other team in MLS, and surviving since the league began.

The big story out of Columbus is that Crew player Marcos Gonzalez is causing a stir about that ol' chestnut - female reporters in the locker room:

Gonzalez, a devout Christian, created a minor stir in a Home Depot Center locker room Saturday night after the Crew's 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy. According to freelance soccer reporter Andrea Canales and Gonzalez, he repeatedly asked her to leave the locker room, in English and Spanish, until he could get dressed. He also attempted to shoo her out the door, but Canales ignored him and both went about their business.

"I was without my clothes," Gonzalez said. "For me, it's not normal for women to be in a locker room. I said please leave until I put my clothes on. She ignored me."

So let us all avert our eyes as Marcos suits up. That's our whirlwind tour of the MLS for this week, and it just goes to show that there are great stories everywhere. I'm just glad I didn't make this crack about Arena Football. Fortunately, the guys at It's Still Football have the ALF playoffs covered.

See you next weekend, when I will blessedly be able to cover the MLB all-star festivities.

--Extra P.

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The MLBPA May Be TOO Powerful At This Point

(posted by OMDQ)

It's late, but I was just flipping through Ben Maller's MLB Rumors for Friday and this one made me sit up and pay attention:

"Two sources familiar with the negotiations said the two sides were close to completing a four-year, $56 million contract that could make Mark Buehrle the highest-paid White Sox player annually at $14 million per year. One of the potential stumbling blocks, according to one of the sources, could be the Major League Baseball Players Association, which might hesitate to approve the deal because it believes Buehrle could command more on the free agent market this winter." (emphasis mine)

Are you kidding me? How can the MLBPA even begin to suggest something like that? When they refused to okay the restructuring of Alex Rodriguez's deal in 2003, I was upset as a Red Sox fan but understood it from a business perspective. A-Rod's market value, while high at the time, had already been set. Allowing a break of the amount that was being discussed (I don't remember the amount, just that it was significant) would have set a dangerous precedent.

Here, however, it makes no sense. Buerhle has made $14 million combined the past two seasons, and while he has had some very good years, he has never been a dominant force of nature for the White Sox (the no-hitter notwithstanding; he generally gives up a lot of hits and doesn't strike out a ton of guys). But for some reason, the union has decided that if the White Sox offer $14 million annually, that's just not enough. I don't get it - did Buehrle turn into Johan Santana when I wasn't looking? And could the difference between the union's position and the team's position be all that divisive?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Heitner? Rovell? Anyone?

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Welcome to the Club, Pat Riley

(posted by OMDQ)

All we need is for Chris Chelios to start waffling on his status for next season and my life will be complete.

(It is mindblowing to realize that Chelios was drafted in 1981, when I wasn't yet two years old, and has played in the NHL since 1983. Mindblowing, I say.)

Does it matter as much if a coach simply can't decide on his future plans? In many cases, I would say no, but this one is different - mainly because I hate it when coaches only choose to remain on the bench when things are going well, as Riley has been known to do in the past.

Fortunately, we'll probably be treated to another two months (minimum) of "Will he or won't he?" I can hardly wait.

Report: Riley uncertain of his future, roster moves (Yahoo! Sports)

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Happy Birthday, Iron Mike

Ten years ago, Mike Tyson celebrated his 31st birthday two days early and in the most unusual of ways: by actually biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's right ear during a fight.

Nine ears earlier, almost to the day, he had followed a more exciting plan, beating Michael Spinks in a 91 second dismantling that solidified Tyson's standing as the world's undisputed heavyweight champion.

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Who Thinks This Is The First Time Trailblazers Fans Have Felt Like This?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Okay, well other than the one title that Bill Walton got them.

That's cool as hell. You gotta love how Portland has turned that franchise around in just two short years. And to think they used to start Damon Stoudemire, Darius Miles, Zach Randolph, Ruben Patterson, Isiah Rider, and Ref Shover Nick Van Exel!

Jailblazers no more!

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Which Sports Personality Was Asked To Try Out For The Price Is Right?

Just heard this on the Big Show with Dan and Keith, and SbB has the story from the LA Daily News....

Dan Patrick was asked to try out for the Price Is Right, but declined.

