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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Interesting story coming out of Miami.......

According to the Miami Herald via the The Big Lead

Daunte Culpepper confronted Steve Young after comments Young made during the X-Mas game this past Monday. Culpepper apparently was in a luxury box and heard Young say that "he's been missing meetings". Well Daunte decided to take matters into his own hands....

''I don't miss meetings,'' Culpepper said as he waited to confront Young outside the ESPN broadcast booth. ``That's not who I am. I'm working so hard to get back right now, and I don't need to hear someone who doesn't even know me say I'm missing meetings and I need to work harder.''

Culpepper felt so strongly about the inaccuracy of Young's allegations, he left his suite in search of him, a trek that led him a considerable distance from his box to the press box. Young came out of the broadcast booth nearly five minutes after Culpepper arrived.

The two quarterbacks spoke in a corner for several minutes. At one point, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, a Monday Night Football commentator, also joined the conversation.

Young had this to say....

''I made the mistake of not calling Daunte himself,'' Young said afterward. ``He was doing rehab, he was doing all kinds of other things. He tells me he wasn't [missing meetings]. He looked me straight in the eye. Joe [Theismann] is going to fix it on the air for me.''
Well that's all well and good Young, but there's one thing you're over-looking.....YOU LIED! Why does ESPN allow this to take place? All the time people just say random crap on the air, and when they are called out they back-pedal and it's forgotten.

Yes Daunte hasn't been as vocal a leader as he should, but I really don't think he wanted to interrupt the season. The sad thing is that I was watching when Steve Young said that, and I believed him......straight up. Why wouldn't you believe him? Daunte has been painted as not a hard worker. He's taken a chain back from a paralyzed high school kid. And then there was the Sex Boat thing that got him bumped out of Minnesota. But to spin your lie about someone's character like you have some inside info is just wrong.

Damn, and I liked Steve Young too. Like TheBigLead says.....Peter King now looks good. He does straight up reporting and people respect him for it. Now just stop talking about lattes and I'll read your articles.


"Joe (Theismann) is going to fix it on the air for me."

Isn't Monday Night Football done? When will this "fix" happen? How is Joe gonna do it? Wouldn't Tirico have been a better choice? Or couldn't Young have just gone on television and apologized himself?


Dec 28, 2006, 4:07:00 PM  

Oh...Theismann already "fixed" it.

That's a let-down if there ever was one.

Dec 28, 2006, 4:13:00 PM  

ESPN is like tabliod TV. They always talk big about how journalism comes first, but they are turning their network over to people who ARE NOT journalists.

People like Steve Young and Michael Irvin are interviewing people and are "reporting" on issues as if they are some kind of autority and have some journalistic standards. Actually they're just a bunch of gossip colunmists and they are obviously being encourages to focus on conflict and sensationalize stuff.

But, like I said. They're hiding behind non-journalists so they don't have to admit that their journalistic integrity has gone down the crapper.

Jay said...
Dec 28, 2006, 5:29:00 PM  

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