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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have a great night, and stay safe.

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Bryant Gumbel Needs Pepto

Nausea, Heartburn, Upset Stomach, Indigestion, Diarrhea

Making the rounds this morning is a hilarious audio clip of Bryant Gumbel (allegedly) burping on air twice. From Mister Irrelevant

Update: With 6 minutes left in the fourth the following exchange occurred

Gumbel: Let me just make note that we do not have indigestion up here. We
had a mike open somewhere. We heard a couple of noises that were not of our
doing, shall we say.
Collinsworth: Thank you. I was wondering if those ribs
impacted a little more than I knew.
Gumbel: Either that or I'm a great

Hilarious! Ventriloquist? That doesn't even make sense! I
still think it was Gumbel.
You're right Jamie....that doesn't make sense, but it's damn funny. How funny? Check the audio. Burp #1 and Burp #2

Bryant Gumbel Burps On Air (Twice) (Mister Irrelevant)
NFL Network Livens Up Broadcasts with Burps (NFL Fanhouse)
Audio (

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Bowl Prediction Contest Game #20- The MPC Computers Bowl

The MPC Computers Bowl
Boise, Idaho- Bronco Stadium

Nevada (8-4) v. Miami (6-6)

Weather: Cloudy 35 Degrees, 10% Chance of Rain

Past Results (9):

Dec. 28, 2005
Boston College 27, Boise State 21
Dec. 27, 2004
Fresno State 37, Virginia 34 (OT)
Jan. 3, 2004
Georgia Tech 52, Tulsa 10
Dec. 31, 2002
Boise State 34, Iowa State 16
Dec. 31, 2001
Clemson 49, Louisiana Tech 24
Dec. 28, 2000
Boise State 38, Texas El Paso 23
Dec. 30, 1999
Boise State 34, Louisville 31
Dec. 30, 1998
Idaho 42, Southern Miss 35
Dec. 29, 1997
Cincinnati 35, Utah State 19

Player(s) to Watch: Senior RB #19- Robert Hubbard

Nevada has a very basic offense. It's straight ahead running, and when Hubbard isn't injured he's pretty explosive. He put up 105 yards on a good Boise State defense the last game of the season.

Miami's Freshman RB #5- Javarris James
James is only a freshman, but is the only consistent player Miami has on offense. He's only 71 yards away from breaking Clinton Portis' first-season yardage record.

Deciding Factor(s): This one boils down to whether an inconsistent Miami offense can move the ball. It all depends on which team shows up.

Another factor is Miami playing outdoors in the cold-ass weather of Boise. I'm sure a good number of those players have never even left the East Coast.

Spread: Miami -3.5, O/U 43

AA's Pick and Analysis: Well you should pay zero attention to this after an 0-3 day, but here goes. The weather is going to slow Miami down. You just have to go with the WAC team and take the points.

This is going to be a home game for Nevada.

Prediction Wolfpack 26-20

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BC/Navy Announcing Open Thread

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The dynamic duo of Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried is on the case. But don't forget about stellar sideline reporter Jimmy Dykes....

While talking to a Navy player who was diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of the season......."Congratulations on your courage. And your story."

He's not the cowardly lion Jimmy. And are you congratulating him for giving you a good sideline report?

The funniest part though is listening to Gottfried trying to pronounce Navy's QB's name.

Signal to Noise said...

George Foreman is in the booth, and this is turning into a bad MNF interview rather quickly all due to Gottfried's questions alone. I think he only asked him one thing about football, and then went on about the grills and naming all his sons George.

Yeah, that was really weird.

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Bowl Prediction Contest Games 18 & 19- The Alamo and Peach Bowls

The Non-Sponsored Alamo Bowl
San Antonio, TX- Alamo Dome

Iowa (6-6) v. Texas (9-3)

Weather: Cloudy 60 Degrees, 20% Chance of Rain

Past Results (13):

Dec. 28, 2005 Nebraska 32, Michigan 28
Dec. 29, 2004 Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7
Dec. 29, 2003 Nebraska 17, Michigan State 3
Dec. 28, 2002 Wisconsin 31, Colorado 28
Dec. 29, 2001 Iowa 19, Texas Tech 16
Dec. 30, 2000 Nebraska 66, Northwestern 17
Dec. 29, 1999 Penn State 24, Texas A&M 0
Dec. 29, 1998 Purdue 37, Kansas State 34
Dec. 30, 1997 Purdue 33, Oklahoma St 20
Dec. 29, 1996 Iowa 27, Texas Tech 0
Dec. 28, 1995 Texas A&M 22, Michigan 20
Dec. 31, 1994 Washington State 10, Baylor 3
Dec. 31, 1993 California 37, Iowa 3

Player(s) to Watch: Texas' RB #25- Jamaal Charles

With Colt McCoy ailing the Longhorns look to get going with the running game. Charles only has 805 yards on the season, but look for him to add a good bit to that total today.

Iowa's Wide Receiver #88- Dominique Douglas

Drew Tate would be the obvious choice, but I hate picking QB's as players to watch. That's no fun. I don't think Iowa is going to be able to run against Texas, so they're going to have to have a hell of a passing game and Douglas is Tate's go to guy.

Deciding Factor(s): Iowa's defense. Period. They have to slow Texas down and keep it low scoring.

Spread: Texas -8.5, O/U 54

AA's Pick and Analysis: Interesting stat.....when Iowa scores over 17 points they are 6-0, but when they score under they are 0-6. I think this special little statistic ends today though as Texas proves to be WAY too much for Iowa.

