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(Not So) Breaking News: Stephon Marbury Has A Blog....And It's Awesome!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Every time I see a new athlete get a blog I think back to a "The Big Lead" post in which they basically predicted this trend. Well it's time to add another athlete to the ever evolving blogosphere....Starbury.

Stephon is doing his over at the NY Post and it's already full of Starbury craziness goodness!

To the people who are still confused and saying this is edited by Berman, you know who you are. He wishes he could write this good (LOL). This is all the kid Stephon Marbury. Coney Island’s finest.

I already told you where my voice comes from. That’s the man upstairs. I appreciate the love. I appreciate the hate. If there was no hate, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate love. Hold that one.
Oh I'll hold it Steph....and I'll embrace it! Any other life lessons???
I drink life’s happy water which is bottled at the divine source.
It goes down much smoother than "haterade.''. How does "haterade'' really taste?

I guess we could ask people like Tony who called me a lowlife…and
"islesfan'' who said I was drugged up.

Let me ask YOU dudes a question. How would your mother feel if someone put you on blast in all the media and said you were on drugs in front of all your co-workers, your friends and family?
Man....Life's Happy Water be flowin'! Thanks Starbury....I actually feel a little uplifted today.

The STARBURY BLOGS: The Finale (NY Post)

P.S.- This was apparently the last entry of four and I'm upset I didn't come across this sooner.

Sugar Bowl Live Blog: First Quarter

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

LSU wins the coss and defers, Notre Dame to receive the kickoff. Touchback. Your officials are from the Big Twelve, if you care about that sort of thing.

Notre Dame is moving the ball through the air, and Jeff Samardzija gets an incredibly stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He makes lemonade out of lemons on the next play, however, as he shakes a number of LSU defenders for a five yard gain on an otherwise snuffed out end-around.

I was just about to type the words, "if you're a Notre Dame fan, you have to be slightly encouraged," because even though the Irish were about to punt, they had discovered a few holes in the LSU defense. Then Charlie Weis called for a fake punt which was eaten alive by the LSU special teams on the Irish 30 yard line. While Albert and Long fawn over the guts of Charlie Weis, Terry Bradshaw, ever the voice of reason, says he wouldn't have tried that from his own 30 yard line. JaMarcus Russell leads the offense onto the field, deep pass to the 3, handoff, touchdown LSU.

Notre Dame's still going nowhere. Brady Quinn looks decidedly off so far. LSU is all over everything, and takes over at their 20 following an Irish punt. The Tigers are already out to midfield, and their band is playing "Eye Of The Tiger". You know how I love the sweet sounds of Survivor. Terry Bradshaw is again talking about JaMarcus Russell's height and weight. I want a cardboard cutout measuring chart of Russell, just to be sure.

A funny moment quickly follows as the announcers try to compare Russell to a pro quarterback. Terry jokingly compares himself to Joe Namath, Howie compares himself to Mean Joe Greene, and Terry asks Kenny Albert who he'd compare his work to, and without missing a beat, Kenny says "Randall Cunningham!"

Oh yeah, touchdown LSU. Russell fired a laser over a Notre Dame linebacker and in front of a defensive back to Dwayne Bowe, who was on a post pattern. After the kickoff, Quinn is sacked for a ten yard loss as LSU sniffs out another screen. That doesn't stop the Irish, however, as they're now approaching the LSU 35. I'm getting really creeped out by Howie's and Terry's discussions of length.

Notre Dame calls a sweet 3rd-and-short quick running play, and before you know it, Brady Quinn is lofting a nice pass to David Grimes for a touchdown. 14-7, LSU.

Someone's band is playing "We Want The Funk", and it makes me very happy. Early Doucet is injured on the ensuing kickoff, and JaMarcus Russell fumbles on LSU's second play of the drive. Notre Dame falls on the ball at the LSU 21 yard line, and Howie immediately brings up Russell's size, this time as a liability. Okay. Not creepy at all, Howie.

Anyway, it's Officially A Ball Game as time runs out on the first quarter.

MNF Redux- Keep Livin' Edition

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Or the Chad Johnson Shoes Edition. I usually post at around eleven. But I've been scouring the internet for pics of the orange shoes that Merton Hanks made Chad Johnson remove before last night's game. And I found some small ones that don't nearly capture their greatness. But here you go.

You can't see the entire right side, which had a photo collection of Chad's touchdowns. But Merton had to ruin it for everyone.....yes the same Merton "Chicken Neck" Hanks from the 9ers.

Also.....I'm very disappointed in our friend Matt. Very boring in the booth. But he did give us the wonderful quote, ""I've always loved the psychology of sport. Football is the ultimate team sport. If one out of eleven is know where the leak in the bucket is"- MMc

Onto the Comment Highlights. As always please check out the sites of everyone involved. They are entirely more funny than myself and keep me entertained for 4 hours on Mondays.

Brian said...Well, now we know what sucks worse than anything else in football: Waiting an hour for a game to start, then having to wait out an official review within the first three minutes.

Amen. The start of that game was hell, and when the shootout never took place, it dragged on forever.

Jay said...""if he held him any longer he would be married in some culture" and what culture would that be??"......Canada.

It's so true Jay. So true.

Lord Nero said...Lotta leg slappin in the booth.

Yeah it got extremely odd in there when Matt entered the fray. But that just goes to show you that Matt can woo anyone.....male or female.

BJ said...If they played the Heizman on dat Ho I would paypal you and ESPN $100; after I did the Heizman on dat Ho of course.

Do the Heizman On Dat Ho....Do the Heizman on Dat....okay, it's permanently stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Joshua said...I think we should replace TK with McConaughey. I know TK is trying to be witty and amusing all the time, but I think as viewers, we would benefit much more from deep philosophical insights such as "keep livin'" all while trying to avoid being the "leak in the bucket" of life.

That made me do a spittake last night and this morning. Too funny.

Joshua said...TK, I underestimate your power of reasoning and logical deduction. I knew the Colts were scoring touchdowns, but I had no idea that "Cincinnati is going to have to score more than field goals to catch up." You my friend, are the epitome of everything a color commentator should be. I retract my request to replace you with Mr. McConaughey, because while his looks may be sexy, your commentary is far sexier.

Josh again. Good stuff, and I whole-heartedly agree.

Joshua said... Right now, Matthew McConaughey is...

A) Admiring himself in a mirror a'la Uncle Jesse
B) Reading the works of Plato
C) Banging a hot chick
D) Drooling over his newly acquired Theismann autographed 8X10

You decide.

I went with a combination of A, C, and D. But if you can come up with something better let me know.

Thanks for all the 'ments (yep I just created that cheesy contraction) and hopefully next week's double header doesn't kill me.