Curt Schilling Ends His Stellar Season With A Live-Blog And A Shot At Ron Darling

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can appreciate Curt Schilling's honesty, but count me as one of the many people that just can't stand the guy. Whether you like him or not, this story is actually pretty funny. Red Sox Monster caught an item on a WEEI blog during Game Seven the other night, and apparently Schilling had nothing better to do, but join in during a live-blog on Sunday night. Not only that but he had some "strong" words for TBS announcer Ron Darling (Schilling is commenter, "gehrig38")...

9:44- Rob Bradford: Curt, would you agree that inside fastball to Coco, in my estimation, was a big pitch for Garza
9:44 - gehrig38: i dont see big inning tonight, unless someone mismanages
9:44- [Comment From] how many pitches for Lester and how long do they let him go tonight?
9:44- [Comment From ML] 97 was a pretty damn good game, but I have to go with 01
9:44- gehrig38: that wasnt a fastball, it was an 89 mph cutter or slider
9:44- alexspeier: If it's to the bullpens, then this man is the pivotal one...
9:44- [Comment From Jon Eisenberg] The hook seems to be working for Garza tonight. Would you tell the hitters to be more assertive and not wait on the pitch?
9:44- gehrig38: Darlings a doofus not seeing that
Ohhhhhhh snap! A doofus? Did poopie head or numskull pop into your first??? Someone needs to tell Curt that cursing is allowed on the Internet and that "douchebag" is our insult of choice. I like that Schilling takes the time to chat up the fans, but I can't wait for him to retire and be out of the news. Actually, with my luck.....he'll be hired by ESPN.

Curt Schilling ends season live-blogging, plugging gamer stuff (Red Sox Monster)
ALCS Game 7 (WEEI)


why the F is he calling himself "gehrig38"??? The 38 I understand.

He better hope Lou doesn't come back from the grave and bitch slap him.


Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 12:53:00 PM  

Curt Schilling is the dofus here. Thsi guy needs to go away as soon as possible. This season curt has ndone nothing, but call WEEI, blog, and steal money form the Red Sox.

Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 1:05:00 PM  

Sorry, This.

Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 1:07:00 PM  

Sorry again, Done.

Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 1:14:00 PM  

I'm a big Red Sox fan and I can't stand Schilling.

I hated him in Arizona, I hated him in Boston. I'll always hate him. I would still thank him for 04 and 07 though.

Unfortunately there are still Red Sox fans that love him.

Just shut up Curt. None of this is your business. You weren't on the team this year.

Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 1:34:00 PM  

Nice grammar, Curt. I like when type with fists, you ham-fisted mongoloid.

GMoney said...
Oct 21, 2008, 1:37:00 PM  

I wonder if Schilling got into Yale.

Anonymous said...
Oct 21, 2008, 2:20:00 PM  

Dan he uses gehrig38 for two reasons.

1. He has a charity called Curts Pitch for ALS that raises money for the disease. In fact WEEI who does a weekly call in with him makes a donation to it in lieu of any other type of payment or perk.

2. His sons name is Gehrig.

This may sound treasonous as a Sox fan but I love Curt Schilling the pitcher. There is no one, I mean no one, I want on the mound more in a big game. The dude is all balls.

I love what Curt does for ALS, his wife's foundation for skin cancer and the military. The man is a true Patriot in that regard and that is not phoney.

What I hate about Schilling is his need to comment on anything and everything and things he has no clue about. He can't help himself. There's a reason his nickname is "redlight". The camera comes on he needs to say something even if it's assinine.

When he does retire he will not go away its not in his nature, he will try to be the spokesperson for something he has no clue about. I guarantee it.

Steve M said...
Oct 21, 2008, 10:29:00 PM  

I prefer the doofus who wins Emmys and graduated from Yale than the blowhard who thinks the world stops whenever he speaks or blogs.

Anonymous said...
Oct 25, 2008, 7:50:00 PM  

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