Prediction Texas 35-20

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Atlanta, GA- Georgia Dome

Georgia (8-4)
v. Virginia Tech (10-2)

Weather: Indoors

Past Results (A ton.....Bowl started in 1968):

Last 10.....

Dec. 30, 2005 LSU 40, Miami (Fla.) 3
Dec. 31, 2004 Miami (Fla.) 27, Florida 10
Jan. 2, 2004 Clemson 27, Tennessee 14
Dec. 31, 2002 Maryland 30, Tennessee 3
Dec. 31, 2001 North Carolina 16, Auburn 10
Dec. 29, 2000 LSU 28, Georgia Tech 14
Dec. 30, 1999 Mississippi State 17, Clemson 7
Dec. 30, 1998 Georgia 35, Virginia 33
Jan. 2, 1998 Auburn 21, Clemson 17
Dec. 28, 1996 LSU 10, Clemson 7

Player(s) to Watch: Virginia Tech's RB #28- Branden Ore

Is over 1,000 yards on the season, but was injured against Wake Forest. He's had a month to recover and Tech will need him against a good Georgia D.

Georgia's RB #6- Gregg Lumpkin

Just like Ore.....Lumpkin is the key to Georgia's offense. He had one 20 carry game this season.....a win over Auburn.

Deciding Factor(s): Establishing the run on both sides of the ball. Both QBs are shaky at best, and need a good bit of time to throw the ball. Look for a low scoring first quarter with both teams trying to open it up in the second.

Spread: Virginia Tech -3, O/U 37.5

AA's Pick and Analysis: Being from Virginia there isn't a team that's shoved down your throat than the Hokies. I hate the Hokies. I hate them with a passion. I love to watch them lose because their fans freak out like it's the end of the world. Good times really.

Well I don't think I'm going to get that feeling of joy today. Tech just has faster, bigger, and more athletic players than Georgia.

Prediction Virginia Tech 20-13

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 17- The Meineke Car Care Bowl

My numbering is off somehow, so we're skipping ahead to game 17........

The Meineke Car Care Bowl
Charlotte, NC- Bank of America Stadium

Navy (9-3) v. Boston College (9-3)

Weather: Mostly Cloudy 60 Degrees, 30% Chance of Rain

Past Results (Quatro):

Dec. 31, 2005 N.C. State 14, South Florida 0
Dec. 30, 2004 Boston College 37, North Carolina 24
Dec. 27, 2003 Virginia 23, Pittsburgh 16
Dec. 28, 2002 Virginia 48, West Virginia 22

Player(s) to Watch: It would be Navy's FB Adam Ballard, but he broke his fibula against Army. I'm going with Sophomore QB #10 (wait for it....WAIT for it!) Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada.

He's a backup who has done well. Basically Navy's whole offense is comprised of backups, but they have fit into the triple-option right away. I'm pretty sure Navy dresses 10 Fullbacks..

BC's Wide Receivers- Kevin Challenger and Tony Gonzalez

Navy's defense is pretty good up front. They are slow in the secondary though, and BC should look to go up top early. They won't though.

Deciding Factor(s): Size. BC's line will dwarf Navy's D. Navy has 8 seniors on defense and they'll have to use their head to get around and through BC's giants.

Also, Navy rushes the ball 99.99% of the time. They lead the Nation in rushing per game. Well BC ranks 13th against the rush. Something will have to give.

Spread: BC -6, O/U 48

AA's Pick and Analysis: Navy has won their past two Bowl Games almost with a chip on their shoulder(s). Well they have more to prove today, but the compeition has been upped versus those in the past.

I'm wanted to go with the Clemson/Kentucky Theory here.....considering BC never blows anyone out. The spread is just too low though. I'm picking BC by 7.

Prediction BC 24-17

YES! Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried to start the day.

Morning Thoughts While Cursing Paul Maguire

Well last night sucked as far as picks went. I was 2-3, and I think I'm going to simply pick by conference now.

No offense to the teams playing, but today is by far the worst day of the Bowl Season. Navy v BC? Boring. Texas v. Iowa? Blowout. VT v Georgia? Well there's not a team I hate to watch more than Georgia.....but BC and Iowa are close.

As the title suggests......I can't stand Maguire. He was doing the Champs Sports Bowl last night with Bob Griese (who is okay) and Brad Nessler (who is above average). Griese and Nessler kept laying into him and all he could come up with is some dumb joke about how he won't bring Griese coffee next week. Griese was pretty funny though at times.

"I think it's an honor to sit next to a Hall of Famer"- PM
"Umm, I wish I could say the same"- BG
(insert lame coffee joke)
Nessler had the joke of the Bowl Season though. Purdue's kicker shanked a kick in the first quarter. As Nessler took them to commercial he said "Wow and that is shanked! Looked like one of those kicks at halftime for a prize." PM and BG laughed like little girls.

I just personally cannot stand Paul Maguire.....he is the worst of the worst. I don't understand how someone who played football knows nothing about it. But what do I know? Let's ask the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame:
Had Maguire never played the game, his broadcasting career alone would earn him hall-of-fame status. On the other hand it is precisely because Paul played the game that his analytical instincts are so sharp, his observations so relevant, his criticism so knowledgeable.
F-that. Back later with the Meineke, Alamo, and Peach Previews.......get your picks in.....BC -6, Tex -8.5, VT -3.