The price may be right in luring the ESPN/ABC personality and weekday ESPN Radio sports-talk host, who sources insist has been contacted by the producers of the legendary game show "The Price Is Right" and is on the short list of those who'll be asked to take part in auditions to replace the retired Bob Barker, who recently ended his 35-year run. Patrick wouldn't comment on the report except to say: "Len Barker was always one of my favorite pitchers."
Not sure how I feel about that. I guess it's not a bad move necessarily, and Dan really only works 3-4 hours a day. I don't really believe the Rosie rumors so it looks like his only competition would be Mark Steines.....NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP!!!

Dan Patrick Contacted By Price Is Right Producers (Sports by Brooks)
What Smokes (LA Daily News)

Best Of The Best: The NBA Draft Live-Blog Comments

I'm all about sharing is these here parts, and when the power went out and the readers doubled their comment output from the previous 20 picks.....something had to be done. Cheez Doodlez for everyone!!!!! No really....we're skipping using the "You Create The Caption" space (see below) and giving you an extra special, super duper, really long comment list from last night's NBA Draft Live-Blog. Enjoy!

(Note: Normally you'd get the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly just like last year....but someone else decided to do it first. I know it's not an original concept, but that's okay...there's always next year)

"How does seersucker even remotely qualify as "funky" or "representing New York"? I bet Colonel Sanders is rolling over in his crispy fried grave right now."- Bstone

"My wife doesn't like basketball. Never watches it, knows nothing about it. Yet she just listened to Stephen A. Smith for about ten seconds before stating matter-of-factly, "I don't like him.""- OMDQ

"Joakim Noah looks like a homeless Louis Farrakhan"- The Chemical Brother

"I hope Oden got his mid afternoon nap. This is going to be an awfully late night for someone his age."- Brave Sir Robin

"That Noah outfit is absolutely priceless. The future really IS now."- Bstone

"You know its a sucky draft when they show you behind the scenes before the damn thing is over."- Lord Nero

"Second hop ability? Jay, you are brutal."- Mookie

"Did Bilas just say Thornton has good "second jumpability"? Dear God..."- Anon

"Vitale giving Kobe analysis...I bet Bucher is furious"- Vegas Watch

"Did Stu Scott really just say "Acie Earl" instead of "Acie Law"? Why not just mention Eric Montross, Ron Mercer and Alaa Abdelnaby while you're at it?"- OMDQ

"There's no way Stuart Scott had heard of Rodney Stuckey half an hour ago. Didn't play in the ACC!"- Vegas Watch

"So you can rebound, have energy, can't shoot, has energy, blocks and has energy...good pick?"- Lord Nero on Jay Bilas

"Is Acie Law the fourth crunk enough for the ATL?"- Statue Left

"He's not a great shooter, but he can make shots." (Jay Bilas)- Mookie

"Can't shoot but has the ability to shoot..WTF is going on?"- Lord Nero

"So, Seattle now has Rashard Lewis, Wally Szerbiak (not really a SG), Durant, and Green playing the same position. Who do they think they are? Atlanta?"- Brave Sir Robin

"Did you see Durant's info when he sat down with Stu Scott? Country: Texas. Living in Louisiana, I can tell you that Texas is a whole other country."- Radioman

"I hear the guys telling me Micheal Conley's like Tony Parker. He may have his handles, but he doesn't have Eva Longoria, I'll tell you that. Thank you, I'll be here all week." (Dickie V)- Jason

"Woody Paige is giving the rookie symposium talk right now in the green room with the players"- Statue Left

"Jay Bilas has been freaking out for the last hour about not being able to use the word "motor"."- Bstone

"And is there going to be a Bucks Yi Jianlian commercial? Signs point to no. I'm expecting Larry Harris to be disappeared into a rural work camp by the weekend."- Andrew

"Who is Adam Silver eye-f***ing every time he comes out to announce a pick? Is anyone else seeing this? Every time he comes out, he smiles and silently laughs with someone in the crowd...whoever it is, she is one lucky lady...that Adam Silver is a catch."- Point 23

"What a sneaky little Greek (Giorgos Priinatataziziziz in the stands)! Maybe that's who Silver was eyeing up...sure looked geeked to shake his hand."- Point 23

"Must improve: not selling pot to cops"- Lord Nero

"KYRYLO FRESENKO- Must Improve: Vowels in first name"- Chris

Thanks again everyone, and we'll do this again every Monday Night Football game this year.


