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A Real Life Hawk Interrupts The Hawks Game, Entertains Dick Stockton

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've seen some crazy things interrupt sporting events before, but this one might take the cake. During the first quarter of last night's Miami-Atlanta game, an actual hawk tried to get into the action, by perching on top of the basket....

I actually have to take back what I said above. Hugo the Hornet setting the court on fire during last year's Playoffs actually takes the cake, but this is a close second.

An Actual Hawk Interrupts Atlanta's Game (Fanhouse)

Tony Hams It Up With Matt Lauer On The Today Show

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I mentioned late yesterday that Tony Kornheiser would be on the Today Show this morning, after he and Wilbon called out Matt Lauer, and here is your video. Not only does Tony don fake antlers but he even questions the fact that there are actual deer in the Hamptons. Enjoy!

That was actually pretty darn funny, and I'm with Kornheiser on this one. I would never call "one of the most trusted man on television" a liar, but I've been to the Hamptons before. There ain't no deer around dem parts!

Heidi Watney Has A Problem, And No It's More Than Just A Gator One

Friday, February 27, 2009

NESN's Heidi Watney has taken the Internet by storm, so much so that a video of her chronicling her gator problem at her home in Ft. Myers, Florida, has been making the rounds as of late. Here is said clip....

Obviously, it's an entertaining yet somewhat ominous clip, but there's a bigger problem that Watney has overlooked. While that gator is certainly not something to be ignored, she might not want to be telling message boarders, internet surfers, and men in general, where she lives.

Heidi Watney Has Gator Troubles (With Dramatic Video) (Deadspin)

Clyde Drexler Can Expect A Call From PETA, Any Day Now

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One of my favorite things to witness/hear, is when an announcer starts heading down a path that he shouldn't, and just plows ahead anyway. It's usually a classic case of "foot in mouth disease", but occasionally it can be much much more. Like take for example Houston analyst, Clyde Drexler. The "Glyde" was trying to explain how much of a mismatch Rockets' big man Yao Ming had over a defending Andres Nocioni, but went with just about the worst analogy you could think of. What is it you ask?

Clubbing baby seals. Via Clutch Fans....

"And Yao takes it to the middle, and hooks it up and in. Boy just keep going to that."- Bill Worrell
"That's like clubbing baby seals. There's nothing Nocioni can do."- Clyde Drexler
"Oh wow. Give me a better picture than that."- Bill Worrell
"Well he's helpless basically."- Clyde Drexler

Yeah Clyde....we get it. Good lord that was a bad choice of words.

Drexler: "Like clubbing baby seals" (Clutch Fans)

(Thanks to DP for the clip)

The Coolest Squirrel Ever, Wreaks Havoc On An Entire Inning Of Baseball

Friday, September 05, 2008

This video via Franky at Denseland just had me rolling this morning. A squirrel got loose on the field during the ninth inning of the White Sox- Indians game yesterday and proceeded to amaze and entertain for most of the frame....

That little guy had to be on acid or something, but I really want him as a pet. Hell, the Indians should turn him into a version of the Rally Monkey and start selling little plush versions of him at the ballpark. Oh and the announcer's comment about him playing third in the shift was hilarious. Good times.

Rob Stone Has Some Fun In Toronto

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We all know that Rob Stone is a little nuts after his antics last year, but he might be a little more off his kilter than we realize. There's nothing he won't do for a spot and that includes holding a hawk that kills pigeons and getting into a streamer fight with fans. Oh and the hawk's name is "Bitchy"....Bitchy the Hawk....

These don't beat the pimp action from last year, or the hot pepper, but using the name "Bitchy" repeatedly is a winner in my book. I think the name "Stoner" fits him in Toronto. Bravo my friend. Also, if the MLS did stuff like this more often, I might actually watch. Maybe they should just make the entire league, one Premiership team.

Update: I totally missed the corn part. Here it is and thanks to those who mentioned it in the comments. That hamburger looks damn good too....

Meet Bitchie the Hawk (Meet Bitchie The Hawk)

Keith Hernandez Likes Him Some Kitty Cats

This was from Tuesday night, and I'm sorry for not posting on it yesterday, but it's worth a look see. During the sixth inning of the Mets-Phils game a cat decided to run onto the field. Listen as Keith Hernandez goes nuts over the pretty kitty. From TSB via The Fightins....

"OMG!!!!1! Did YOU SEE those white pawz?!!1? Sooooooo cute!" White Mittens Keith? Seriously???

Mets Broadcasters Are Masculine (The Sporting Blog)
Shea Stadium = New York’s Litterbox (The Fightins)

ESPN HQ Turning Into A Scene From The Birds

Friday, April 04, 2008

So ESPN HQ apparently has a really really bad geese problem. The solution? Fake coyotes and strobe lights.....seriously. Via TBL....

In our ongoing effort to discourage geese from nesting on campus three decoy coyotes will be placed in areas near the ponds by the Ronzo Road Main Gate and at the Pavilion. For maximum effectiveness we will move the decoys to different locations from time to time. Please be aware that they will be visible from sidewalks and are quite life-like. This effort, along with the use of low fencing and strobe lights will continue as we attempt to move the geese to a safer environment.
Hahahaha. How f'ing scary would it be if you were coming into work tired as hell at 8am and you saw a coyote up on a hill just staring at you? You might want to keep a couple of paddles on hand for the impending heart attacks, ESPN.

ESPN Solves It’s Geese Problem: Decoy Coyotes (The Big Lead)