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 15- The Champs Sports Bowl

Friday, December 29, 2006

"Champs was our first choice of the bowls who were seriously looking at us, this is where we wanted to go. We're just absolutely delighted. The Terps will travel well to Orlando and look forward to it." -- Clemson athletics director Debbie Yow

That's great CBSSportsline.....but Clemson isn't playing in this game (Debbie Yow is the A.D. at MD)


The Champs Sports Bowl
Orlando, FL- Citrus Bowl

Purdue (8-5) v. Maryland (8-4)

Weather: Showers Early 72 Degrees, 30% Chance of Rain

Past Results (16):

Dec. 27, 2005
Clemson 19, Colorado 10
Dec. 21, 2004
Georgia Tech 51, Syracuse 14
Dec. 22, 2003
North Carolina State 56, Kansas 26
Dec. 23, 2002
Texas Tech 55, Clemson 15
Dec. 20, 2001
Pittsburgh 34, N.C. State 19
Dec. 28, 2000
North Carolina State 38, Minnesota 30
Dec. 30, 1999
Illinois 63, Virginia 21
Dec. 29, 1998
Miami, Fla 46, No Carolina St 23
Dec. 29, 1997
Georgia Tech 35, West Virginia 30
Dec. 27, 1996
Miami, Fla. 31, Virginia 21
Dec. 30, 1995
North Carolina 20, Arkansas 10
Jan. 2, 1995
South Carolina 24, West Virginia 21
Jan. 1, 1994
Boston College 31, Virginia 13
Jan. 1, 1993
Stanford 24, Penn St 3
Dec. 28, 1991
Alabama 40, Colorado 25
Dec. 28, 1990
Florida St. 24, Penn St. 17

Player(s) to Watch: Maryland's Freshman WR #8- Darrius Heyward-Bey

Just a complete burner. He's tall and fast, and Sam Hollenbach likes to look for him deep. He wasn't featured in the offense early in the year, but had a breakout game against Miami.

Purdue's Junior Wide Receiver #9- Dorien Bryant

Leads a trio of good receivers for Purdue who spends most of their time in the air. He should go over 1,000 yards with a few catches tonight.

Deciding Factor(s): The Boilermakers' defense rank 8th from last if you look at the stats, and the team hasn't beat a 1-A team with a winning record.
MD's defense is horrible against the run, but Purdue rarely runs the ball.

I'm going with special teams and field position as what will decide this one. These two are as even as they come

Spread: Purdue -1, O/U 56

AA's Pick and Analysis:
Why is every O/U this Bowl Season set at 56? Anywho, I like MD in this one by a few. They've played better competition and have beat 2 D-1 teams with winning records as opposed to Purdue's 0.

This really could go either way though.

Prediction Maryland 27-24

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Early Games Announcing Open Thread

If anyone is stuck at work and wants a live-blog let me know. If not I'm going to just post random Announcer Comments for the early games here.

"And Kentucky returns the ball 47 yards into Clemson territory! There's Stuckey....he's number one in the nation at returns."- Dave Pasch, Umm wait.....which team does Stuckey play for again Dave?

"So the Rose Bowl is coming up....who do you have?"- DP
"Well I think Florida can pose some problems for Ohio State"- Trevor Matich
"Umm we're talking about the Rose Bowl Trev."- RG

HOU-SC: Bob Wischusen is filling in for John Saunders who is "under the weather"....add stoners Doug Fluite and Craig James and this should be a great one.

And Houston scores in what seems like a minute.....6 plays a little over one minute.....Kolb 4-4 70 Yards and the TD.....Wow.

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Bowl Prediction Contest Games 13 & 14- The Liberty and Insight Bowls

The Auto Zone Liberty Bowl
(Get in the ZONE!.....The boring ass matchup Zone!)
Memphis, TN- Memorial Stadium

Houston (10-3) v. South Carolina (7-5)

Weather: Mostly Cloudy 64 Degrees, 30% Chance of Rain

Past Results (A ton....Bowl began in 1959):

Last 10.....
Dec. 31, 2005 Tulsa 31, Fresno State 24
Dec. 31, 2004 Louisville 44, Boise State 40
Dec. 31, 2003 Utah 17, Southern Mississippi 0
Dec. 31, 2002 TCU 17, Colorado State 3
Dec. 31, 2001 Louisville 28, BYU 10
Dec. 29, 2000 Colorado State 22, Louisville 17
Dec. 31, 1999 Southern Mississippi 23, Colorado State 17
Dec. 30, 1998 Tulane 41, BYU 27
Dec. 31, 1997 Southern Mississippi 41, Pittsburgh 7
Dec. 27, 1996 Syracuse 30, Houston 17

Player(s) to Watch: Houston's QB #4- Danny Kevin Kolb

One of those "guy's you should have heard of, but probably haven't heard of" guys. Only has 3 picks on the year to 27 TDs.....and is arguably more accurate than Colt Brennan (67.7%).

South Carolina's Sophomore Wide Receiver #4- Sidney Rice

The dude is just a man-child. It seemed too obvious to pick him, but screw it. No one else on SC can hold his jock. If he only had a good QB he'd be tops in the nation.

Deciding Factor(s): The Cocks lost some flexibility when they went back to Blake Mitchell. Houston's defense isn't that bad.......USC's is bad against the run.......Houston runs the ball well......yada yada yada

Spread: South Carolina -5.5, O/U 56

AA's Pick and Analysis: Taking yet another underdog in this one. I can't for the life of me understand why USC is favored in this one. Must be the SEC bias. Houston will run the ball all over a young USC defense, and end this one early.

Prediction Houston 24-14.