2007 NBA Draft Live-Blog (Awful Announcing)


"For I am the People's Princess!!!! JOAKIM!"

The S.A.S. Hecklers Are Back!!!

Just when I thought you couldn't do anything go and do something like this....and totally become even awesomer!!!

This is hands down the video of the year. Please cut off all submissions.

I hear by dub Joakim Noah "The People's Princess". Classic.

The Stephen A. Smith Hecklers Return! (Deadspin)

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The Pirates' Announcers Love Semi-Naked Kickers

Man this made me chuckle. Great video editing skills by the folks at Doubt About It....

"It's big and thick for sure"

Greg Brown and Bob Walk Support Jeff Reed's Choices (Doubt About It)

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ESPN/ABC's Announcing Teams Announced for 2007 CFB Season

ESPN released all of the College Football information yesterday, but I missed it because of the NBA Draft. Thanks to reader SS for bringing it to my attention, and cleaning up the Press Release in this easy to read format! There's a bunch of changes so try to keep up....


- Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit, & Lisa Salters(primetime)
- Brad Nessler, Bob Griese, Paul Maguire, & Bonnie Bernstein (top afternoon game)
- Ron Franklin, Ed Cunningham, & Jack Arute (Big XII)
- Dan Fouts, Tim Brant, & Todd Harris (West Coast)
- Terry Gannon, David Norrie, & Jeanine Edwards (select games)


- Mike Patrick, Todd Blackledge, & Holly Rowe (ESPN Saturday Primetime)
- Chris Fowler, Doug Flutie, Craig James, & Erin Andrews (ESPN Thursday Primetime)
- Mark Jones, Bob Davie, & Stacey Dales (ESPN2 Saturday Primetime)
- Dave Pasch, Andre Ware, & Erin Andrews (ESPN Saturday Noon)
- Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman, & Rob Stone (ESPN Friday Primetime)
- Pam Ward, analyst, reporter TBD (ESPN2 Saturday Noon)
- Rece Davis, Mark May, Lou Holtz, & Todd Harris or Rob Stone (ESPN mid-week games)


- Clay Matvick & Kelly Stouffer (noon)
- Doug Bell & Charles Arbuckle (afternoon)
- Dave Armstrong & Mike Gottfried (primetime)
- Charlie Neal & Jay Walker (HBCU Thursday)
- Larry Coker as an analyst on select games

I guess the biggest changes are....1) Larry Coker is somehow an analyst. 2) Sean McDonough still being paired with a sub-par analyst. 3) The stoner team is still in place for Thursday night games! 4) Dave Pasch, Andre Ware, and Erin Andews forming the prettiest team ever......

...5) and the biggest....Mike Gottfried has been sent to the minors (ESPNU) and Pammy Ward is missing a partner.

I'm pretty neutral on the changes.....nothing really that big happened. And I'm actually going to miss waking up hungover and making fun of Gottfried. I don't know how Deadspin's Hugh Johnson Project will survive.

Update: "AA, I have to disagree with you. The biggest change has to be the breaking up of Musburger and Arute. Rule #6 in the Brent Musburger drinking game will have to be completely rewritten." - Awful Chief

You're so right....I just glossed right over that. Sorry it's early. I do really like that team of Ronnie Franklin and Jake Arute.....Ed Cunningham I could do without.

Spike Lee Has To Be Hammered As He Proclaims, "Isiah Knows What He's Doing!"

You have to feel for female reporters in this situation, but Lisa Salters is a champ throughout this interview. (Courtesy of AA's new best friend BOH)

Spike also seemed to have some Chandler inside info.....hey.....I think I just figured out Isiah's plan. Trade one Chandler and draft another! Knicks fan won't know the difference!!!

The Blog of Hilarity Half-assed NBA Liveblog
(Blog of Hilarity)

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David Lee Does Not Look Happy WIth The Trade.....Spike Lee On The Other Hand......

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This video deserved its own post. I love this reaction from David Lee....he's the only one in the video who appears to be against the trade....

Also, why is David Lee there to begin with?

(Muchos Muchos Gracias to BOH for the video)

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2007 NBA Draft Live-Blog

Welcome one welcome all to the 2007 NBA Draft (Sponsored by Sprite) live from New York City. We'll be getting underway at around 7pm, so I'll see you then!

