(Not So) Breaking News: Stephon Marbury Has A Blog....And It's Awesome!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Every time I see a new athlete get a blog I think back to a "The Big Lead" post in which they basically predicted this trend. Well it's time to add another athlete to the ever evolving blogosphere....Starbury.

Stephon is doing his over at the NY Post and it's already full of Starbury craziness goodness!

To the people who are still confused and saying this is edited by Berman, you know who you are. He wishes he could write this good (LOL). This is all the kid Stephon Marbury. Coney Island’s finest.

I already told you where my voice comes from. That’s the man upstairs. I appreciate the love. I appreciate the hate. If there was no hate, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate love. Hold that one.
Oh I'll hold it Steph....and I'll embrace it! Any other life lessons???
I drink life’s happy water which is bottled at the divine source.
It goes down much smoother than "haterade.''. How does "haterade'' really taste?

I guess we could ask people like Tony who called me a lowlife…and
"islesfan'' who said I was drugged up.

Let me ask YOU dudes a question. How would your mother feel if someone put you on blast in all the media and said you were on drugs in front of all your co-workers, your friends and family?
Man....Life's Happy Water be flowin'! Thanks Starbury....I actually feel a little uplifted today.

The STARBURY BLOGS: The Finale (NY Post)

P.S.- This was apparently the last entry of four and I'm upset I didn't come across this sooner.


I just bought a case of Happy Water.

GMoney said...
Jul 23, 2007, 3:43:00 PM  

I was going to post on the topics "Starbury" brought up...but man, I have to admit I can't get away from his attrocious use of the english language. And that would be way too long of a post. Just an opinion from a gringo estupido, pero me agrees with Jason Whitlock when he says that the 'hip-hop' culture is degrading the education of disadvantaged youth.

I have two teacher friends that constantly complain that the kids they teach (all 4th grade and under) spell "'cause" "cuz" and other words totally incorrect because they read the lyrics of the hip hop music they are listening too.

I applaud Starbury for wanting to sell sneakers for cheap, but man, speak english correctly, dude.

Dummy said...
Jul 23, 2007, 10:10:00 PM  

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