Dan Patrick To Be Brought To You Any And Every Way You Can Think Of

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The company that paid for Dan Patrick's services recently (Content Factory) is going through all the stops to make sure you can get your DP fix.

His (Jimmy deCastro) new company, Content Factory, plans to distribute Patrick across nine platforms: AM/FM radio, satellite and HD radio, online, television, mobile, publishing, out-of-home video (i.e. screens at gas station pumps), retail and event marketing.

"It has 12 logos on it," de Castro said. "We told Dan: 'That's what ESPN is to you. You don't want to wear 12 logos. You want to wear Dan Patrick, and when we sell Budweiser here, you own it.'"

"He had been a paid employee," de Castro said. "Now he owns a percentage of the radio show."
Buuuuurn! Dan's new platforms are set to kick off September 9th, so keep all your orifices peeled.

Patrick buys into a vision (Chicago Tribune)

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Seems to me that this timetable is not the best as the political season is getting more and more into the climate of the ploitical talk radio media.

Good luck to Danny-boyt though. He was always my fav.

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