The Insight, Insight Bowl

Tempe, AZ- Sun Devil Stadium

Texas Tech (7-5)
v. Minnesota (6-6)

Weather: Mostly Cloudy 52 Degrees, 10% Chance of Rain

Past Results (17):

Dec. 27, 2005 Arizona State 45, Rutgers 40
Dec. 28, 2004 Oregon State 38, Notre Dame 21
Dec. 26, 2003 California 52, Virginia Tech 49
Dec. 26, 2002 Pittsburgh 38, Oregon State 13
Dec. 29, 2001 Syracuse 26, Kansas State 3
Dec. 28, 2000 Iowa State 37, Pittsburgh 29
Dec. 31, 1999 Colorado 62, Boston College 28
Dec. 26, 1998 Missouri 34, West Virginia 31
Dec. 27, 1997 Arizona 20, New Mexico 14
Dec. 27, 1996 Wisconsin 38, Utah 10
Dec. 27, 1995 Texas Tech 55, Air Force 41
Dec. 29, 1994 BYU 31, Oklahoma 6
Dec. 29, 1993 Kansas State 52, Wyoming 17
Dec. 31, 1992 Washington State 31, Utah 28
Dec. 31, 1991 Indiana 24, Baylor 0
Dec. 31, 1990 California 17, Wyoming 15
Dec. 31, 1989 Arizona 17, North Carolina State 10

Player(s) to Watch: Texas Tech's WR #8- Joel Filani

One of the Nation's top receivers that benefits from the Run N' Gun Texas offense. He got held in check his last two games against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Look for him to get hot early.

Minnesota's Sophomore RB #4- Amir Pinnix

Everyone is usually on QB Bryan Cupito's jock, but I personally think he's very overrated. Minnesota is going to have to run the football if they want to keep up.

Deciding Factor(s): Stopping the Red Raiders once they get momentum.

When Texas Tech scores they score in bunches. If Minnesota can weather the storm early they might be able to pull off the victory.

With that's not happening. Red Raiders Roll (alliteration baby!).

Spread: Texas Tech -6, O/U 63

AA's Pick and Analysis: Red Raiders offense will be too much for an up and down Minny team.

Prediction Texas Tech 31-23

Bowl Prediction Contest Games 12 & 13- The Music City and Sun Bowls

Wow.....5 Bowls today. This was the day I dreaded. Let's see what I can put together. We'll go two, two, and one in the previews. The spreads are Clemson -9.5, Oregon St. -3.5, S Carolina -5.5, Texas Tech -6, Purdue -1. Feel free to post your picks in this spread and good luck.

The Gaylord (Focker) Hotels Music City Bowl presented by Bridgestone
(Longest. Bowl Name. Ever)
Nashville, TN- LP Field


Kentucky (7-5) v. Clemson (8-4)

Mostly Cloudy 46 Degrees, 10% chance of Rain

Past Results (8):

Dec. 30, 2005 Virginia 34, Minnesota 31
Dec. 31, 2004 Minnesota 20, Alabama 16
Dec. 31, 2003 Auburn 28, Wisconsin 14
Dec. 30, 2002 Minnesota 29, Arkansas 14
Dec. 28, 2001 Boston College 20, Georgia 16
Dec. 28, 2000 West Virginia 49, Ole Miss 38
Dec. 29, 1999 Syracuse 20, Kentucky 13
Dec. 29, 1998 Virginia Tech 38, Alabama 7

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley and/or Clemson's RB #28- CJ Spiller

While Justin Davis has more carries and total yards....CJ has the averages. He averages 7.4 yards per carry, and is one of the most explosive combo backs in the country.

Kentucky's QB #12- Andre Woodson

Woodson has some great numbers, but the problem with him seems to be the "big game". Against better competition Woodson hasn't necessarily floundered, but he hasn't taken over. Best games of the season.....Central Michigan, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State. He only had one good game against a better opponent, but still lost (Louisville)

Deciding Factor(s): This game is all about Clemson's rushing game. I can't even project how many yards they will pick up, but it's going to be a ton.

Interesting Fact: Previous sponsors of the bowl game have included American General Life & Accident (now a subsidiary of AIG) in the inaugural 1998 game, and the now-defunct "" in the 1999 game. (Wikipedia)

Spread: Clemson -9.5, O/U 58

AA's Pick and Analysis: Clemson's rushing game should prove too much for Kentucky who gave up 40 points to Louisiana Monroe. The O/U on Clemson's rushing yards is 245.5, and I think the will crush this as long as Kentucky keeps it close in the beginning of the game.

With that said....I'm still taking the points. Clemson doesn't ever blow any one out of the water.

Prediction Clemson 28-24

The Brut Sun Bowl

(Worst. Bowl Sponsor. Ever)
El Paso, TX- Sun Bowl Stadium

Oregon State (9-4)
v. Missouri (8-4)

Weather: Partly
Cloudy 30 Degrees, 20% chance of Rain

Past Results (Too many to count....the Bowl started in 1935):

Last 10.....
Dec. 30, 2005 UCLA 50, Northwestern 38
Dec. 31, 2004 Arizona State 27, Purdue 23
Dec. 31, 2003 Minnesota 31, Oregon 30
Dec. 31, 2002 Purdue 34, Washington 24
Dec. 31, 2001 Washington State 33, Purdue 27
Dec. 29, 2000 Wisconsin 21, UCLA 20
Dec. 31, 1999 Oregon 24, Minnesota 20
Dec. 30, 1998 TCU 28, Southern Cal 19
Dec. 31, 1997 Arizona State 17, Iowa 7
Dec. 31, 1996 Stanford 38, Michigan State 0

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley and/or Oregon State's RB #26- Yvenson Bernard

Bernard is the main cog for an Oregon State offense that can't thrive without him. When he gets 2o carries they win (all except one game...Boise State).

