Ron Darling Owes The IRS Quite A Bit Of Money

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In these times it would be understandable if the average American got behind with the tax money they owed to the IRS, but for someone who pitched 13 years in the majors and is a full-time analyst to owe over $500K is a different story. According to the Detroit News, Ron Darling owes the IRS approximately $544,197 in state and federal taxes....

Tax agencies in two states and the IRS have former New York Mets pitcher and TBS analyst Ron Darling caught in a squeeze play. Darling, who helped call the Yankees-Twins game Sunday, owes $544,197 in state and federal taxes, records show.

The 49-year-old Hawaii native earned $17.9 million during a 13-season career, according to He won a World Series ring with the Mets in 1986.

What's owed:

* The IRS filed a $71,076 lien against Darling on July 29 in the New York City Register's office.
* The state of New York filed a $12,664 tax warrant against Darling on May 23 in the New York County Clerk's office.
* The state of California filed an $84,860 lien against Darling on June 6, 2008, in Contra Costa County Court.
* The IRS filed a $375,597 lien against Darling on May 15, 2008, in the New York City Register's office.
Well then. A TBS spokesperson has left a message for Darling, and told the Det News that TBS, " will not comment as this is a personal issue." I'll be sure to update you when I hear more.

'Amazin' debt for Miracle Met Ron Darling (Detroit News)

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I've always wondered where these stories come from. Who decides that they want to do some digging on Ron f'n Darling???

GMoney said...
Oct 13, 2009, 4:18:00 PM  

So much for that Yale education, Ron.
Too bad you're not an influential Democrat. You'd be a shoo-in for a Cabinet post.

Mike said...
Oct 13, 2009, 8:54:00 PM  

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