P.S.- Mock Drafter Blog of Hilarity is LBing as well tonight. AA's TIVO software is on the fritz, so head over there for some YouTubes and Drafty Goodness.

Read about all the action after the jump!

Spike Lee is in tha building! Which means we are a mere 5 minutes or so from going live from NYC. Thanks for joining and let's have us some draft day fun.

Rumor #1,345- Ray Allen to the Celtics

6:57- Wow....Joakim Noah is looking fly!!! Bow-tie and all.

7:00- WE'RE LIVE FROM NYC....Mike Tirico is your host, "The Future Has Arrived!"

So what's the consensus....who's the Brady Quinn of the NBA? My money is on Stuckey

Analysts Jay Bilas, S.A.S.!, and Mark Jackson!!! are on hand.

"Let's not get it twisted! This is not 2003!!!"- SAS, What up Doodlez?
"Each team is going to have to draft for their own needs."- Mark Jackson, Let the sweeping generalizations begin!!! Drink!!

"I'm telling you, whoever gets Noah could have a marketing giant in that city. Ala Ben Wallace here in Detroit, pure energy and defense is marketable with the right guy. Think Ben's "Fro" and Noah's uhh.. well he's eccentric that's for sure."- BD

I agree wholeheartedly....who cares if he can't score that bow-tie can move products!

7:10- The house is packed tonight....from AA correspondent Vegas Watch, "EXCLUSIVE: I was going to go to the draft, but I got there at 6 and it was sold out with a huge line of people waiting to get in." Watch out for the cameras Stephen!

"I hope Oden got his mid afternoon nap. This is going to be an awfully late night for someone his age."- Brave Sir Robin

Too funny....just think.....we have these jokes for the next 15 years or so.

7:14- Dickie V!!!!!!!!!!!

"I disagree with Stephen A. This will be the deepest draft of all." (Crowd Cheers)

Can we PLEASE! stop playing that All American Rejects's about 2 years old.

7:20- "He was in there watching cartoons, and I wasn't down with that."- Mike Conley on Oden.

Stuuuuuuu....."lemme know"

"I needed something funky....I represent New York."- JOAKIM! (His name is required to have an exclamation point's official)

7:27- I can't believe our Mock Draft skipped over Sun Yue....I blame Digital Headbutt picking Aflalo in the 1st Round....threw the whole thing off (I also blame DH for my bad spelling, the Holocaust, and Feline AIDS....more to come!)

"Charlotte where Michael Jordan has both hands on the wheel"- Tirico, Suuuuuuuure.

Rachel Nichols!!! Drink!!!!! She didn't blink. Sal in Philly..surprise! Jim Gray....sorry I fell asleep.

"EEE JEN LEE N"- MT, Thanks for the exact pronunciation Mike.

Fran Frischilla's hair says good evening. "How does seersucker even remotely qualify as "funky" or "representing New York"? I bet Colonel Sanders is rolling over in his crispy fried grave right now."- Bstone


7:30- We're just about underway....everyone take a shot. Let's do this!

"One anchor, one pillar, one wall.....roots in the ground can rise.....The building blocks of a dream"- Tirico, Ugh...


Wait....the Liberty are in New York??? That explains everything.


5 minutes and counting....Clap it up ownership.

1. Portland Trail Blazers

Greg Oden, C, Ohio State

"I was putting hand sanitizer on. I didn't want to get Mr. Stern sick."- Oden


Ray Allen to Boston.....Wally, Delonte West and the #5 to Seattle. Seattle will end up with the 2 and 5 with Durant and Jeff Green!!! WOW. What a deal.

2. Seattle Supersonics

Kevin Durant, SF, Texas

"From Sweetland, Maryland."- MT, It's actually SUITland but I'm just being picky Mike.

"He's got a crush on Beyonce....not if or when he'll meet her. He'll meet her courtside at an NBA game soon"- Stu Scott, Ummm what?

Could Kevin Pritchard be anymore boring? Good god.

3. Atlanta Hawks

Al Horford, PF, Florida

"I think what sets him apart is his rebounding appetite."- Jay Bilas, What the hell is that?

"You are somebody's hotties....all of you."- Stu Scott sending it back to the booth.

4. Memphis Grizzlies

Mike Conley Jr., PG, Ohio State

Great pick for don't waste this one on Yi.