Missouri's Entire Team

About 20 players have had the flu over the past week. They'll need their energy to keep up with Oregon State.

Deciding Factor(s): Like I said before.....if Bernard gets 20 carries the Beavers win.

Spread: Oregon State -3.5, O/U 53

AA's Pick and Analysis: I'm all over the Beaves in this one. Missouri will come out slow and I don't think an entire team of sickies can last the full game.

Prediction Oregon State 27-14

Independence, Holiday, and Texas Bowls Open Thread

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Going with only quotes of the announcing throughout the night in this spot. Join me in the comments if you will......

"John Parker Wilson lined up as receiver on the last play. It's almost like an Arkansas offense where the Quarterback gets the direct snap."- Andre Ware

"Usually that's a false start when they blow the whistle before the whistle"- AW

Category on Jeopardy....."Actual MLB Broadcast Quotes"

"Right now the concentration is for them to stop Oklahoma State"- AW, Um yeah Andre....there's 1 minute left in a tie game.

Wow....Sterling Sharpe is a color guy for the Rutgers game....might be a good move.

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Bowl Prediction Contest Games 10&11- The Texas and Holiday Bowls

The Texas Bowl
Houston, TX- Reliant Stadium

Kansas State (7-5)
v. Rutgers (10-2)

Weather: Indoors

Past Results (6):

Dec. 31, 2005 TCU 27, Iowa State 24
Dec. 29, 2004 Colorado 33, UTEP 28
Dec. 30, 2003 Texas Tech 38, Navy 14
Dec. 27, 2002 Oklahoma State 33, Southern Miss 23
Dec. 28, 2001 Texas A&M 28, TCU 9
Dec. 27, 2000 East Carolina 40, Texas Tech 27

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley and/or Rutgers's Junior QB #14- Mike Teel

Everyone in the nation knows Raymell Rice, so that'd be too easy. Ray will get his yards so I think pressure is on Teel to be accurate and not make mistakes. He can't have another game like he did against Cincy (4 Ints).

Kansas State's Freshman QB #1- Josh Freeman

In his past three games (Col, Tex, Kan) Freeman is averaging 254.6 Yards per game. He's gotten better as the season's gone on, but he's still prone to mistakes he has over a 2-1 Int to TD ratio. If he plays like he did against Texas, K-State can hang around.

Deciding Factor(s): The Rutgers D forcing turnovers.

Obviously Freeman is prone to turnovers, but he's been better of late. Rutgers has one of the top D's in the country and will be all over him. Kansas State wants a high-scoring affair like the Texas game and Rutgers wants it low.

Interesting Fact: The Texas Bowl was formerly known as the Furniture Bowl.

Spread: Rutgers -7.5, O/U 44

AA's Pick and Analysis:
I'm turning to this quote by Rutgers Coach Terry Schiavo Greg Schiano (too soon for that joke?)

"Certainly, there's disappointment. We had an opportunity to be in the BCS, and more importantly to be league champions. To come close and not get it hurts."

For some reason I see this as a let down game for Rutgers, and K-State will have their chances to win. Rutgers has already proved enough.

Prediction Kansas State 20-16.

The Desmond Howard Holiday Bowl

San Diego, CA- Qualcomm Stadium

Texas A&M (9-3)
v. CAL (9-3)

Weather: Fair, 60 Degrees

Past Results (28):

Last 10....

Dec. 29, 2005 Oklahoma 17, Oregon 14
Dec. 30, 2004 Texas Tech 45, California 31
Dec. 23, 2003 Washington State 28, Texas 20
Dec. 27, 2002 Kansas State 34, Arizona State 27
Dec. 28, 2001 Texas 47, Washington 43
Dec. 29, 2000 Oregon 35, Texas 30
Dec. 30, 1999 Kansas State 24, Washington 20
Dec. 30, 1998 Arizona 23, Nebraska 20
Dec. 29, 1997 Colorado State 35, Missouri 24
Dec. 30, 1996 Colorado 33, Washington 21

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley and/or Rutgers's Sophomore QB #9- Nate Longshore

Again, everyone in the nation knows RB Marshawn Lynch, so that'd be too easy. Longshore has racked up a ton of yards and 3, 4TD Games. Cal is going to have to throw early and often against Texas Texas A&M.

Texas' Freshman QB #12- Colt McCoy

Colt is the deciding factor in this game, but can he play through his injuries? He only has 7 INTs on the year and.........okay this is getting old......I'm wearing out the joke aren't I?.....moving on......

Texas A&M's Sophomore TE #13- Martellus Bennett

Tellie is tied for the team lead in receptions with 37. He has also put up some good yardage and is a great blocking TE for his team's running offense.

Deciding Factor(s): I have no idea.

Honestly, I don't. These teams seem pretty damn even to me. They are the perfect polar opposites of each other. When that's the case I usually go with the better defense.....and Cal has zippy.

Longshore has been off as of late completing less than 50% of his passes in his last three games. Look for Texas A&M to load up against the run, and dare Longshore to beat them up top.

Interesting Fact:
One of the more popular (yet unusual) events associated with the Holiday Bowl is the Wiener Nationals, the national championships for the U.S. dachshund racing circuit.

