Fake Durant Causes Yardbarker To Get Contacted By Real Durant's People

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weird story, but the Seattle Times is reporting that Kevin Durant's people are upset with Yardbarker. In a post entitled "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF K-SMOOVE VOL TWO!!!" someone by the name of FakeDurant blogs as if he's the soon to be #2 pick in the draft....

Via Sports Business Daily.....

NBA Draft prospect Kevin Durant's reps have asked that a post be removed from Yardbarker.com in which someone claiming to be Durant -- under the moniker "FakeDurant" -- rants about the WNBA, with comments including, "I hope I make enough money in my lifetime to buy the WNBA and shut it down"
Via the FakeDurant Post....
On a more serious note, OMFG I LOVE CHIPOTLE!!! I swear i'm going to open one up in my crib...I seriously can't live without it. I'm going to pay people to run it. Just don't bring that barbacoa in my house...I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!

I took a poop today and the inside of the toilet looked like a smiley face...does that mean i might be gay? FREE BRITNEY (aka MILF)!!!
Umm, everyone....if you can't tell this isn't Kevin Durant I feel sorry for you. I guess it's because Yardbarker has Greg Oden's blog, but seriously people.....it's the internet.

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Wait a minute. So you're telling me that ISN'T Kevin Durant???

GMoney said...
Jun 28, 2007, 3:45:00 PM  

No it is kevin durant..he proved it to me...did you not see how dj changed his name to fake durant?

Mike Shan said...
Jul 9, 2007, 11:43:00 PM  

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