Bruce Bochy Needs Help With His Anger (Or Lack Thereof)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Bruce Bochy was just ejected from the Giants-Yankees game for arguing a very close call at first base (replays were unclear as to whether Ray Durham was safe or not - it could've gone either way - although the uncertainty didn't stop FOX from showing the play 37,214 times, each time in slower motion). It was the second time he has been thrown out of a game this season.

Though I had high hopes when Bochy came out of the dugout to discuss the situation with umpire Phil Cuzzi, my dreams for a high quality nutty went unrealized when Bochy decided that a simple exasperated hat toss was sufficient for his current level of angry. His lukewarm performance (come on, Bruce - your team has lost eight in a row! Go NUTS!) earns him a mediocre 3.2 on the Mikulik-Wellman Scale.

Actually, upon further review, I'm gonna upgrade that to a 3.6 after reconsidering the humor aspect of the situation. At one point, they showed Bochy arguing with the umpire (not sure if it was Cuzzi or one of the others on the crew), and the way he towered over him was unbelievably comical. Apparently, Bochy is a big dude (6'4") and the umpire is a Lilliputian.

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Maybe the little umpire was frightened by Bochy's gigantic head. Size 8 if I'm not mistaken.

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