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Brewers Fan Saves Attractive Girl From Certain Doom

Thursday, April 02, 2009

There's something awesome about fan catches that go beyond the normal realm of duty. The most famous one, I can remember, is the Bears fan who jumped down the tunnel to catch a random field goal. While that was certainly impressive, nothing can beat coming to the aid of a female in distress.

During a Spring Training game between the D-Backs and Brewers, Corey Hart smacked a ball deep into the "stands", but unfortunately it was right at an unsuspecting girl sunbathing the hill in centerfield. Lucky for her though, a very athletic Brewers fan was there to rescue her from a ball to the dome. The choppy video comes via Fan IQ....

I love how he shows the ball after the catch. Someone played High School Baseball! He better have at least got a number out of that, but of course he probably didn't. Who ever said chivalry was dead?!?!

Brewers Fan Saves Hot Girl From Certain Death (Fan IQ)

Griffey Throws A Throat Slash Gesture At Reds' Announcer Jeff Brantley

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jeff Brantley hasn't been making many friends in the Reds clubhouse this year and it appears that players are fed up with him. So much so that the level headed Ken Griffey Jr gestured to him with a throat slash following a homerun on Saturday night. Here's the background and the video (:30 mark as he enters the dugout)....

CINCINNATI — For those who read Ken Griffey Jr.'s lips after his home run Saturday night and saw him make the throat-cutting gesture at home plate, the antics were aimed at broadcaster Jeff Brantley.

Griffey is angry over different comments Brantley made and said one of them was, "He said I'm pouting because the Reds haven't picked up my option ($16 million) for next year. If I was that concerned about money I wouldn't have come here in the first place."

Brantley isn't known for shying away from talking about his hometown Reds, but most fans think his bashing has gone over-the-top as of late. He bashed Edwin Encarnacion for not being clutch (Edwin promptly hit a homer), he talks trash about Adam Dunn regularly, he said David Weathers didn't care whether he won or lost and now this. Between him and Marty Brennaman, they've got the announcer controversy on lockdown for this year.

Griffey bristles at broadcaster's comments (Springfield News-Sun)
Ken Griffey throws a throat slash toward Jeff Brantley's booth (Big League Stew)

2008 Home Run Contest Is The Most Watched Derby Ever

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Josh Hamilton's barrage of dingers the other night was so exciting that more people watched his show than the Democratic Debates. The total number of viewers actually turned out to be ESPN's most viewed non-NFL program of the year so far.

Last night’s ESPN telecast of the 2008 State Farm Home Run Derby – held at Yankee Stadium in its final season – averaged a 6.4 rating and 6,184,000 household impressions to become the most-viewed Home Run Derby ever among households (5,718,000 households in 1999 was the previous record). The Derby led ESPN to win the night – cable and broadcast – among viewers, Men 18-34, Men 18-49, Men 25-54, Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54.

Additionally, the Derby is the highest-rated and most-viewed ad-supported cable program in 2008 to date. This year’s Home Run Derby is up 35 percent over last year in viewers (6,778,000), 29 percent in households (4,778,000 in 2007), and 25 percent in rating (5.1 last year).
Almost 7 million people seems like a heck of a lot of people to me and I didn't know that many people were interested in the contest. No wonder ESPN decides to send 20 people to the event ever year. Wait, that still doesn't make sense.


Chase Utley Does Not Appreciate Your Boos

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I guess we're in emptying the video box mode, but this one is still worth a spot this morning. Here's Chase Utley being introduced by Chris Berman to a chorus of boos. Watch the reaction....

There must have been a lot of Mets fans on hand last night. The even funnier thing is that ESPN bleeped curses out the whole rest of the night when batters miss hit balls. I guess the first one always gets by.

Chase Utley Doesn't Appreciate Being Booed (The 700 Level)

The Josh Hamilton Show

I pulled this for Deadspin this morning, but wanted to post it here as well. Here's Josh Hamilton's amazing run last night in the first round. There's some added Berman and Morgan as well for your entertainment....

I think after that we can officially say that his story has reached Favre-like proportions. Last night was awesome, but I think it's time to talk about something else when it comes to this kid. But that's just me.

The All Josh Hamilton Edition (Deadspin)

Rick Reilly Questions The Ethnic Makeup Of The Home Run Derby

I didn't think it was possible for someone not named Chris Berman to annoy when watching the Home Run Derby but he's been officially replaced. Rick Reilly on-air is about the worst thing you can add to a broadcast, and it's not even close. Here he is waxing exstatic about how there are too many "white" competitors in the Derby....

Let's forget for a second that all defending champions denied a chance to defend, and I'll even look past the fact that he didn't know that non-All Star Game participants aren't invited. He seriously decided to drop nonsense like this throughout the broadcast. I don't know how many times he said the word heroin in regards to Josh Hamilton, and while it's the truth, it just begs of a desperate man searching for an angle on-air. Just a bad decision to have him on the broadcast....send him to England for the British Open now please.

Also, the Karl Ravech "Interesting Concept" line is just about the funniest thing I've heard in awhile.

The Homerun Derby Is Back, Back, Back!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I really have no idea why I watch the nonsense that is the Homerun Derby every single year, but it's almost become a rite of passage for me. Every year Chris Berman gets more and more ridiculous and the recent of Joe Morgan has made the broadcast borderline unbearable, but for some reason I watch every minute.

Well there's good news for those of you who like train wrecks! The duo of Berman and Morgan are back, but they've brought along a few friends. Everyone welcome to the broadcast, Steve Phillips and Rick Reilly!!!

Chris Berman will host the Derby (also available in high definition on ESPN HD), joined on the field by Hall of Famer Joe Morgan and analyst Steve Phillips. Baseball Tonight host Karl Ravech will also provide commentary with analysts Peter Gammons and John Kruk and ESPN The Magazine’s Rick Reilly. Erin Andrews will report and provide interviews on the field. ESPN will utilize 20 cameras to capture the excitement of the Derby, including the use of “Ultra Mo,” a replay device recapping action at 1,000 frames per second.
Hopefully they can keep the broadcast under 8 hours this year and just for the fun of it let's relive some of the Best of the 2007 Derby....

“It could be a national “Holiday” by the time we’re done here”- Chris Berman on Matt Holliday

“I walked up to him in the batting cage today and I was speaking to most of the players and I said….Who is that?”- Joe Morgan on Alex Rios

“Albert Winnie the Pujols”- Chris Berman

“We have many dollars invested in this project….I just hope someone hits one over the wall”- Kenny Mayne on his kayak project (no balls were hit in the Cove)

“I think that one landed on Treasure Island”- Chris Berman

“I saw you jamming out there with the Crows”- Dusty Baker
“It was the Counting Crows!”- Chris Berman
“You were counting em’ too!”- Dusty Baker

“It’s off the platform in right centerfield….how interesting is that”- Chris Berman
“There’s a rainbow!”- Dusty Baker

Ken Griffey Jr. Hits #600

Monday, June 09, 2008

I, like many others, have a man crush on Ken Griffey Jr. There's a lot of things that go into this crush, but the two main ones are that I'm left-handed (and still try to emulate his swing in Softball) and he presumably never cheated.

Griffey nailed a 3-1 Mark Hendrickson pitch tonight for his 600th, and just like his swing, the celebration was cool, calm and just right. Here's the video if you missed it....

It's a shame he did it in front of so little people, but a classy move by Marlins fans to cheer for a curtain call. We'll probably never know who did what in the Steroid Era of Baseball but I think we can safely say that Ken Griffy Jr. did it the right way.

Congrats Griffey. No asterisk needed here. 600.