The Week Ahead

Monday, July 24, 2006

Interesting weekend...... Barbaro is Still Alive (I love horses!), Tiger Wins (I didn't watch), Ricky Williams breaks his arm (don't care), RFK re-opens to a sweep of the Cubbies (I went, nothing was different), a Bengals player is arrested ( comment), Floyd Landis wins the Tour de France (exciting, very exciting), and after wasting months the Chiefs sign Ty Law to a 5!!!! Year deal? (Makes no sense)

Well here at AA we are always looking forward, so enough on the weekend....onto the week ahead.....

Here's what you will see this week (guaranteed):

1. A review of the "Grand Re-Opening of RFK"
2. The Inaugural review of an American Sportscaster's Interview.
3. The Inaugural Simmons Review
4. All the MLB Trade Deadline Hype (well that ESPN can shove down your throat)
5. And any Awfulness we find during the week.

Hope to see you as the week goes on, and until we get to's a brief from the Onion courtesy of Off The Baggie

P.S.- I don't really love horses....I was just hoping the Reese Witherspoon look-a-like could hear me.....but alas, no luck.

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