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Friday, December 15, 2006

If you've been frequenting this site for awhile now you most undoubtedly know the site's obsession with Matthew McConaughey. He's the F'ing man, and with Blogger down yesterday I took the day off search through YouTube aimlessly typing in phrases like "Announcer Screw Up", "Announcer Goof", "Sports Announcer dumb", and "Bill Walton".

(And you thought I watched every game. You probably think Santa Claus is real too.)

While I found gold in the Bill Walton Video I also found gold in a non-sports related video. It's Matt Damon doing an impression of Matty Boy.

Not bad Matthew....not bad. What does Matty have to say about it? (You can fast forward to 4 minutes if you don't want to hear a We are Marshall synopsis for the 135th time. Seriously who doesn't know by now that there was a plane crash?)

My favorite part is the very end when Matt says he's going to have X-mas in Australia with the family he was an exchange student with. When he left there were 5 daughters and 1 grand child....now the guy has 5 daughters and 12 grandchildren. How much you wanna bet that Matt was responsible for at least 6 of them? How much???

Matt can impregnate women with quintuplets just by looking at them. I'd feel sorry for them if he actually had intercourse with them because there would be the first lady with Octotenuplets. What's octotenuplets? 80 babies of course.

(P.S.- I made that up.)



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