Lisa Salters pimping the gold jacket. JOAKIM! is jealous.

5. Seattle Supersonics from Boston

Jeff Green, SF, Georgetown

I hate this pick for Seattle. Whoever said it in the comments is right...he and Durant play the same exact position. If you try to put either of them at the four you're screwed.

"Boston hates their fans"- Lord Nero, Amen....who wants the 6th seed in the playoffs for the next two years!!!

Via our ridiculously awesome video correspondent Blog of Hilarity

Pimpology 101-

6. Milwaukee Bucks

Yi Jianlian, SF, China

"He's hip-hop he's 50 cent"- Fran Fraschilla, Thanks for that Fran.

Uh oh....China don't want Yi in Milwaukee. DRAMA!

Wow Yi attended the premiers of Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek 3!!!! Thanks ESPN.

"I would trust Del Harris if he was my dad."- Bilas, Someone get a paternity test scheduled.

Man the T-Wolves are screwed here....Brandan Wright?

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

Corey Brewer, SG, Florida

Must Improve: Hairstyle, that fade is so Kid N' Play....go with Sprewell dreads now that you're in Minnesota.

"I hear the guys telling me Micheal Conley's like Tony Parker. He may have his handles, but he doesn't have Eva Longoria, I'll tell you that. Thank you, I'll be here all week."- Jason

Thanks so much for getting that Jason....I couldn't type fast enough.

Charlotte can't trade this pick fast enough, but with Yi off the board....they're stuck.

"You have solid backcourt play with Felton, Carroll, and Morrison."- Mark Jackson, Umm, Mark....Small Forward isn't in the backcourt.

8. Charlotte Bobcats

Brandan Wright, PF, UNC (Traded to Golden State for Jason Ricardson and Jarmareo Davidson)

Jay Bilas thinks this is a steal....I do not. "He runs the floor like a deer."- JB

Thanks Isiah. Classic.

9. Chicago Bulls

Joakim Noah, PF, Florida

Best Strength: Sheer Awesomeness!!!

Look out Eastern Conference Cheerleaders.....Here comes JOAKIM!

"Woody Paige is giving the rookie symposium talk right now in the green room with the players"- Statue Left

Propelled forward and into the air....Forward and into the air. (Thanks Radioman)

"He uses a special shampoo for his hair....Bumble and Bumble."- Stu Scott, No comment.


10. Sacramento Kings

Spencer Hawes, C, Washington

Why did I change this pick in my Mock stupid.

"He does not rebound well. He's not a great shot blocker."- Jay Bilas, So what exactly does he do good?

"Spencer loves Political Debates."- Stu Scott, Ugh....he's a George Bush supporter too. Ron Artest is up first!

"And Brad Miller will have his hunting trip."- SS Reporters


S.A.S is dead on with his Noah assessment.

11. Atlanta Hawks

Acie Law IV, PG, Texas A&M

Love, love, love this from Atlanta. I can't believe I'm saying this, but in 5 years....look out for the Hawks!!!

"This man is a gamer."- MJ, Generalization.....drink!

Wow...Acie wasn't allowed to dribble until he was 10 years old. Can someone say Todd Marinovich?

Is it just me or does S.A.S. talk faster as the night goes on? I can't keep up.

12. Philadelphia 76ers

Thaddeus Young, SF, GT

S.A.S. calls it! Dead on. Man, if the Wizards get Al Thornton I'm going to be so excited. I'm loving this.

"(Acie Law) can't shoot but has the ability to shoot..WTF is going on?"- Lord Nero, I have no idea. Doesn't everybody have the ability shoot. You too could play for the Hawks according to Jay Bilas.

Breaking!!! Via Deadspin on Slam Online....."It’s Randolph, Dickau and Freddy Jones for Steve Francis and Channing Frye. Exclusive!" Not sure how to take this, but here's the link. (8:29)

13. New Orleans Hornets

Julian Wright, SF, Kansas

"Stephen A. is good at clownin'"- J. Wright, Exactly! I've been saying this for years!!!

Just so you know how much I'm going crazy I want to take you back to last year's draft. Marcus Williams keeps slipping and slipping.....he drops to the Wizards....and the pick??? Olexsiy Pecherov. Enough said.