The Wiener Nationals are the United States national dachshund racing championships sponsored by Wienerschnitzel. Regional qualifiers are held in the Southwestern United States (California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada), with the final 8 Dachshunds racing for the national title every December in San Diego as part of the Holiday Bowl. (Wikipedia)

Spread: Cal -5, O/U 54

AA's Pick and Analysis:
I'm seeing this one play out as another letdown game. CAL floundered at the end of the season (losing to Arizona is inexcusable) and should have made a better Bowl.

Texas A&M plays great team defense and the option should be good for 300 yards against a suspect CAL Defense.

Prediction A&M 24-21, and I love the under!

Don't Start No S***, There Won't Be No S***

Interesting story coming out of Miami.......

According to the Miami Herald via the The Big Lead

Daunte Culpepper confronted Steve Young after comments Young made during the X-Mas game this past Monday. Culpepper apparently was in a luxury box and heard Young say that "he's been missing meetings". Well Daunte decided to take matters into his own hands....

''I don't miss meetings,'' Culpepper said as he waited to confront Young outside the ESPN broadcast booth. ``That's not who I am. I'm working so hard to get back right now, and I don't need to hear someone who doesn't even know me say I'm missing meetings and I need to work harder.''

Culpepper felt so strongly about the inaccuracy of Young's allegations, he left his suite in search of him, a trek that led him a considerable distance from his box to the press box. Young came out of the broadcast booth nearly five minutes after Culpepper arrived.

The two quarterbacks spoke in a corner for several minutes. At one point, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, a Monday Night Football commentator, also joined the conversation.

Young had this to say....

''I made the mistake of not calling Daunte himself,'' Young said afterward. ``He was doing rehab, he was doing all kinds of other things. He tells me he wasn't [missing meetings]. He looked me straight in the eye. Joe [Theismann] is going to fix it on the air for me.''
Well that's all well and good Young, but there's one thing you're over-looking.....YOU LIED! Why does ESPN allow this to take place? All the time people just say random crap on the air, and when they are called out they back-pedal and it's forgotten.

Yes Daunte hasn't been as vocal a leader as he should, but I really don't think he wanted to interrupt the season. The sad thing is that I was watching when Steve Young said that, and I believed him......straight up. Why wouldn't you believe him? Daunte has been painted as not a hard worker. He's taken a chain back from a paralyzed high school kid. And then there was the Sex Boat thing that got him bumped out of Minnesota. But to spin your lie about someone's character like you have some inside info is just wrong.

Damn, and I liked Steve Young too. Like TheBigLead says.....Peter King now looks good. He does straight up reporting and people respect him for it. Now just stop talking about lattes and I'll read your articles.

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 10- The MainStay PetroSun Independence Bowl

Since this game is starting relatively early I figured I'd post it early. You can put your picks for all three games tonight here. There will also be another post later for the other two games. Got it? Good.

The MainStay PetroSun (was unaware of the new sponsor) Independence Bowl
Shreveport, LA- Independence Stadium

Alabama (6-6)
v. Oklahoma State (6-6)

Weather: Cloudy 55 Degrees, Or as Tony Kornheiser describes it....Indonesia Hot!

Past Results (30):

Last 10.....
Dec. 30, 2005 Missouri 38, South Carolina 31
Dec. 28, 2004 Iowa State 17, Miami (Ohio) 13
Dec. 31, 2003 Arkansas 27, Missouri 14
Dec. 27, 2002 Ole Miss 27, Nebraska 23
Dec. 27, 2001 Alabama 14, Iowa State 13
Dec. 31, 2000 Mississippi State 43, Texas A&M 41 OT
Dec. 31, 1999 Mississippi 27, Oklahoma 25
Dec. 30, 1998 Mississippi 35, Texas Tech 18
Dec. 28, 1997 LSU 27, Notre Dame 9
Dec. 31, 1996 Auburn 32, Army 29

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley and/or Alabama's QB #14- John Parker Wilson

I really only picked him because he's the brother of Ross Wilson from MTV's Two-A-Days. Actually he's a pretty good QB....especially for being as young as he is. He's got 2,539 yards on the season and 16 TDs. Alabama has been passing a lot this year and he's been pretty darn accurate....including an 80% Comp game (3TDs) against Arkansas.

OK State's Junior Wide Receiver #12- Adarius Bowman

Bowman has 57 receptions for 1,131 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had a monster of a game against Kansas where he had 13 catches, 300 yards, and four TDs. Adarius is part of one of the most balanced offenses in the nation which gets about 200 on the ground and 200 through the air per game.

Deciding Factor(s): The Cowboys are going to be fine on offense. Alabama has lost that stellar defense they once had, so look for the 'Boys to put up a ton of points.

The main thing to watch is Alabama's Running Offense vs. OK State's Rush Defense. The Cowboys start two freshman linebackers, so look for Alabama to run with Darby early to open up the game for JPW. If Darby gets some yards this game will turn into a most Cowboys games (pun intended). If will be over early.

Interesting Fact:
The first Independence Bowl was in 1976 and earned its first corporate title sponsor in 1990, when it was the Poulan/Weed Eater Bowl until 1997.

Spread: Oklahoma State -1.5, O/U 48

AA's Pick and Analysis:
I'm all over OK State in this one. Alabama's defense won't be able to keep up with the speed of the Cowboys. This will put Bama's offense will be in a hole early, which will cause them to abandon the run....and the run is the only thing that can beat Oklahoma State.

The fact that Alabama lost their last 3 doesn't bode well for them either.

