Now This Is ESPN Synergy!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

When you're a new analyst ESPN has to trot you out on as many programs as possible. Like for example, Sean Salisbury. How many different ESPN shows have you seen him on since he joined the network...15 or so? Well the Leader is now taking it to an even bigger level.

They're asking their analysts to cover different sports. First up in the queue....Mr. William Parcells.

Bill Parcells will be ringside for ESPN's Friday Night Fights broadcast with host Joe Tessitore and analyst Teddy Atlas. The release states that Parcells plans to discuss his three passions in life Boxing (that's good because it's a boxing telecast), Football (understandable), and Horse Racing (Huh?).

So if you want to hear about Football and Horse Racing during a fight....tune in this Friday!

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doesn't Parcells own race horses? I think he might even co-own one with Francesa.

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