14. Los Angeles Clippers

Al Thornton, SF, FSU

This is a terrible pick. They need tons and tons of guards....every pick should be a guard. The guy is 23!!! He just came into his own in his Senior Year in a down year in the ACC. Hate this selection.

"You hear that Jay? His 37 against Duke"
"You know Stu I'm not hung up on the whole UNC-DUKE thing you need to grow up."- Jay Bilas

Whoa's still early.

Here's the Yi Interview (link) if you missed it. (Thanks again BOH)

15. Detroit Pistons

Rodney Stuckey, SG, Eastern Washington

Yes! Thank god. Please pick someone normal (American) Wizards!!! (And anyone but Jason Smith!!!)

Is it just me or is Mark Jackson not talking at all? Okay he goes....

16. Washington Wizards

Nick Young, SG, USC

Whooo! I haven't been this excited since the Wizards selected....umm? Juwan Howard???

Oh F You ESPN!!! Of course my new favorite player's mic isn't working during his first interview.

And here's the trade......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course Spike Lee approves, and the David Lee reaction....priceless.

I don't like this trade for Knicks at all. Zach Randolph is actually going to get killed in NY, and by get killed I mean shot. And giving up Channing Frye is an iffy move. Probably the most athletic guy on the team. Portland is kicking ass again in this draft.

17. New Jersey Nets

Sean Williams, C, BC

Must Improve: Maturity, that's funny

"Did Bilas just say Thornton has good "second jumpability"?- Anon, Yes....yes he did. What the hell does that even mean?

"Okay so i guess the ESPN editor MEANT to leave..."...father won Franch Open..." and of course "COUNTRY: Texas" on the screen? these werent mistakes?"- Gus Johnson for God

Damn I can't believe I missed that.

18. Golden State Warriors

Marco Belinelli, SG, Italy

Damn this kid has some ups. This is like the anti-Yi highlight film. Still kind of a reach though.

Man the submission from readers today is above and beyond....from Dave at Why don't we get drunk and Blog? I give you JOAKIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Los Angeles Lakers

Javaris Crittenton, PG, GT

"We'll have a dinner bet and I'll bet you that this Draft is better than 2003"- Dickie V to S.A.S.

20. Miami Heat

Jason Smith, PF, Colorado State

***Awful Announcing is experiencing technical difficulties…the power just went out due to severe thunderstorms***

Please keep comments and updates going
- Awful GF

10:54- ANNNNND WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAACK! Wow what a nightmare. I have no idea who was picked, so you peeps better have kept the comments going.

Please bear with me as I catch up.

21. Philadelphia 76ers

Daequan Cook, SG, Ohio State

22. Charlotte Bobcats

Jared Dudley, SF, BC

23. New York Knicks

Wilson Chandler, SF, DePaul

24. Phoneix Suns

Rudy Fernandez, SG, Spain (Traded to Portland for cash)

25. Utah Jazz

Morris Almond, SG, Rice

26. Houston Rockets

Aaron Brooks, PG, Oregon

27. Detroit Pistons

Aaron Aflalo, SG, UCLA

28. San Antonio Spurs

Tiago Splitter, PF, Brazil

29. Phoenix Suns

Alando Tucker, SG, Wisconsin

30. Philadelphia 76ers

Peterri Koponen (Traded to Portland for Derrick Byars)

2nd Round:

31. SEA- Carl Landry, F, Purdue
32. BOS- Gabe Pruitt, PG, USC
33. SAS- Marcus Williams, SF, Arizona
34. DAL- Nick Fazekas, SF, Nevada
35. BOS- Glen Davis, PF, LSU
36. GSW- Jermario Davison, SF, Alabama (Traded to Charlotte with Jason Richardson for Brandan Wright)
37. PHI- Josh McRoberts, PF, Duke
38. PHI- Kyrylo Fesenko, PF, Ukraine

Seriously Philly.....back to back white guys??? Worst. Moves. Ever.

Trade! Trailblazers get Petteri Kopenen for the 42nd pick and Cash.

39. MIA- Stanko Barac, C, Croatia (Traded to Indiana)
40. LAL- Sun Yue, G, China
41. MIN- Chris Richard, F, Florida
42. POR- Derrick Byars, SG, Vanderbilt (Traded to Philly for Peterri Koponen)
43. NOH- Adam Haluska, G, Iowa
44. ORL- Reyshawn Terry, F, UNC

"Sun Yue's favorite rapper is Usher."- MT, Sorry Mike and Sunny....Usher ain't no rapper.