P.S.- I also hate Alabama, but that has no bearing on the way I pick games.

P.P.S- I like the over....a lot.

Prediction OK State 31-24.

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Dan Fouts Takes Us To Halelujah Land

Last night's broadcast was just awful, but I think ESPN lucked out in the end. They lucked out because the game got so high scoring that there wasn't any time for filler. If there was any extra downtime last night I would have lost my shit. Dan Fouts was just too damn funny. He ran the gamut of Awful Announcing......cut people off, talked about himself, messed up names, called plays wrong, dragged his partner Tim Brant down to his level, and was just downright incomprehensible. To tell you the truth I thought he had retired because I haven't heard him call a game the entire season.

It didn't help that ESPN's production was off as well. In the first quarter everyone went to break except the production truck. The commercials started but immediately cut back to the game in the middle of a play. Neither Daniel nor Timothy said anything for about a minute. (I also knew it was a bad omen when Bobby Bowden introduced the 'Noles and Bill Walton introduced the Bruins.)

But back to Fouts and another thing I was unaware of......he's a PbP guy now? When did this happen??? And if he wasn't the PbP guy.....he was fighting with Brant for airtime. It was just awkward. It seems like Fouts is near the end of his rope. He wasn't THAT bad of a color guy, and I think Dennis Miller ruined him for good.

Fouts calls were such a stretch that one point he compared UCLA QB Pat Cowan to Roger Staubach.....because they were both wearing the #12?!?!

I'm pretty sure that this was the duo's last game of the season....we can only hope so. Actually, for the site's sake I hope not....that way we can get some more quotes like these.....

"This one's starting to have the aroma of a barn burner!"- DF

"As Jack talked about this is a flat field because it's a baseball field"- DF

"Steve Barth our referee from the USA.....Conference."- DF

"Booker looks looked like he was heading to halelujah land"- TB

"And the fair catch is signaled and....IT'S MIFFED!"- DF

......and I'm miffed that I had to listen to those two ass-hats.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention. Dan Fouts' dad was a famous announcer for the 49ers. It looks like the apple fell pretty far from the tree.

Update Numero Dos: Flubby from KSK points me in the right direction. A Hiestand Column from May explains the change.
Says Fouts: "It's been in the back of my mind for years. It's a new challenge."

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Bowl Prediction Contest Game 9- The Emerald Bowl

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Emerald Walnuts Bowl
San Francisco, CA- AT&T Park

Florida State (6-6)
v. UCLA (7-5)

Weather: Fair/Windy 56 Degrees

Past Results (4):

Dec. 29, 2005 Utah 38, Georgia Tech 10
Dec. 30, 2004 Navy 34, New Mexico 19
Dec. 31, 2003 Boston College 35, Colorado State 21
Dec. 31, 2002 Virginia Tech 20, Air Force 13

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State's DT's Broderick Bunkley (I'm an idiot....I meant Buster Davis who isn't even a DT.) and Andre Fluellen

Bank on this......UCLA plans on rushing the ball. The two big guys up front and the rest of the Seminole D are the only reason they even got to .500 on the year. Drew Weatherford (or whoever starts) is going to make mistakes. It's up to the defense to hold UCLA and give Weatherford a shorter field to work with.

UCLA's Junior Runningback #28- Chris Markey

Markey has 963 yards this season on 4.6 a carry. But oddly he only has 2 rushing TDs.....that might explain UCLA's Red Zone TD's being at only 41% (17 of 41). It's a good thing that UCLA is facing an anemic Florida State offense.

Deciding Factor(s): It's going to boil down to Defense and turnovers in this one. You could ultimately say that about any game, but I'm taking it a step further. One of these defenses will score a TD that will decide the game. The question is which one?

It's basically a wash in special teams with FSU having the better return game, and UCLA having the better kicker. Look for your boy FSU's Michael Ray Garvin to bust one tonight against UCLA's inconsistent coverage team.

Interesting Fact:
The UCLA defense has made as big a turnaround as any unit in the country. The Bruins were 116th nationally in rushing defense last season; now they are 11th (89.2 yards per game).

Spread: UCLA -4.5, O/U 38.5

AA's Pick and Analysis:
Good lord this is another tough one to pick. The smart pick is obviously UCLA who is peaking at the right time, but my gut is telling me FSU. I think I'm going to take the points in a close game, and FSU's defense might just pull it out for them.

Prediction UCLA 20-17.

I have no idea why they took the Walnuts part out of the Bowl, but it needs to come back. I should be around later if you'd like to have another pseudo Live-Blog. Good Luck.

So from the comments I can figure out two things.....Dan Fouts is involved.....not good. And I'm an idiot for thinking that Brodrick Bunkley=Buster Davis. Good start AA.....goooooood start.

P.S.- Thanks Anon for not laying into me harder. I'm feeling very emotional right now and that would have hurt my ego. Not really, but thanks.

7-0 Noles

Wait.....make that 7-7 after a 78 yard catch and run by Breazell. So much for low scoring. Let's make this exciting.

8:41- The Bruins look like they can pass all over State. FSU really needs to blitz every down if they want to keep up.

"Pressure from Geno Davis on the blitz (player gets up and his jersey says Hayes) make that Geno Hayes"- Dan Fouts, not that I'm one for making fun of people who mess names up.

Danny Boy freaks out as Medlock hits a FG...

10-7 UCLA.

8:48-"As Jack talked about this is a flat field because it's a baseball field"- DF, So most football games are played on a hill Dan?

