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Thursday, July 27, 2006

So I've been "giving it" to ESPN pretty hard lately, and with good reason. Everyone I've talked to over the past two weeks feels the exact same. The question though is- What can you do about it? And the answer I've always come to is an unfortunate.....Nothing. Until now.

They have every major sport on their network, and there's not a chance I'm going to stop watching College Football at noon (36 Days!). So what else is there to do???

Within the past three months I think I've come up with an alternative option: BOYCOTT ESPN.COM!!!

ESPN.com is such a dreadful site. If Trey Wingo tries to sell me one more phone I'm driving to Bristol and fire-bombing the "Campus". The Pop-up ads have gone crazy (how many times can you play Orbitz mini-golf?). You have to be an insider and pay for their blogs!!!

I've only been in the Sports Blogging World for about 90 days now, but in that time I've come to a realization.....The sites of people that I link to (and go to everyday) write better than anything ESPN has put out in years. The only good writers on ESPN.com are buried in the Insider section, which you have to pay $4.95 a month to read. You also get ESPN the Magazine (which is now offering a free pullover with purchase!!!), which is the most god Awful publication on the planet. It's like SI had a premature baby.....it developed A.D.D.....and then developed a Meth habit.

With the rant said...here's an interesting look at Blogs vs. ESPN. Taking into account when articles are posted to the blogs against when they are posted on ESPN/Other Large Media Sources:

Harold Reynolds Firing:
Deadspin- Tuesday, July 25th. Commenters started posting at 8:21 AM
ESPN- Obviously, no comment
Fox Sports- Wednesday, July 26. A full day later

Harold Reynolds Sexual Harassment:
The Big Lead- Tuesday, July 25th at 9:45pm
ESPN- Still no comment
Fox Sports- Wednesday, July 26th at 1:23pm

Big Ben's Motorcycle Crash:
Deadspin- Monday, June 12th at 12:15pm
ESPN- Monday, June 12th at 12:37pm
Fox Sports- Tuesday, June 13th

Anyways, you get the idea. So I'm with The Sports Frog and Thunder Matt.....I'm officially divorced from ESPN(.com). It's going to be a hard habit to kick because my fingers know how to type ESPN faster than QWERTY, but I'm going to give it a shot. (Just as soon as this column is over)

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Is their a disclaimer to your boycott that allows you to still read Sports Guy for your reviews?

Chip Wesley said...
Jul 27, 2006, 1:04:00 PM  

Not only is Insider $4.95 a month, but last time I checked you had to pay for a year up front.

Surprisingly, $4.95 a month is reasonable for the purposes I'd use Insider: Buster Olney and their Inside Edge data. But I'm not fronting the money, since I'd probably only use the service six months out of the year.

Joseph P. said...
Jul 27, 2006, 1:51:00 PM  

Yes Chip...that is definitely in the bylaws. But I do have his page bookmarked so I can skip over and go straight to page two.

AwfulAnnouncing said...
Jul 27, 2006, 2:01:00 PM  

I'm thinking of starting a blog called BurnInHellColinCowherd...

You In???

Jul 27, 2006, 2:30:00 PM  

I really wish another network would come out with just Sports all the time no other BS, to compete with ESPN. I really feel that Deadspin should come out with its own T.V. network. I think it's been said before on their comments but i don't remember, seeing im not a comment member.

Jamie said...
Jul 27, 2006, 3:17:00 PM  

Yeah, I think another sports network might work, but it could also backfire. Since most networks only care about ratings anymore, a new sports network may just turn into a hollow craptastic shitfest like ESPN just to draw viewers. Maybe a second network would help drive the cost of ESPN down a little. I can't recall the exact breakdown, but I'm pretty sure ESPN is one of the most expensive non-premium channels for cable companies to carry, which then in turn equals more money we have to shell out for service.

Oh and to Spirit of Jack, we've got a guy on our site that is working on doing a critique of Cowherd's opening monologues. He's been working on setting up a format for quite a while now. It'll be similar to what AA is doing with Bill Simmons. Stay tuned with that.

Thunder Matt's Saloon

Chip Wesley said...
Jul 27, 2006, 4:55:00 PM  

You are too much for me ESPN, you son of a horsin' bitch! I wish I knew how to quit you!

Chernabog said...
Jul 27, 2006, 11:57:00 PM  

Do we think that OLN is in the very early stages of becoming an alternative sports network? I mean, there's not much there right now (sorta like ESPN in its billiards-intensive infancy) but it's owned by Comcast (hmmm, a cable company) and a big name change/promo push is in the works. It won't happen overnight of course but it seems like something's going on there. Or not. But you have to give 'em this: OLN is Berman-free and that's a good start.

Irene Done said...
Jul 28, 2006, 12:27:00 AM  

I rarely used espn.com, but they do have good sortable stats. If you can find me a site that has sortable, up to the minute baseball stats, then I'm done with espn

Chris said...
Jul 28, 2006, 1:38:00 AM  

I believe OLN is going to change their name to 'Versus', for whatever reason and is going more national. Same thing with Comcast's CN8, based out of Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and I think DC...I think they're doing away with all hte local broadcasts. Weird thing is, they're not going to base either out of Philadelphia, their home city???

Chris said...
Jul 28, 2006, 1:39:00 AM  

I'd agree with the boycott, but Rob Neyer and Keith Law are still there, and I like those guys. Besides, my brother has Insider, so I just use it when I need to. It works out nicely there. :D

twins15 said...
Jul 28, 2006, 3:26:00 AM  

ESPN.com depends entirely on whether or not you can justify the purchase of INsider. It is hands down crap without it. For me, the $4.95 per month is worth it solely for Olney's blog (who writes year round, joseph), and it's also nice to have access to the fantasy sports info. The funny thing is that about a year ago I'd essentially stopped going to ESPN.com because it sucked so bad, and then I talked myself into INsider to keep up with the Twins trade rumors, which didn't work out so well, but I'm glad I ended up buying it.

Alex said...
Jul 28, 2006, 7:26:00 AM  

Insider should be free though...What a joke.

Mini Me said...
Jul 28, 2006, 9:51:00 AM  

The OLN thing is interesting, but I don't even know what channel it is.

AwfulAnnouncing said...
Jul 28, 2006, 12:01:00 PM  

you know, I thought I was the only one who cannot stand the sound of Colin Coward's voice. But its good to see there are others like me... keep us posted on that critique of his monologues...

Jul 28, 2006, 2:18:00 PM  

Can do. One of our other writers at Thunder Matt's, Brant Brown will posting something about his Cowherd critiques later today.

I have to say, I'm excited to see how this goes.

Yeah the OLN thing is interesting. They'll have to slowly phase in more mainstream sports and phase out the "Two guys in camouflage whispering about the big buck they just saw before they blow it away" shows.

That's not to be a slam against hunting. Hunting's great, but a lot of those shows just crack me up. Most are filmed at this huge ranches in Texas where they have thousands of acres fenced in and they feed their deer all sorts of feed supplemented with hormones and shit, then charge some shmo $10K to shoot one. Yeah, what a big game hunter those guys are!

Chip Wesley said...
Jul 28, 2006, 3:34:00 PM  

I hope OLN does that. They already have hockey.

They can keep the hunting shows. They would just be used as ESPN uses Poker, Billiards, etc.

They need to get Gary Thorne for hockey.

Tampa Sports said...
Jul 28, 2006, 6:35:00 PM  

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