Kobayashi Is Going To Eat??? KOBAYASHI IS GOING TO EAT!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Man I love competitive eating (you would think some of the nation's finest sports writers would embrace the sport right?). It has heros and villians...it has good and evil....and it has Chestnut v. Kobayashi!

According to an email forwarded from Major League Eating's George and Rich Shea to Sports Biz.....the colassal matchup of American v. Japan will go down July 4th....




Translated it says: "I look forward to competing at Nathan's on July 4 in Coney Island, battling against the best eaters from around the world and I promise that this is an event you don't want to miss."
Uh oh! He sounds serious. And he'll have to be since Chestnut recently set the World Record at 59.5 dogs the beginning of this month.

Game on! Who's got 60 in em'???

Kobayashi To Attend Nathan's Hot Dog Contest!">CNBC: Sports Biz

(P.S.- Be sure to check out DR's take on the event, and watch his YouTube clip of Kobayashi competing against a bear. Announcer on the bear, "He doesn't even know it's a competition!"....He's an f'ing Bear!!!!

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haha, I wonder if 60 hot dogs is the new 74 HRs?

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