45. LAC- Jared Jordan, PG, Marist
46. GSW- Stephane Lasme, F, UMass
47. WSH- Dominic McGuire, SF, Fresno State
48. LAL- Marc Gasol, C, Spain
49. CHI- Aaron Gray, C, Pitt

Okay....I think I'm caught up. D*** what can I say? I thought about this as I imagined each pick as they were made. Well, honestly? I'm just a means to an end, and AA readers kick ass. You picked up the slack while Mother Nature was knocking me down....for those of you that kept will be rewarded tomorrow.

Thank You.

50. DAL- Renaldas Seibutis, SG, Lithuania
51. CHI- JamesOn Curry, SG, Oklahoma State
52. POR- Taurean Green, PG, Florida
53. POR- Demetris Nichols, SF, Syracuse
54. HOU- Brad Newley, SG, Australia
55. UTH- Herbert Hill, F, Providence

Must Improve: Vowels in first name

That cheers me up a bit. Thanks Chris!

56. MIL- Ramon Sessions, PG, Nevada
57. DET- Sammy Meija, G, DePaul
58. SAS- Giorgos Priinatataziziziz- SF, Greece
59. PHX- DJ Strawberry, SF, Maryland
60. DAL- Milovan Rakovic, C, Serbia

Man, Phoenix just kills in the draft. That's a hell of a pick....Meija on the other hand??? Detroit already took two Guards earlier.

Well that's it folks. Thanks so much for sticking around and doubling the comments we had from last year's draft. I'll be up updating the comments into the live-blog late tonight, so feel free to shoot me an email.


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AA's Official 2007 NBA Mock Draft

Unlike the Blogger draft (where the participants took who they thought the team should take) this is who each team WILL take. And by will I mean that I suck at Mock Drafts and always forget one or two foreign dudes. Chad Ford or Fran Fraschilla I am not.

Also, I'm only doing one round this year. Two is just too much, and ultimately not even worth trying. Here it is and we can prepare our notes after the live-blog (Only 3 hours now!)...

AA's 2007 NBA Mock Draft:

Round One

1. Portland- Greg Oden, C, Ohio State
2. Seattle- Kevin Durant, SF, Texas
3. Atlanta- Mike Conley Jr., PG, Ohio State
4. Memphis- Al Horford, PF, Florida
5. Boston- Yi Jianlian, PF, China
6. Milwaukee- Jeff Green, SF, Georgetown
7. Minnesota- Brandan Wright, PF, UNC
8. Charlotte- Corey Brewer, SG, Florida
9. Chicago (from New York)- Joakim Noah, PF, Florida
10. Sacramento- Julian Wright, SF, Kansas
11. Atlanta (from Indiana)- Spencer Hawes, C, Washington
12. Philadelphia- Al Thornton, SF, FSU
13. New Orleans- Nick Young, SG, USC
14. L.A. Clippers- Acie Law IV, PG, Texas A&M
15. Detroit (from Orlando)- Rodney Stuckey, SG, Eastern Michigan
16. Washington- Thaddeus Young, SF, Georgia Tech
17. New Jersey- Jason Smith, PF, Colorado State
18. Golden State- Tiago Splitter, PF, Brazil
19. L.A. Lakers- Rudy Fernandez, SG, Spain
20. Miami- Javaris Crittenton, PG, GT
21. Philadelphia (from Denver)- Gabe Pruitt, PG, USC
22. Charlotte (from Toronto via Cleveland)- Daequan Cook, SG, Ohio State
23. New York (from Chicago)- Sean Williams, C, BC
24. Phoenix (from Cleveland via Boston)- Wilson Chandler, SF, DePaul
25. Utah- Morris Almond, SG, Rice
26. Houston- Josh McRoberts, PF, Duke
27. Detroit- Glen Davis, PF, LSU
28. San Antonio- Jared Dudley, SF, BC
29. Phoenix- Marco Belinelli, SG, Italy
30. Philadelphia (from Dallas via Golden State and Denver)- Aaron Gray, C, Pitt

It wouldn't be a Draft withouth Philly and Atlanta doing something stupid, so I had to take that into account.

See you at 7pm folks!

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