"Steve Barth our referee from the USA.....Conference."- DF, that's Conference USA to those of us who watch football.

I love how Dan Fouts basically turns himself into the main announcer for games.....I thought he was an analyst?

If anyone remembers the quarterback from Not Another Teen Movie who runs on the balls of his feet, and prances around..........that's Cowan. He just looks awkward.

9:13- So awkward that he throws a money pass to Junior Taylor for the score 17-10 UCLA.

"Booker looks looked like he was heading to halelujah land"

20-13 Half. I think Dan Fouts has to be the worst announcer ever.

C- AA, Cowan isn't quite Not Another Teen Movie Quarterback to me -- he's totally the dude from American Pie.

Touche' C.....touche'.

Florida State blocks a punt and runs it in for the 23-20 lead. So much for that over/'s been destroyed.

On a short kickoff....."And the fair catch is signaled and....IT'S MIFFED!"

Bowl Predictions- Contest Standings After 8 Games

Made another executive order in the contest. Most of my "friends" are out of the thing. I thought they would keep up with the contest, but in the end they have failed me. And besides, we're playing for a Free Harold! T-Shirt here....don't you think if they WERE my friends they would have already bought one???? That's what I thought. A few remain, but they are the dedicated Brenden G.

I have decided to do this Mahoney style. Give me all the teams that the spread says will lose.
This is a slacker approach, but a noble experiment, so I'll allow it. Anywho, here are the standings....if you didn't get me a pick I just labeled it as a loss. If you think there's an error just forward me your previous email/comment.....Again we are playing for a t-shirt so I'm not being too picky here. The Standings are brought to you by the movie Rounders:

"In My Club I Will Splash the Pot Whenever the Fuck I Please"

Awful Announcing, 7-1
Mini-Me from WBRS Sports Blog, 7-1
The DC Sports Chick, 7-1
Greg from Sports Betting Blog, 7-1

"He Keeps Hanging Around and Hang
ing Around"

Craig W., 5-3
Commenter Sam T, 5-3
Bosox Siobhan from Opposum-Palooza, 4-4

"You Can't Lose What You Don't Put in the Middle. But You Can't Win Either."

Jake from Thunder Matts Saloon, 3-5
Signal to Noise, 3-5
Wasting Co. Time, 3-5
Jakob from The Fan's Attic, 3-5
Brenden G., 3-5
The Awful Girlfriend, 3-5

"Nyet! Nyet! No More! No! Not tonight! This son of bitch, all night he, "Check. Check. Check." He trap me!"

Off The Baggie, 1-7

New to the Game from the last standings update:

Marco from Just Call Me Juice, 6-2
Twins15 from Complete Sports, 1-7

Game tonight is the Emerald Walnuts Bowl....FSU v. UCLA. We're getting into the big ones folks....the game could turn at any minute.

UCLA -4.5

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Umm....Merrill......Seriously, Give it up already.

This Merrill Hoge thing had me chuckling at first. It was the beginning of the season and Vince Young hadn't done anything yet. It was the perfect time to be a skeptic about Young and pile on. But now? Now you're just sounding like a stubborn ass.

Sure the Titans run the ball. Travis Henry gets 70-90 yards in the first half....1 TD, and they're still down 10 points. They head into the second half and they get down 13. Head into the 4th and the lead is back down to 10......all of a sudden Vince is playing like a madman. The lead is three.....but crap there's only 3 minutes left. The defense finally wakes up and gets a stop. 2 minute drill time.....the Titans are trying for the tie. Umm, no they're not....Vince drives them down the field with a combo of runs and passes. Titans win.

Just think for a second if Fisher hadn't started the season with drunk-ass Kerry Collins under center. The Titans could be the fourth seed in the playoffs. Vince reminds me of two players actually.....the first is obvious.....John Elway. The second is a crossover of sports. Up until now there was one player that teams were terrified to face at the end of games. He is so clutch that people have solely kept track of his stats and late inning heroics. Well that one player is David Ortiz.

If I'm a defensive coordinator I do NOT want to face Vince during a two-minute drill. Your defense is tired, they are playing a pseudo prevent defense, and you're scared. You're scared to death. Hell, just ask the Texans' Richard Smith, the Giants' Tim Lewis, the Jags' Mike Smith, the Bills' Perry Fewell, the Colts' Ron Meeks, the Skins' Gregg Williams, and the Eagles' Jim Johnson.

Forget the mechanics, forget the players on the team, and forget the coaches....Vince Young does it on his own. He wills one of the crappiest teams to win. He doesn't have the defense that Elway had and he doesn't have the protection in the lineup that Ortiz has.

Look....Merrill....Buddy. I understand you want to "stick to your guns". But occasionally you're just wrong (see AA- Jemele Hill. I wouldn't say I like her, but she's not as bad is I originally pegged). While I may be wrong occasionally (rarely)......if I'm ever THAT wrong, I will admit it. But no one is ever this blatantly wrong. It's one thing to peg a rookie as a flash in the pan, but after he's proven you wrong over, and over, and over, and over again.....just give it up. Every other ESPN talking head does so and no one remembers (I wish this wasn't the case).

I think One More Dying Quail sums it up best by saying this.

"Whoever ultimately wins, one thing should certainly happen at ESPN: someone should take Merrill Hoge aside, tell him to stop letting whatever personal issues he has with Vince Young cloud his judgment, then teach him how to construct a reasonable argument."
I agree, either admit you are wrong, or just move the hell on Merrill. Check out the video collection below.